Month: February 2022

All that is important to know about men's health. Articles about erectile dysfunction. FAQ on the problem of impotence.

Intimate muscle trainer

Women’s health is a complex, multicomponent system, one of its components is sexual health. It is important not only to monitor the absence of diseases or inflammation, but also to keep the state of intimate muscles in good shape. A woman who pays attention to the health and quality of her intimate life has heard…
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How to jerk off

The question of whether or not to masturbate is of interest to many – from teenagers taking their first steps in the sexual field to adult men who care about their intimate health. Women also like to masturbate. They can caress the clitoris and external intimate organs on their own, or they can trust the…
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Clitoris stimulation from A to Z

The clitoris plays one of the main roles in getting a woman to orgasm. Being a kind of several times reduced analogue of the male member, he is independently able to excite a woman and bring her to a violent orgasm, without involving other erogenous zones in this process. The excitation of the clitoris is…
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Practice anal sex

In order to have anal sex, you need preparation: mental and physical. For many years it was believed that it was harmful, but in fact it can be beneficial for the health of men and women. Myths and prejudices are mainly based only on the fact that the rectum is still not a sexual organ.…
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