Sex on the beach: risk VS pleasure

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Sex on the beach: risk VS pleasure

To be honest and cynical, you have to admit: sex on the beach is an activity either for the very rich, or just for the homeless.

That is, either for those who have their own beach with their own guards, or for those who have nowhere else to make love. But for some reason, everyone – regardless of gender and very weak dependence on age – is trying to try on this story for themselves. If you really want to take a chance, then at least get ready, following the advice of our expert.  

Wait for the night

Spicy games at a temperature of 30 degrees and above are not a good idea. Your bodies will stick to each other, and the body will not understand why he is suffering so much. Therefore, carefully select the time. This is best done late in the evening, at night, or early in the morning, when the sea is pleasantly cool. Imagine how romantic you can meet the dawn, and then make love, as in the best Hollywood films. And if passion covered you in the afternoon … Well, endure to the air-conditioned room! A burnt priest, on which it is impossible to sit, will ruin all romantic memories. 

Grab warm things

Evenings in hot countries can be cool in the evenings. Therefore, be sure to take what warms you. Goosebumps can be sexy, but a cold is not.

Repellent surroundings

When the heat subsides, not only erotomania crawl out onto the surface of the beaches , but also all kinds of insects, small crustaceans and their larvae. They can creep on you too.  

Stay away from buildings

So that later it would not be unimaginably embarrassing and embarrassing to see yourself on Youtube, to hear the hooting or advice from lovers of nightly bathing. And be sure to ensure that the security camera is not aimed at the bed of your love.

Take the mattress off the sunbed

Imagine what will happen if, in the midst of passion, pebbles and shells start to dig into the skin, and the sand becomes clogged in all conceivable and inconceivable places! This is more like sophisticated torture than an erotic adventure. Do not hope: a T-shirt, shorts or pareo will not protect your knees and ribs from corns and abrasions. 

Do not get into the water

On the one hand, water makes it possible to try poses that are impossible in ordinary conditions. A body in water is much easier to hold in certain positions. But a natural female lubricant is washed out in the water, which can cause painful sensations, waves can knock you off your feet, a jellyfish swimming by you can sting, you can’t stay afloat due to lack of support … Microorganisms that cause intimate inflammation can live in river water . I don’t have any idea how to put on a condom in water ! Yes, and it’s cold.   

By the way, about condoms

Sex anywhere should be safe. And do not believe the myths that saltwater cannot be pregnant. As a means of protection, you still need antiseptic gels for hands and for intimate hygiene.    

Learn the laws

Do not forget that sex in public places in some countries is punishable by law. Somewhere you will get off with just a fine, but somewhere you can throw stones, deport or put in jail.

No, really, the game is not worth the candle! Better come to the room, take a shower, pour champagne, turn on the air conditioning and pleasant music … And about sex on the beach, write something for stories on hen parties. They compose everything – and so do you.

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