The opinion of scientists: these 4 sports reduce potency

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The opinion of scientists: these 4 sports reduce potency

Sport lowers potency – is this a joke? No, actually no. Yes, sport is good for health and prevents a number of diseases. However, some sports contribute to the development of impotence.

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in their report “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise”. An interview with the project leader Professor of Physiology and Nutrition Anthony Hackney was published in the New Times newspaper, it tells how sports affect potency.

Some sports can affect your potency

Any “seated” sports such as cycling, motorcycling, horseback riding and even chess can cause erectile dysfunction. The professor also refers to the risk group athletes who intensively practice the marathon .

Cycling clogs arteries

Due to the extremely narrow seat, the cyclist’s blood vessels are compressed, the cells are destroyed, and the supply of oxygen to the tissues in the genital area is significantly reduced, studies at the University Hospital in Cologne have shown.

For the study, a survey was conducted among 1786 cyclists in the Cologne area. The rate of impotence among cyclists was found to be three times higher than that of the same age group.

“The wider the saddle, the better,” explains Dr. Frank Sommer from the University Hospital Hamburg- Eppendorf .

Regular short-term changes in the position in the saddle again increase blood circulation.

Marathon running affects libido

After two hours of intense running, the marathon runner is physically too weak for good sex. Competitors’ testosterone levels drop so much that it negatively affects libido.

Athletes should be aware that intensive and short training sessions after a long run have a preventive effect. Run for 3.5 minutes, then run in place for 30 seconds pulling your knees up, then run again for 3.5 minutes. In this rhythm of training, blood flow to the penis increases.

Motorcycling hampers the blood supply

Despite the fact that the motorcycle saddle is wider, the rider’s legs are motionless and compressed for a long time. Prolonged sitting on it impedes blood circulation in the pelvic region. Special training of the pelvic area promotes blood circulation.

Train the muscles between the scrotum and anus. To do this, tighten your buttocks as if you were holding a coin between your buttocks. At the same time, try to lift the penis with your muscle strength.

Horse riding also impedes blood circulation.

What should you pay attention to when riding? Do not spend more than 10 minutes in the saddle. The oxygen supply to the penis can be sufficiently restored during breaks. A straight seat and close contact of the genitals with the saddle during riding impede blood circulation.

Variety in sports as a way to restore erectile function

The alternation of sports effectively affects the body: for example, aerobic exercise, swimming, athletics, jumping rope and any other exercise contribute to the training of the cardiovascular system.

During complex training, the body is saturated with oxygen, lung function improves, all processes in the body are activated, including erectile function.

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