Month: August 2022

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I’m afraid to approach the girl. How to Get Rid of Fear?

If your knees are shaking when you are about to do something important for yourself, this is normal. Another question is how you interact with this fear. You take an action contrary to him, or avoid such situations so as not to experience discomfort in the future. I’m afraid to approach a girl – is…
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Checks And Objections Of Girls When Dating

Having overcome the fear of approaching and blurted out the first phrase learned at home, get ready to meet the objections of the girls. The girls you like will definitely rush, show you the ring, ignore or say that they do not meet on the street. What to do with it? After all, they still…
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What To Do If There Is No Feeling Of Success?

It happens that there is no feeling of success, and therefore you think that you are not interested in those girls who attract you. This belief paralyzes you and you simply do nothing to meet and get close to the girls of the desired level. Let’s say you are 20, 30 or 40 years old,…
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I don’t have a girlfriend, what should I do?

Let’s say you are an ordinary guy, not a hero or a villain, and you have not had a girlfriend for a long time. At the same time, you are yearning and really want a relationship, but all your attempts to create them end in failure. What to do in this critical situation for your…
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How to fall in love with yourself, and not with your money?

Many of our clients are wealthy men who have devoted all their free time to building a career and creating their own business. Because of this, they did not have time to gain enough experience in communicating with girls and faced a common problem – when girls see them as a sponsor, and not a…
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