10 sex positions that women love

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10 sex positions that women love

All girls are unique and all have different preferences in sex, but we decided to study the lists of the most popular positions among the fair half of humanity. The opinions of other girls may change your attitude towards these positions, adding variety to your intimate life.

Sonya, Tanya and Nadya symbolize different types of women: they share their preferences and give advice for overcoming complexes during sex. Sonya is a passionate nature, Tanya loves in all the golden mean, and Nadya is ashamed of her body – their attitude to various poses will help many to improve their own intimate life. PS At the request of my friends, the names have been changed.

1. Doggy style with a deflection

The girl kneels down, resting her hands on the surface of the bed or sofa. The man enters her from behind.

Sonya: In my opinion, this option is much better than the usual “doggy-style”, in which you lean on your arms and legs. So you can seductively arch the back (and my MCH likes it) and look at your partner over your shoulder, starting him with your moans. Tanya: In this position, I can completely relax and enjoy the process. I love it when a guy strokes my back and lightly slaps my ass. Nadia: 


 I am ashamed of my body, because my shapes are far from ideal “90-60-90” parameters. After giving birth, my breasts are no longer so elastic, and my stomach is slightly plump. In the same position, I seem much slimmer. My husband does not see my face and does not have to monitor my facial expressions. Indeed, in moments of special pleasure, we do not look like exquisite princesses, on the contrary, our faces are distorted with some unpleasant grimace.

2. Cunnilingus with raised legs

The partner leans on her elbows, bending and raising her legs. The man lies on his stomach between her thighs.

Sonya: Oral sex for me is the best way to achieve a bright orgasm. It is important that the guy stimulates your cherished places not only with his tongue. Sex toys will not be superfluous. In this position, I can squeeze the guy’s face with my hips (the main thing is not to overdo it), increasing the pressure on the walls. And I also like to understand that at such moments the guy plays the role of your sex slave, ready to satisfy his mistress! Tanya: At a younger age, oral sex seemed too vulgar to me, but now I realized that it is quite romantic. I like to raise myself on my elbows to see how my beloved caresses me. It’s great if a guy satisfies you not only with his lips, but also with his fingers. Nadia: It’s not always easy to rekindle the desire for vaginal sex. Even a long foreplay will not be as effective as this option. Again, in this position, a man does not examine your body – he does not really see it. 




3. Hammer and anvil

The woman lies on her back with her knees bent. The man lies on top, transferring his body weight to his hands.

Sonya: I love deep penetration, or (as my boyfriend says) “to the nuts.” In this position, he enters me as deeply as possible. I can guide the guy and spank his ass – at such moments his penis just quivers with surprise, and I feel these movements inside me! Tanya: I don’t like the usual missionary position, because restricts my movement significantly. In the same version, I can bring my legs together and apart, squeeze them, raise them – all this changes the angle and density of penetration. Nadia: I love eye contact during sex, which creates sensuality. My thighs cover a far from flat stomach and press my chest in such a way that it looks much larger. 



4. Classic spoons

Both partners lie on their sides with their knees slightly bent. The man presses against the woman’s back and buttocks, entering from behind.

Sonya: I used to think that “spoons” are a position for lazy people who like slow and boring sex. Luckily, the guy proved me otherwise by bringing me to multiple orgasms in this position! It is as if he becomes a multi-armed Indian god: he pulls at the nipples, massages the breasts, caresses the clitoris and anus. At the peak of bliss with one hand, he slightly squeezes my neck, blocking the flow of air – this makes my head spin and the orgasm becomes powerful, like an explosion! Tanya: I like to have sex before bed or as soon as I wake up, so this option is perfect. I take oral contraceptives, so I let the guy fall asleep without removing his penis, and I myself like it. When you feel him in yourself, falling into the arms of Morpheus, it is unbearably pleasant. Nadia: You have to give up violent sex if a small child is sleeping behind a thin wall. In the hammer and anvil pose, my husband and I can enjoy intimacy without waking up the whole house. The neck is my erogenous zone and I am pleased when my beloved caresses it with hot breath, covering it with kisses. 



5. Lotus

The man sits down, resting his hands on the surface of the bed. The girl sits on top of her partner.

