The norm of spermogram and how it surrenders. Semen Analysis Results

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The norm of spermogram and how it surrenders. Semen Analysis Results

A spermogram is a laboratory method for examining a man’s sperm, it is an effective tool for diagnosing urological diseases, but more often it is discussed in the context of a man’s fertility study – the ability of his ejaculate to fertilize a woman. A spermogram is used to identify a factor in barren marriage, to determine infertility in a man caused by prostatitis, or infection, trauma, hormonal imbalance, etc.), as well as a necessary step in preparing for IVF or ICSI. 

Most problems with men arise when they refuse to be tested in cases of barren marriage. For some time the couple cannot conceive, and the woman is anxious, asking her husband to go to the laboratory to take tests and get the result. But the man is stubborn, and as a proof that he does not need any spermogram, he shows his own high potency.  

But you need to clearly understand that fertility does not depend on potency. You can be a real hero in bed, but at the same time barren, and you can experience serious problems with potency, but at the same time have extremely high fertility. Such cases occur constantly, this is not something like an exception, so even if you have very good potency, you still need to pass a spermogram if you want to know the level of your fertility.  

Another common myth is the judgment of high fecundity in terms of sperm volume . Like, if there is a lot of ejaculate, then everything is fine with fertility. It is also too far from the truth to be guided by only one principle. In a large volume of ejaculate, there may very well be a very low sperm count. In general, the only reliable way to find out the truth is with a laboratory spermogram.   

This is done as follows . It all starts with preparing for the delivery of sperm. A man needs to refrain from ejaculation for at least 2 days, the best option is 4 days, but not more than 7. As you know, sperm are very sensitive to the slightest temperature changes, so you should refrain from overheating in any form, whether it be a hot bath, a sauna or the like. Medications should also not be taken. Well, and of course, alcohol is completely prohibited. After this, sperm are delivered in the laboratory by ordinary masturbation or by interrupted intercourse. The best way recognized by the World Health Organization is considered to be masturbation, since with interrupted intercourse, the microflora of the partner can get into the sample, and this is extremely undesirable. There are also other rules. 

Firstly, you should not take sperm into a condom, because from contact with the latex walls, the sperm changes slightly, sperm cells quickly lose activity, which will not affect the final accuracy of the test in the best way. Secondly, one should take into account the fact that during ejaculation the sperm comes out portionwise. By itself, this fact, of course, will not be news for any adult, but you need to carefully monitor that all portions fall into a special vessel designed for testing, especially the very first. Sperm delivery “at home” is allowed, but only if the patient can guarantee the delivery of sperm to the laboratory within an hour after that.  

As a rule, everything is not limited to one semen delivery session , and for a more accurate analysis you have to do 2-3 surrenders. The interval between laboratory visits for each specific time should be one week. Repeated sperm delivery is especially important in cases of pathological changes in semen.  

Conclusions about the quality of sperm are made on the basis of many different characteristics. One of the simplest and most understandable is volume. It should be at least 2 ml. Why is this so important? Once in the vagina, the sperm are in the environment quite unfriendly and aggressive. In order for the strongest and most healthy of them to reach the uterus and complete their task, the seminal fluid should soften this very aggressive acidic environment, alkalize it. If there is little sperm, the result may not be.  

The color should be white-grayish, but this is one of the most controversial indicators . It has been customary to analyze semen by color since the 19th century bearded, and then all chemicals were analyzed for smell and color. The smell, by the way, will also be indicated in the results, usually as “specific.” 

The liquefaction time is an extremely important indicator, the coagulum of normal sperm liquefies in an average time of 10-40 minutes. Liquefaction occurs under the influence of enzymes produced by the prostate gland. Thus, too fast or prolonged dilution is an indicator of the malfunction of this gland itself.    

Sperm acidity . The small pH icon in the results is what it is. It is also called the hydrogen indicator of the ejaculate, and its healthy value lies in the pH range of 7.8-8.0. A deviation from this norm alone is not an accurate diagnosis, but to a large extent helps doctors identify possible problems.

Sperm count is another very important indicator. In fact, it is on him that the doctor will turn his attention first of all. This indicator is calculated using various microscopic devices, the normal indicator is defined as 20 million sperm per milliliter. 

Sperm motility . In terms of mobility, they are divided into 4 categories, almost like a classification of cars: A, B, C, D, from the most mobile, which are characterized by fast and straightforward movements, to completely motionless, which can only be written in ballast. They, as a rule, are the most (40-60%), since the life span of the sperm is small and they die quickly. The second most common category is the category of fast breeders A, they are also on average about 40-60%, but category B is usually only 10-15%, and in last place C (5-15%). In a good ejaculate, category A and B sperm should total more than C + D.

But do not worry if somewhere some indicator deviates a little from the norm . This is usually not critical. The standards are rather arbitrary, but this does not make the spermogram less useful. By bothering to pass the ejaculate for a spermogram, you get the opportunity to get answers to questions about your own fertility of very high accuracy. 

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