15 interesting facts about male testicles

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15 interesting facts about male testicles

The testes in men, also called testicles , are an important part of the body. But in society it is not customary to discuss genitals, and people know much less about them than about other organs. We have collected the most interesting facts in one place!

The testicles are very sensitive and soft. In ancient times, the Romans, when a representative of the strong half of humanity took an oath that he would never lie, he had to touch them. With a similar gesture, he made it clear that this is the most valuable thing he has. Touching his testicles with his hands spoke of his honesty and masculinity. What other interesting information do we know about testicles?

  • 1. Eggs tend to grow with sexual arousal. They almost double when a man has sex, and after the end of intimacy, they take on their usual size.
  • 2. The heaviest testicles belong to Wesley Warren J. from America. The weight of his scrotum was about 60 kilograms. After surgery, doctors were able to reduce the size of his scrotum, giving it its familiar, standard size.
  • 3. If a man’s eggs are pressed too hard or squeezed, he can be killed in a similar way. When the testicles are compressed, adrenaline is produced in huge doses, and this can be fatal for a guy.
  • 4. According to statistics, if a man has large eggs, he will become a bad father. These studies were carried out by Filipino scientists. They argue that there is a connection between the size of the scrotum and the amount of testosterone, as well as the qualities of an exemplary father. Men, whose scrotum is large, do not care too much about the offspring. If the eggs are medium in size, which indicates an insignificant level of testosterone, the man will be an excellent father, paying attention and taking care of his children.
  • 5. The testes are capable of producing 200,000,000 sperm per day.
  • 6. The bulky and heaviest eggs are those of whales. Their testicles weigh 1.1 tonnes. They produce up to 4.5 liters of semen per day.
  • 7. Usually the right egg is slightly larger than the left one, similar to that observed in 65% of men. The testicles are often not the same.
  • 8. Eggs contain a variety of proteins. According to research, 77% of the protein is located in this organ. There are only 315 unique proteins in the brain and 999 unique proteins in the testes.
  • 9. Guys have no complexes about the size of the testicles, they are more worried about the penis. Men satisfy women with their penis, so they are not particularly worried about eggs.
  • 10. If a man does not receive satisfaction during intimacy, there is a legend that his balls will turn blue and swell. They will not be able to turn blue, but the feeling of discomfort will be present.
  • 11. Depending on the temperature of the air, and also if the guy is worried or excited, the eggs may independently retract or relax.
  • 12. Some argue that without underwear it hurts a man to run and jump. It is known that if a guy puts on trousers and forgot about his underpants, and at the same time actively moves, he will feel discomfort in the lower torso. Some have a sucking sensation in their stomach. This is due to the force of gravity. When going to play sports, men should not forget about underwear in order to jump and run quickly.
  • 13. Touching the testicles enhances the sexual experience and gives arousal. For a guy to finish intercourse faster, you need to touch his balls, he will get unforgettable pleasure.

14. If you hit a man in the groin, he bends and moans with discomfort. This is because the testes do not protect bones and muscle tissue. They are connected by nerve endings to the stomach. That is why a blow to the groin sometimes gives guys nausea. But the spongy tissue from which the eggs are made is elastic, so after an hour they will stop hurting. This will also not affect the chances of becoming a father.

  • 15. Each scrotum is unique, in men it has a unique shape and size.

All these facts are confirmed by scientists and the personal experience of millions of men. The testicles are one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s body.

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