Sex all night long. The most popular myth about sex

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Sex all night long. The most popular myth about sex

Sex can go on all night. There is no myth more widespread and so actively supported by the authors of books, movies, TV shows. Few people even think about how this could happen and what emotions caused the participants. Surveys conducted by sexologists and psychologists revealed literally isolated cases out of thousands of researchers who insisted that they really knew the experience of a whole night or at least several hours of sex without significant interruptions. This is a very rare experience when the pauses between acts are less than 15 minutes, and the intercourse lasts at least 4 hours.  

Yes, long sex happens. But these are isolated cases, and they are associated with the genetic characteristic of individuals capable of this. Such cases are very rare.

Why do people believe in sex that lasts all night?

Why is the myth of “sex all night” so widespread and so stably maintained? There are several reasons:

  • On the part of women, there is a banal dissatisfaction with the actions of men, many are not familiar with physiology and ways to give a lady pleasure. As a result, the needs of women remain unsatisfied, which leads to specific fantasies like the dream of abnormally long sex. Every woman hopes that at least in this way she can feel what she is striving for. 
  • For men, the ability to implement such a scenario is a way to stand out. And the story of such an experience is a way to increase your status in the team. Participation in such an action allows you to identify such a man as an “alpha” male, a leader. 

The very idea of ​​such a long sex seems very attractive. But no one talks about the details, and the details are always withheld. Confusion is created that is of even greater interest.

How does everything really happen?

When people say that they spent the whole day in bed, this does not mean that they devoted 24 hours to sexual intercourse. This means that they were nearby, doing something together, but not only sex. And genital contact happened, but with interruptions in sleep, rest, snacks.

The night during which 2-3 sexual acts occurred is often mistaken for a “night of sex.” But in reality, no more than 2 hours are spent on sexual activities . Of course, except for the prelude. Kisses, hugs, joint walks and other activities – this is not sex. But this is often not negotiated. And the illusion of the possibility of so much prolonged sexual intercourse persists. 


What would be the “night of sex” in reality?

It is worth considering, but how would participants in a sexual act of 6-8 hours in length feel? What would they feel in the process? Several options can be suggested:

  • Orgasms would happen, but after 40-50 minutes the sensations would be dulled . All frictions would not be so pleasant. A prolonged effect on the nerve endings dulls the sensations, and sometimes such prolonged touch can be unpleasant or even painful. 
  • Natural lubrication would evaporate rather quickly. And she certainly would not have been enough for such a long action. I would have to apply a lubricant and add it every 10-20 minutes. At night, it would take at least 200 ml. 
  • The skin on the genitals could wear off. “Rubbing” happens with shorter sex. And even lubrication does not always help if everything takes so long.  
  • Both partners would be tired of physical activity . Even with a change of pose, the body is still exhausted. Constant thirst would be distracting within an hour and a half after the start. 

Would it be possible to maintain excitement for such a long time? This is a difficult question. There is a possibility that the participants could simply get tired of participating in this. 

What is “good sex”?

Real sex, even pleasant and full, does not have to be long. The average sexual act, as is known from many sociological studies, lasts from 4 to 15 minutes. However, a stormy and vivid orgasm can occur in partners and literally within a couple of minutes of intense contact. The quality of proximity is not related to time.

But after sex, certain sensations arise, it is they who determine what this contact was. There are two most common effects:

  • · One sex leads to accumulation , and not to loss of strength, to relaxation and achievement of a harmonious, balanced emotional state. 
  • · Other sex causes increased fatigue , subsequent irritation with outbreaks of aggression or depression. Long-term occupations with such sex most often lead to accumulation of fatigue, stressful illnesses and breakdowns of the relationship – the subconscious mind strives to get rid of a partner who exhausts and takes energy and strength. 

And night-long sex would be the second option. He would be exhausted and did not give joy. Therefore, it is not worth striving for it. Of course, you can prolong sexual intercourse for 10-15 minutes, and this is appropriate. But dreaming about a few hours of intercourse is definitely not worth it.

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