Month: February 2021

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

Rules of conduct in sex for girls

Unfortunately, many women take a passive position in sex, believing that the partner should take on all functions: from seduction to physical execution. Such ladies only take attention and caress, condescendingly allowing the man to please them. Sexologists consider this behavior to be erroneous and hopeless. This is the main thing that, in their opinion, girls should do…
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How to drive a man crazy in bed

Any woman strives to charm her man and turn his head so that he will always love and want her. In many ways, the idyll in a relationship depends on the quality and variety of sex. If a woman knows the secrets of how to excite and satisfy her partner so that he goes crazy with passion…
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6 reasons to masturbate for women

Most women are reluctant to talk about self-satisfaction, considering it an indecent occupation. In fact, masturbation can bring real benefits as well as pleasure. Experienced doctors confirm this. In support of their words, they cite long-proven facts.   1. Self-gratification tones the pelvic floor muscles  You may have heard about the positive effects of Kegel exercises on the pelvic…
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7 tips for fulfilling your sexual fantasies

Each of us has hidden sexual desires and fantasies. Someone imagines himself in the role of a favorite hero, someone dreams of domination or submission. But not everyone dares to try to realize their fantasies in real life. Why? Many are afraid to be disappointed, some are afraid of misunderstanding, someone is afraid of sad consequences. To put your sexual…
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8 signs of a woman’s dissatisfaction

You have met your ideal: he is attentive, he is caring, exemplary, empathetic, economic, etc. But, as usual, every barrel of honey has its own fly in the ointment. You yourself cannot understand the reason for your irritability and grumpiness. This means that you need to pay attention to the following aspects of your intimate life.  1. You come…
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