How menthol affects potency

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How menthol affects potency

Male potency is a complex and delicate process. its healthy and full course depends on many factors. Every person knows about the dangers of some of them, but the properties of others are often shrouded in mystery and myths.

So, only a few people know about the real effect of menthol on potency, considering peppermint ether to be almost the main enemy of the health of the reproductive system. Is this substance so harmful to the representatives of the stronger sex, and why is it then included in many everyday products?

Products with menthol and their properties

Menthol is a substance derived from peppermint extract. It has many properties and features, the most famous of which are a bright, characteristic aroma and refreshing taste. This allows you to add ether to many products and means of daily use. So, menthol is one of the main components of toothpastes, shaving gels and balms after this procedure, mouth rinses.

It is found in household chemicals, sweets, perfumes and even toilet paper. Menthol is an essential component of medicines for pain in the heart and cold medicines. And one way or another, every person is in daily contact with this substance, and in small doses it constantly enters the body. If menthol is bad, how is that possible?

It’s all about the dosage. In small quantities, menthol extract has a number of positive properties:

  • enhances the activity of skin receptors, thereby reducing the manifestation of allergic reactions (itching, burning, swelling), therefore, it is often included in the composition of external agents;
  • inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and upper respiratory tract (anti-cold drugs);
  • dilates blood vessels, improving blood circulation (heart medications);
  • reduces the sensitivity of mucosal receptors to external irritants (cigarette smoke, chemicals), therefore it is added to cigarettes, tablets and cough drops.

IMPORTANT!!! Menthol is the main component of first aid preparations for people with cardiovascular diseases.

In small quantities, it has a sedative effect, which successfully fights stress and emotional overstrain. Warm drinks with it allow you to warm up, and cold drinks to freshen up. And how does menthol affect potency? According to clinical studies, peppermint extract does not have any harm on a man’s sexual power, on the contrary, its positive effect is noted.

So, a strong and long erection directly depends on the volume of blood supplied to the pelvic organs. And since the ether expands large and small blood vessels, the biological fluid enters the cavernous bodies of the penis more easily, making it strong and elastic for a long time. A slight calming effect on the nervous system helps the guy relax and liberate himself, which also has a positive effect on the quality of intimate relationships.

If the representative of the stronger sex suffers from inflammatory processes in the small pelvis, the ether will have a small but healing effect: it will reduce the activity of bacteria, and improved blood flow will help get rid of stagnant processes. That is why peppermint, a source of menthol, is often included in preparations and medicines aimed at combating erectile dysfunction and impotence. Does menthol affect male potency negatively?

Yes, if the permissible concentration of ether is exceeded. You should not go to extremes and consume mint in large quantities – it contains phytoestrogens – analogues of female sex hormones that suppress the production of testosterone and provoke the development of secondary sexual characteristics of the fairer sex. Also, an excess of menthol in the body inhibits the activity of spermatozoa, which reduces the chances of successfully conceiving a baby.

Menthol cigarettes and potency

The unique properties of the menthol component could not be ignored by tobacco companies. The inclusion of ether in the composition of the tobacco collection made it possible to give smoking new notes: fresh taste, pleasant coldness in the mouth, no irritation in the throat. But a reasonable question arises: if menthol itself is useful in small doses, then do menthol cigarettes have a positive effect on potency? No, there is nothing useful in smoking (not even menthol cigarettes)! no. Another misconception is that the benefits of ether outweigh the harms of nicotine.

The destructive effect that nicotine and tar have on all internal systems and organs can only be eliminated by giving up bad habits. At the same time, menthol cigarettes themselves do not affect potency, and to be more precise, the presence of ether does not in any way aggravate existing problems with erectile function. In this case, peppermint extract is simply a delicious addition that makes smoking more enjoyable.

How to use menthol

The inclusion of menthol and fresh mint in the daily diet is not recommended by doctors, because. essential substances and so very often enter the human body. But there are a number of tips that can positively affect health, while not requiring special costs and efforts. Mojito is one of the favorite cocktails of modern youth – its bright and refreshing taste is considered the highlight of any party program. You can drink it as often as you like, if you modify it a little and follow certain rules:

  • completely eliminate alcohol in its composition;
  • replace sweet soda with regular soda;
  • replace cane sugar with brown sugar.

This will turn out the same light mojito, but more healthy. If desired, you can make a “ light ” version of such a cocktail: in a decanter, mix chopped citrus fruits (and any!), ice and crushed mint leaves, pour all this with purified water. A glass of such a cocktail will decorate any party, and will also become a wonderful refreshing drink for the whole family.

In winter, to warm up or spend a romantic evening, you can drink mint tea. 3-4 leaves per teapot will help you forget about the difficulties of the day, calm the nervous system and make the blood run faster through the veins. A mint leaf in dessert will help freshen your breath after dinner and eliminate harmful bacteria in your mouth.

You can prepare a special collection that will have a positive effect on the work of the prostate gland and hormonal background, which means the potency of a man. To do this, mix equal parts dried leaves of mint, red clover, St. John’s wort and nettle. Pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water, let it brew for half an hour, strain. You can drink a drink with honey in a glass a day for a week. Then spend a two-week break and repeat the reception again.

Expert opinion

Doctors of all branches of medicine do not see a threat to human health in menthol, and most of the myths about the negative impact of its ether on potency are exaggerated. But this does not mean that mint or the aromatic substance itself should be consumed in unlimited quantities daily, just that you do not need to give up delicious dishes with menthol in the composition, chewing gums or minty cough drops. Everything is good in moderation – this is the main rule of a healthy and active life.

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