Sonya: Everything is cool in this position: the guy enters deeply, kisses your chest, holds your ass. And at the same time you set the pace yourself! Tanya: My beloved and I are now at the stage of the candy-bouquet period and will never get enough of kisses. I adore this position, because in it my chosen one hugs me, kisses, whispers all sorts of pleasant nonsense in my ear. It’s romantic and erotic. Nadia: Not so long ago I discovered a woman’s trick – sex in a corset. However, in many poses the corset gets in the way, which cannot be said about the position of the “lotus”. The belly is hidden by sexy lace, the chest is beautifully raised, the waist is tightened with lacing, the black stockings slim the hips – everything looks sexy. I feel like a real wamp woman and my husband likes it. 



6. Iron

The partner lies on her stomach with her back to the man. The partner enters from behind.

Sonya: We both love variety, and this position allows you to go from vaginal sex to anal sex. I have a fad on sex with asphyxiation (slight suffocation), so before orgasm I bury my face in the pillow. Tanya: Active sex is cool, but sometimes you want to relax and let the guy lead the process. The position is ideal for all types of penis – both short and long. If the guy has a modest size, you can put a pillow to raise the pelvis. If the dignity is great, the buttocks will be a buffer, not allowing it to penetrate the entire length. Nadia: I am a plump and my husband likes that I have a big butt. He loves to cuddle up to her and I also like to feel his body. Again, the position hides figure flaws, and he can kiss my neck. 



7 the tilted horsewoman

The man lies on his back, and the partner sits on top, leaning slightly forward.

Sonya: My boyfriend and I have a passion for home videos (which we revisit instead of foreplay) and this pose is leading in them. In it I look so sexy that I really want myself! Tanya: I love guys with an athletic figure and in a top position I can admire all those biceps, triceps – or whatever they call them. There’s something exciting about riding a powerful stallion. Nadya: Because of my complexes, I avoided this position for a long time, but in vain. You can simply turn off the lights or light candles. 



8. Reverse Bending Rider

The man lies on his back with his knees bent. The partner sits down with her back to him, leaning on his hips.

Sonya: Not so long ago I discovered wumbilding – the contraction of the internal muscles of the vagina. In this position, it is most convenient to do this. From the compression, I feel the member even stronger, and the guy likes this process, judging by his voluptuous moans. Tanya: I love this position for the unusual angle of entry and new sensations. The penis stimulates the G-spot, there is additional stimulation of the clitoris from friction. Nadia: I don’t really like to be active in the bedroom, as I get tired quickly. However, in this position, even I can be the commander. It’s nice to feel the gentle hands of a loved one on your back. 
9. Sex sitting

The man sits down with his legs slightly apart. The girl settles down on top, facing her partner.

Sonya: My boyfriend has a car and it seems he loves it almost more than me. He just has a kick-ass on having sex in a car, and this position is perfect if you tilt the driver’s seat a little. Plus position: a guy can caress the clitoris and breasts – from this I turn on with half a turn! Tanya: In this position, deep penetration is guaranteed. A cool option if the guy has a modest size and in other poses you feel bad about his cock. Nadia: Another great pose if you don’t want the man to look at your figure from the front. You can forget about the caesarean scar, stretch marks and cellulite and just plunge into the sea of ​​pleasure. 
10. Missionary with bent knee

The woman lies on her back, legs slightly apart and one knee bent. The man lies down on top facing his partner.

Sonya: My boyfriend is just a sex machine and does such somersaults in bed that any porn actor would envy. In this position, he manages to move his body like a dancer: he jerks from side to side, makes a wave with his stomach – every movement is transmitted to the penis, and I feel all these “pas” inside me. This is enchanting ecstasy! Tanya: I am fragile, and my beloved is a rather large man and I really like this difference in size. I love to feel the weight of his body on me. I don’t know why, but I like to throw my leg behind the guy’s back, while wrapping my arms around him. Nadya: As my personal experience has shown, it is a good position for those who dream of having a baby. Getting pregnant in it is easy. Well, as for the sensations, it is indescribable. To see the face of a loved one when he is inside you and he feels good is worth a lot. An unusually romantic and gentle pose for couples who love each other. We hope that this article will help you change your intimate life for the better, enriching it with new positions or adding something original to your already familiar positions. Love each other and enjoy bright orgasms! 

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