Month: March 2022

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

What is prostate adenoma in men: symptoms and treatment

Prostate adenoma, the symptoms of which are familiar to many men, is one of the most common diseases of the male reproductive system. Doctors reassure that this is not such a terrible diagnosis, it must be treated without delaying therapy. General information An adenoma is a tumor that does not pose a direct threat to…
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What does an enlarged prostate mean?

During an ultrasound scan by a doctor, a man may hear an “enlarged prostate” as a presumptive diagnosis. At the same time, a detailed explanation from a specialist about the danger, causes, consequences and features of such a pathology is not always possible to obtain. Magnification Basics Enlargement of the prostate during life development occurs…
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What suppositories are used to treat prostatitis

Topical drugs are considered auxiliary. Candles for prostatitis, administered rectally, have the greatest therapeutic effect. Due to the location of the rectum and prostate, the active ingredients quickly reach their “destination” without adversely affecting other organs: the heart, liver, kidneys, stomach. Advantages of the dosage form Inflammation of the prostate gland worsens the physiological state…
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Which doctor to contact with prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is a disease that causes pain, incapacitates men sexually. What is inflammation of the gland, its symptoms, which doctors treat it. Signs of appearance This disease has specific symptoms, the manifestation of which is easy to determine the cause. Feeling that the bladder is full, inability to go to the toilet; Frequent urination, which…
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Folk remedies for the treatment of prostate adenoma

Diseases of the male reproductive system are dangerous because, starting in the early stages of development, the patient provokes their transition to more serious diseases. A bacterial infection of the genitourinary system, not cured in due time, causes prostatitis, and without proper attention, it develops into a prostate tumor. In the case of prostate adenoma,…
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