10 best sex films

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10 best sex films

Films about sex are not porn, they are full-length films with a fascinating plot that revolves around relationships. At the same time, frank scenes are found in the frame, and what is happening is exciting. We have selected the 10 best films about sex, which are definitely worth evaluating personally. These are unique paintings that will be nice to see with your loved one.

1. Temptation, 2001

Angelina Jolie played in this film, becoming the stage partner of Antonio Banderas. The film tells the story of a rich man from Cuba, who decided to marry an American. The girl looked tender, defenseless, with a truly feminine character. But later it turned out that she was not at all like that. But it’s too late to retreat, and men do not leave fatal women. Even if they take everything from money to freedom, making a man his own slave.

2. Lolita, 1997

The plot tells about Humbert and Lolita. Little Lo is only 12 years old, but she easily controls the feelings of a person who is quite adult and independent. True, Humbert had no love affairs before her either. Love, seduction, betrayal, separation and a new meeting – all this fits into an exciting story about love, deceit and sex.

3. Sex and the City, 2008

Everyone knows the eponymous series, but now, based on his motives, the film was also shot in the sequel. The plot tells the story of a writer who creates materials about sex for a major publication. She arrived in the city, while still a young girl, but by her more than 30 years she had already become a self-confident bitch. But she still believed somewhere deep down that she would one day meet her ideal lover. It was in his search that she was put forward in company with three friends.

4. Love and sex 2000

A young man named Stan had a beloved girl in whom he did not have a soul. However, after they graduated from college, life separated the couple. A lot of time has passed, but the personal life of the Wall does not add up, he can not forget his youthful love. And so, one day he learns that that girl is going to come to mutual friends. Of course, Stan is ready to do everything to meet her again!

5. The rules of sex, 2002

Young people always strive for a vibrant life, and Camden College students are no exception. The guys strive to take everything from life, not stopping for a minute. But will they have time to understand in this turbulent stream of life that something important is still passing by?

6. Secrets of sex and love, 2016

The film will tell immediately about four couples, each of which has its own sex life with its own characteristics. There are those who have long been fed up with everything, and there are those who have to simulate for years in bed. However, sex is sex, but I also want love …

7. Sex and 101 death, 2007

A guy named Roderick receives a very unusual message. This is a list with the best lovers. He undertakes to check it, and then completely carried away by this process to impossibility. Time passes, the young man is devastated and satiated, he wants a completely different …

8. Sex after children, 2013

With the advent of children, much has changed in family life. We have to adapt to the needs of the child, to adapt to new circumstances. All this is reflected in sex as well.

9. Masters of sex, 2013

The narrative immerses viewers in the 1950s. Dr. William Masters is engaged in the study of sexuality, and makes scandalous discoveries that shock the public. People are not ready to receive such news.

10. Sex trip, 2017

The young man walked along the street, refused to kiss the woman who was a witch. And from resentment, she turned him into an attractive brunette. Now the main character must understand what it feels like to be a woman.

A lot of films about sex, which did you like?

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