15 foods that will regulate hormones, increase libido and strengthen the vaginal walls

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15 foods that will regulate hormones, increase libido and strengthen the vaginal walls

An annoying itching in the intimate area, an unpleasant odor or lack of sexual desire can significantly ruin a romantic evening and signal problems and malfunctions in the female body.

According to statistics, every fourth woman is familiar with the unpleasant symptoms of candidiasis (thrush), about 60% were susceptible to diseases of the urinary tract, many hardly tolerate PMS or postmenopause. A woman’s overall health plays a large role in her sexual activity and her ability to experience positive emotions in the bedroom.

Fortunately, the secret to good health for the intimate part of a woman’s body is simpler than you might imagine. Just analyze what your menu consists of! Below is a list of 15 important foods to include in your diet  to enhance libido and maintain the health of the female genital organs, reproductive system, and urinary tract.  

1. Pumpkin seeds

Small pumpkin seeds are a huge source of nutrients. Unsaturated fats, including omega-3s, protein, iron, selenium, calcium, B vitamins, vitamins A and E, as well as zinc and magnesium, are all you get with a few tablespoons of pumpkin seeds per day.
Eating these seeds as a snack or in main meals can help relieve menstrual cramps, regulate the cycle, and increase lubrication, which reduces discomfort and irritation caused by dry vaginal mucosa.

2. Probiotics and natural yogurt

Vaginal candidiasis (thrush) is a fungal infection that causes burning, itching, and unpleasant vaginal discharge. Adding natural yogurt to your daily diet will help the body maintain its own balance of healthy bacteria and minimize the painful symptoms of thrush.
When choosing yoghurt in a store, pay attention to the label “with probiotics” or “with bifidobacteria” on its packaging. Such a product contains useful “sticks” that protect the body from pathogenic microflora. It is better to choose natural yoghurt without added sugar, since the sweetened medium is ideal for the propagation of Candida mushrooms. 

3. Avocado

The potential of these fruits was appreciated even by the Aztecs, who called the avocado nothing else but “ ahua-katl ”, which means “ egg tree”. The fruits received such a nickname not only due to their shape. Avocado is a powerful aphrodisiac that enhances libido and sexual energy.
During the avocado harvest, the Aztecs forbade girls to leave the house, and the conquistadors excluded the fruit from the menu during battles so as not to corrupt the discipline in the units. Potassium and vitamin B6, which are found in avocados, moisturize the vaginal walls, while healthy fats help strengthen the vaginal muscles.

4. Sweet potato

The sweet potato or sweet potato is very important for women’s health. It is especially useful to enter it in the menu for girls who want to get pregnant. Numerous studies have shown that beta-carotene and vitamin A, which are rich in kumara (another name for sweet potatoes), directly affect the ability to conceive, as well as the healthy development of the fetus.
The nutrients that sweet potatoes contain regulate hormone production , which is why this root vegetable is often featured in dietary guidelines for women with polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, sweet potato, rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as fiber, manganese, iron and potassium, strengthens the walls of the uterus and vagina and increases the level of antioxidants in the female body. 

5. Leafy greens

Kale, lettuce, and spinach are rich in magnesium and calcium, which are beneficial for muscle health, including vaginal muscle health. Numerous nutrients and natural nitrates found in greens purify the blood and improve circulation. The flow of blood to the lower body increases arousal and makes sex more enjoyable. It will be easier for women to experience orgasm, and problems with erectile dysfunction will disappear in men . Spinach is also rich in folate , a folic acid compound that protects against anemia and regulates multiple metabolic processes in the body. 

6. Cranberry juice

Doctors recommend drinking a glass of cranberry juice a day for those who have frequent and painful urination. This is because cranberries are the best known and most effective natural remedy for treating bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Cranberries improve overall vaginal health by helping balance your pH levels.
This berry contains a special ingredient – proanthocyanidins – a type of plant compound that makes the bladder slippery, which means it is more resistant to a variety of bacteria. To enhance the effect, drink concentrated cranberry juice without added sugar, or consume pure cranberries.

