10 reasons why people do not use condoms

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10 reasons why people do not use condoms

Condoms protect people not only from pregnancy, but also from infections. This is a reliable means of preventing the spread of even HIV. But more than 60% of people have sex without such protection, and even with unfamiliar people. What are the reasons for refusing protection?

Statistics on sexually transmitted diseases in the United States say that at least 2.5 million people seek medical attention each year . They treat gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis. The percentage of people infected with HIV is small. In Russia, more than 1% of people are infected with HIV , and at least as many do not know that they have a similar diagnosis. But people do not know about the epidemic, so they continue to have sex without latex protection. Although the condom protects 80%, and this is not enough.   

So for what reasons do people refuse to get gum?

1. Spoils the romantic moment

During the prelude, I do not want to spoil the moment and get the latex product. Removing it, putting it on spoils the impression, distracts from what is happening “chemistry”, so many prefer not to be distracted.

2. Inconvenient to ask for protection

When you are in bed with a person, it is difficult to ask about the gondon. It’s just not clear what to do if it’s not there. It’s inconvenient to leave, it even stops indecent. Therefore, it is better to remain silent. This position more often characterizes women who are afraid to be rejected.

3. Sensations decrease

Men claim that it is very difficult to finish with protection, that the sensations are “not the same”. Especially if there was a certain amount of alcohol, which reduces the likelihood of ejaculation. It’s just that the guys still do not know that there are ultrathin condoms that are almost not felt on the body.

4. The partner does not insist

More than 20% of men and women will not remember about condoms unless a partner asks about it. And even if they ask, they will start to laugh it off, figuring out whether it is really necessary to get a condom. It is believed that the use is necessary only with those who do not agree to sex without, in other cases, it is better not to get a remedy.

5. It is expensive

The cost of one condom is from 30 rubles and above. The price in supermarkets is very high. If you do not order in sex shops, it turns out very expensive. Especially for students and young people whose income is below average.

6. She drinks pills

If a girl has a spiral or she drinks pills, this is protection from pregnancy, but not from infections. And this saves from the unforeseen birth of a child, but not diseases. But people do not think about it, seeing the threat only in pregnancy.

7. Not at hand

When there are no condoms, it is difficult to refuse sex. When the excitement is maximum, I do not want to give up pleasure or run to the nearest store. That is why condoms should always be in your wallet or purse to prevent such situations from happening.

8. Condoms do not fit

Not all men admit that condoms shake or rub them. Most models are designed for standard sizes, and if the penis is larger or smaller, or it has a special bend, then the sensations become unpleasant. And men avoid rubber products so as not to feel discomfort. This problem is easily solved by the selection of individual models, for example, from MySize. These are condoms with different sizes, in their line it is convenient to find the optimal diameter.

9. I passed the test

Testing ensures that you do not have an infection, but does not guarantee that your partner does not have it. No wonder they say that unprotected sex is a contact with all the people that a sexual partner had before you. Even if it seems that the guy or girl is “clean”, there can be no guarantee for this until you complete the tests together twice a half year apart. And even after this, abandoning latex is only with absolute confidence in the absence of betrayal.

10. It is inconvenient to throw away

There are men who are uncomfortable throwing out a condom. Especially if sex occurs on the territory of the girl. After all, you need to tie it, pack it in a piece of paper, and then put it in the bin. This process seems very strange, every sixth man is trying to avoid it.

There are many reasons to refuse a condom, but all of them are not adequate, because health depends on the use of barrier protection. One unprotected act can cause months of treatment, and this is a very high price for forgetfulness.

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