10 most enjoyable sex positions for women

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10 most enjoyable sex positions for women

Women and men often have different sex preferences. Everything that happens on your bed, and the way you understand it, may be very differently perceived by your partner. Different anatomical structures and tastes suggest that things that are pleasant for your significant other will not necessarily become pleasant for you, and vice versa. However, there are certain positions in sex, thanks to which you can be sure that you will bring your woman to orgasm, almost 100 percent of the time. Spanish sexologist Deborah Caust has identified 10 most enjoyable sex positions for women that will help couples achieve incredible pleasure. 


Before proceeding with the description of the poses and illustrating them, it is useful to remind that the female orgasm must be preceded by foreplay, otherwise you may not reach the climax. In addition to physical fitness, do not forget about the moral component, because many women cannot receive physical satisfaction if they lack communication and attention.

So, if you are sure that all the preparatory measures have been taken, then take paper and pen and write or sketch 10 poses that, according to sexologist Deborah Caust , will not leave any woman indifferent.

1. On the edge with crossed legs
This pose is loved by both women and men, as it promotes deep penetration, so it certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. Lay your partner on the bed, while placing her hips at the very edge. Raise her legs, squeeze them erotically against your breasts, and then enter her, adjusting the depth of penetration so that the two of you feel comfortable and enjoyable.

2. Sexual Equalization
This position is one of the best safe options for getting a clitoral orgasm. The secret of this updated version of the missionary position is to stimulate the “cusp of Venus”, that is, the nerve endings in this area, touching or pressing on which leads to sexual arousal. In this pose, your partner’s legs are together and your legs are separate. You, dear reader, must use all the strength of your lower limbs to perform translational movements with the help of the whole body. Do not be discouraged when you find out that the depth of penetration into your partner in this position is a maximum of 2.5 centimeters. Sexologist Deborah Caust assures that you have nothing to worry about, because you will still experience maximum pleasure: “Many men mistakenly believe that only complete immersion in the vagina gives them maximum pleasure. In fact, this is not entirely true: with sexual alignment, the ability to feel all the grooves of the vagina becomes additional stimulation for the penis. ” 


3. Amazon

Another of the universal options for sex positions, preferred by both men and women. The Amazon pose will take some effort and flexibility, but it’s worth it. You should lie on your back and clasp your partner with bent legs. The woman controls the rhythm and depth of penetration for maximum pleasure.

4. Sunday Day
This pose has a curious name for a reason. What associations does Sunday bring you? How do you feel when you hear this phrase? For many, it is synonymous with calmness, relaxation, comfort, home coziness. All these feelings are experienced by a woman in this position, when you get absolute access to her clitoris. The woman lies on her back and raises one leg, directing it to your shoulder. Her other leg runs between your lower limbs.

5. Brave Pirate A
brave pose for the bravest partners. The real pirate stance provides absolute depth and full clitoral stimulation, making this position absolutely irreplaceable.

The woman lies on her back and the man kneels down, takes her legs and places them on his shoulders. Expert tip: Add a pillow under your back for more cushioning and therefore more enjoyment.

6. Dominant
This position is beloved by men who are ready to give a woman the reins of sex. The partner performs all physical efforts at her own discretion. She sits on you and controls the process. You find yourself bound by her legs, entwined around you. Nevertheless, the “dominant” pose allows many options for male intervention: you can hug, kiss, caress her breasts, touch the partner’s body from behind.

7. Dog
This pose is so famous that it would be enough for us to just write a name or add a photo. She does not need additional explanation: the woman gets on all fours (like a dog), and the man enters her from behind. The sexologist emphasizes that in addition to the possibility of deep penetration, this position makes it very easy to stimulate your partner’s clitoris with your hands.

8. Scissors
It is quite difficult to explain the copulation mechanism in this position, although in practice everything turns out to be very simple. You enter your partner from the side, which allows her clitoris to rub against your upper leg, as shown.

9. Shepherdess
You can say with certainty that you either already love this pose, or you will certainly appreciate it. Men are very fond of the “shepherdess” pose, because it reveals beautiful, exciting views for them. Added to all this is the fact that they don’t need to make any effort, while the partner dominates the situation. It is also a good position for women as it allows them to move at their own pace, controlling the speed, depth and angle of penetration, while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris with your hand.

10. Her Favorite Position
No matter how much we respect you, love you and wish you the best, no one can do a better job for you in sex than you yourself. This statement applies, among other things, to the best sex position for your woman. The tenth ideal position is your partner’s favorite position in bed. It can be different for every woman. Ask your darling about it, do what she wants and bring her to orgasm.

Each woman is a separate world: there are those who love aggression, others prefer to have beautiful words whispered in their ear, and still others make eye contact. If none of the 10 most enjoyable sex positions gave you a clear answer, you will have to discover it yourself, but now you have a guide to action that you can discuss with your partner and enjoy the fulfillment of your sexual fantasies. 

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