7. Soy products

Miso, tofu, edamame , soybean oil, and milk contain isoflavones that mimic estrogen. While not scientifically proven, some experts suggest that plant estrogen may have an effect similar to that naturally produced by a woman’s body in reducing vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes.
In addition, soy foods are naturally hydrophilic (this allows the muscles to retain more water), and the isoflavones discussed above can improve the skin condition of postmenopausal women.

8. Dark chocolate

Programmed for the eternal process of losing weight, we perceive chocolate as an enemy that leads to excess weight and health problems. And in vain! High levels of antioxidants and minerals make dark chocolate an excellent immune stimulator . Dark chocolate also contains high levels of phenylalanine, which is a dopamine. Dopamine is an organic neurotransmitter that stimulates motivation and pleasure, in other words, it helps you feel better and can enhance libido, which makes dark chocolate a sweet aphrodisiac. Do not forget that a small amount of sweets can cheer you up and even get rid of unpleasant PMS symptoms, but excess sugar creates a favorable environment for bacteria to multiply in the vagina, which will lead to unpleasant diseases in the future. 

9. Pineapple

Pineapple is a rich source of vitamins C, B and fiber. These nutrients not only have a beneficial effect on the health of the intestines, but also maintain the natural smell of the vagina.
The Kardashian sisters , sharing the secrets of bright cunnilingus in their show , recommend drinking at least one glass of pineapple juice a day so that the vagina smells like sweet and ripe fruit. Of course, this advice is not supported by scientific evidence, but it certainly won’t get any worse (unless you have diabetes or other chronic conditions). 

10. Apple

One apple a day – and an orgasm during sex is guaranteed. The thing is that one of the phytoestrogens that are part of the apple – Floridzin – is very similar in its action to the female sex hormone estradiol, which is responsible for the quality and quantity of lubrication during intercourse.
In addition, women who eat two or more apples a day are less likely to develop uterine fibroids. So it turns out that such a simple and affordable fruit is a valuable assistant in the struggle for women’s health and pleasure.

11. Ginger tea

Recent research in alternative and complementary medicine has shown that ginger is as effective as ibuprofen in relieving menstrual pain. This herb has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so ginger root tea can help you calmly and painlessly manage PMS. It is equally useful for men to add ginger to food in its pure form or as part of spices, because it increases testosterone levels and increases the longevity of sperm. 


12. Lemon

The acidic environment of lemons contributes to a healthy vaginal PH level, and the antioxidants in this bright yellow fruit help protect cells from free radical damage. In addition, lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C and strengthens the immune system, helping to fight all types of infections.
Start your day with a cup of warm water mixed with the juice of half a lemon – this will help awaken the digestive system and start the functions of the whole body.

13. Cinnamon

This herb has potent antifungal properties and may help to get rid of the Candida albicans , which is the causative agent of most vaginal infections. Scientists have shown that taking a small dose of cinnamon for a long period (1.5 tsp for 6 months) serves as an additional tool in the treatment of hormonal diseases: it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle without affecting insulin resistance and androgen levels.


14. Salmon

The anti-inflammatory compounds and omega-3 fatty acids found in this valuable fish reduce dysmenorrhea and the discomfort women experience during PMS. A 2010 study showed that women who had a diet rich in fish and seafood had a 22% lower risk of developing endometriosis than those who preferred less fatty foods.
Salmon is a valuable source of vitamin D, which has a positive effect on women’s health and is an alternative treatment for decreased libido during menopause. 

15. Maca

Maca is a member of the Cabbage family known as the Andean root. Maca, popularly referred to as Peruvian ginseng, resembles a turnip in appearance. Since ancient times, it has been used as an aphrodisiac, with prolonged use, significantly increasing sex drive in men and women.
Research has also shown that a few grams of maca per day regulates sexual dysfunction in women with depression. Maca can be consumed in powder or capsule form. But since it has a specific taste, it is much easier to take it in the form of capsules.

Chronic urinary tract infections, thrush, PCOS, vaginal dryness are just some of the problems that can bother a woman and turn sexual intercourse into an unpleasant experience that you don’t want to repeat again. Of course, you should not self-medicate and ignore the opportunity to improve your health with the help of consultation and competent supervision of a qualified doctor.

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