10 sex positions that men and women love equally

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10 sex positions that men and women love equally

Sometimes we meet a person for whom we have the most tender feelings. The relationship develops and now we are alone in the bedroom, the night promises to be delightful, but … Suddenly it turns out that sex is not as good as we would like. Agree, it’s silly to break off a wonderful relationship because of this, but there is no need to pretend and pose as the heroine of When Harry Met Sally, simulating an unearthly orgasm. It is better to find out each other and find out what poses both like.

Interviewing my acquaintances on such an intimate topic was not an easy task. Oddly enough, it was the girls who gave detailed answers, explaining why they like this or that position. The guys with the same enthusiasm praised all the poses of the Kama Sutra, but it was, oh, how difficult it was to get arguments from them. Several acquaintances even decided that I was not writing an article, but trying to seduce them … Fortunately, I still managed to get the representatives of the strong half of humanity to talk. So, to your attention – 10 top positions in sex, which are preferred by both guys and girls.

1. Doggy style

The girl goes down on all fours in front of her partner, slightly arching her back. The man enters from behind, guiding the girl’s body with his hands.

Guys say: Super! Most, most, most beloved. You feel like a cool cowboy. You can also spank her ass. Girls say: Cool position, both can move. It’s nice that a guy can caress your body: back, neck, hips. The main thing is that he does not move too actively. Touching the scrotum and clitoris is extraordinarily turn-on. 


2. Missionary with bent knees

A variation on the classic missionary pose. The partner lies on her back with her knees bent. The man is positioned between the legs of the girl, transferring the weight to his hands and knees. In this position, the girl is easier to control the process, because she can guide the partner’s body by wrapping her hips around him.

Guys’ opinion: You feel like the master of the situation, but the girl can also move, and not lie on a log. The opinion of the girls: The pose is good if the partner is not too weighty, although sometimes it is nice to feel the weight of his body on yourself. It’s uncomfortable with lanky guys in this position – you put your nose on his chest. In this case, it is better to ask the guy to raise himself on his arms. 


3. Missionary vice versa

The partner lies on her stomach with her legs stretched out together. The man wraps his legs around her hips, resting on his elbows.

Guys say: Pose is fire! You are dominant, you are the male. It’s cool when a girl crosses her legs – so penetration becomes tighter and more pleasant. Girls say: You can relax by giving all control to a man. It is very exciting if a guy whispers something in his ear or kisses his neck. 


4. Iron

The girl lies on her stomach, putting her legs behind her partner’s back so as to rest her heels on his buttocks. The man lies down between the legs of his chosen one. This position allows both partners to control the process. Despite the girl’s passive position, she can push the man, resting her feet on his butt.

Guys say: Sometimes it’s nice to lean on a girl with your whole body: press her to the bed, feel her heavy breathing. Oh yeah baby! The opinion of the girls: In this position, you can stimulate the clitoris if you lie with your chest on the pillows (to make it easier to rise). The partner strokes your back like an iron with his chest and stomach. From this desire only intensified. 


5. Cunnilingus while lying

The girl lies on her back, spreading her legs and bending them at the knees. The man kneels between her thighs, caressing the most intimate places with his tongue, lips and fingers.

Guys say: Cool pose if you really have passion and love for a girl. A great way to turn on even the most unapproachable young lady and persuade her to have a blowjob. Girls’ opinion: It couldn’t be better! It’s great if a guy is the first to suggest cunnilingus before blowjob. So you feel that he wants to please not only himself, but also you. 


6. Blowjob while lying down

The man lies on his back, legs slightly apart. The girl descends over him, caressing the penis and testicles with her mouth and hands.

Guys say: Cool! The mere thought of this position invigorates better than a cup of strong coffee. And if there is a mirror nearby, in which you are reflected, then you feel like the hero of a porn film. Girls’ opinion: A comfortable position in which you definitely won’t get tired. It’s nice to feel the power over a man’s body and to feel that his desire grows from your every touch . 


7. Spoons

Both partners lie on their side with their legs slightly bent. The man is behind his partner and caresses her with his hand.

Guys say: Great if you’re tired or your body hurts after the gym. The opinion of the girls: A wonderful position if the day turned out to be difficult and draws you to sleep. Also suitable for lazy morning sex. The guy can caress you with his hand, giving you a clitoral orgasm. 


8. Horsewoman

The man lies on his back with his legs stretched out. The girl sits on top and moves up and down, or squeezes the muscles of the vagina.

Guys say: Turns on when you see her chest and stomach in front of you. You can speed up your friend by holding your buttocks with your hands. Girls’ opinion: The best option when you want to be the mistress of the situation. If the guy’s cock is too big for you, you can just lean forward slightly, resting your hands on the bed or on his chest. This way you can fully control the penetration depth. 


9. Lotus

The man sits down, leaning on his hands. The girl sits on top of him, facing her partner.

Guys say: You can be lazy or active. A fragile girl in this position can be easily lifted with your hands, setting the pace. Girls say: An extraordinarily sensual position, ideal for making sensual love. You can look each other in the eyes, kiss and hug. 


10. Sex on the table

The girl lies on her back on the tabletop and spreads her hips. The man stands in front of her and moves, holding his partner by the hips. It is important to make sure that the legs at the table are strong and will not break at the most crucial moment. If it hurts to lie on a hard surface, you can place a thick blanket on the table.

Guys say: It ‘s easy to move your girlfriend the way you want. The sight of her body is breathtaking! Girls say: Great for rough sex in the kitchen after a romantic dinner or if you and your boyfriend are working together. The main thing is to lock the door to the Internet office so that you will not be disturbed. Each person is unique and all the more unique is each pair of lovers. Don’t be afraid to ask your significant other about her / his favorite positions. Share your wishes with each other to satisfy both yourself and your partner. After all, life is too short to waste it on bad sex! 

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