25 positions for first sex

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25 positions for first sex

Recently I met with my girlfriends for a glass of wine and, as usual, gossip. Word by word, the conversation turned to sexual themes by itself. Apparently alcohol hit in the head, and we began to share the most shameful situations that we had to deal with in our intimate life. After a dozen hilarious stories about “unexpected” visits of potential mother-in-law, conjunctivitis caused by sperm in the eye, and drunken club relationships, the following conclusion sounded:

– Oh, it’s hard for me to imagine something more ridiculous than the first sex! Indeed, among my acquaintances women, those who have lost their honor in the Hollywood scenario can be enumerated on the fingers of one hand. Even having a more experienced partner does not guarantee that the defloration process will go off without a hitch. In addition to a serious approach to psychological preparation, it is extremely important to choose the right position in this difficult matter. First of all, I appeal to young girls and their determined partners, you should not reinvent the wheel and strive to show your fighting agility. You still have time to study the Kama Sutra from cover to cover. The main tasks for the first time are to break the hymen and widen the narrow passage. The positions presented below are quite primitive and uncomplicated, but they allow you to do the docking as painlessly as possible. Since the article is intended for beginners, I will describe in as much detail as possible and give small recommendations along the way. 



1. Missionary with raised legs

The girl lies on her back, her legs are bent and rest their feet on the bed. Then she slightly pulls her knees to the chest, this helps to create an optimal angle for the introduction of the penis, and wraps them around the lover’s waist. This is a great example of a position in which minimal displacement will have a huge impact on how your partner feels. Let her move her hips and find the most comfortable position.

2. The volcano of desire

Before embarking on the development of unexplored territories, a man must build a pedestal from pillows and set the hips of his beloved on it. He then enters from the usual missionary position. The main advantage of the proposed option is additional stimulation of the clitoris by the partner’s pubic bone. By the way, there are specially designed sex pillows that will be useful to a couple in further erotic research. 

3. Geometry of passion

To implement the position, you will need an elevated position, such as a high bed or a dining table. The girl lies down on the very edge of the love bed so that her tailbone turns out to be a canopy. The guy gets between her parted legs, the partner grabs the boyfriend’s thighs with his shins and he gently enters the holy of holies of her supple body. A man can use his partner’s legs as a lever, moving them back and forth.

4. Horsewoman

If a girl is very afraid of pain, then putting the reins in her hands is a damn good decision. She will have the opportunity to independently control the intensity of the frictions , the angle of introduction and the force of pressure, and an inexperienced virgin has the right to stop manipulating at any time. The partner lies in a layer, the partner saddles her lover, takes the penis in her hand and introduces it into the desired hole. After the first docking, I recommend that the girl freeze for a couple of minutes and get used to a foreign body in her vagina. Then slowly make circular movements with your hips, thereby widening the passage.

5. Electric chair

Despite the daunting name, the Electric Chair position has little to do with the way criminals are executed. The fact is that in this position, the tension between partners reaches a peak phase. He sits on a stable chair, she slowly sinks onto his erect penis. Both of the guy’s legs are on the floor, and the girl’s legs hang down to the sides. Frictions are performed by the lover due to jumps and bouncing on the seat. Strong tremors will not work, but this is for the best, because the girl is not yet ready for a hard intercourse.

6. Slippery type

Do you want to feel every inch of your loved one? – Then sliding on a hot surface is what you need. The girl lies on her stomach; on this significant day, special activity will not be required from her. The guy is leaning on his beloved from behind and moves back and forth along her body. To eliminate emotional and physical stupor, a man must whisper pleasant words in his ear, kiss her back, hold her hands.

7. Eye contact

Nothing beats a look that reveals genuine desire and insane passion. First time sex with eye contact definitely can’t be bad. The guy sits down, resting his shoulder blades on the headboard, the girl climbs from above. The lovers’ faces are unrealistically close. The feeling that you are breathing the same air is unforgettable, it gives a feeling of unity and soothes shattered nerves.

8. Doggy Style

Allows you to quickly and easily complete the bloody action. The doggy position is chosen by people for whom the fact of deprivation of virginity is only a necessary stage, preceding further love games. If a girl prefers to “slap” the hymen with lightning speed, as if to tear off a wax strip, then in a doggy, the partner will invade her womb with one strong jerk. In addition, the guy will not be able to stay on the move for a long time, he will finish after a few frictions .

9. Slomouth

Very cozy, but not very productive position. The boyfriend lies on his back, and the girl spreads over his body, gently introduces a member and begins to slide smoothly along the fabulous horizon. Sex will be very slow and sensual. Simultaneously with intercourse, the partners’ nipples are stimulated. And one more thing – no one forbids you to kiss, so do not limit yourself, boldly taste the sweetness of your beloved’s lips.

10. Close ties

The partners lie on their sides facing each other, the girl throws a leg bent at the knee on the boyfriend’s thigh. The couple hugs gently and begins to discover the joys of adulthood. In this position, a wide area opens up for the most gentle caresses. Iron your backs, rub your buttocks, kiss continuously. “Close ties” is the union of two halves into one whole.

11. Hero of the day

Power again passes to the representative of the strong half of humanity. The guy puts his mistress on his back, throws her ankles on his shoulders and presses on the reed with his body. Everything, the girl is defeated, she has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. The elastic girlish ass is slightly raised above the bed, which gives unhindered access to the sweet and juicy crack. The guy will be a pig if he succumbs to the temptation to start gouging his beloved with his spear, like a hunter prey. Men, remember that your pleasure fades into the background, the main thing is the comfort of a lovely lady.

12. Spoons

A variation of sex on the side, when a couple folds like spoons. Women’s buttocks are buried in the man’s crotch. Let his hands massage his breasts, twist the upturned nipple buttons, rub the clitoris. Yes, what can I say – the whole range of manipulations is difficult to imagine. It all depends on the riot of imagination of lovers. And the last, however, is not secondary, in the position of the “spoon” you can enjoy the scent of her hair.

13. Lady’s saddle

The partner lies on his back with straightened legs extended. In some cases, it is worth putting your hand under the lower back for a while so that the pelvis rises and it is easier for the partner to sit on top. Then the partner removes his hand and can move the pelvis, plunging into the bosom of his chosen one. The woman sits down perpendicular to the man’s body. The knees are bent, the hips can be squeezed to stimulate the clitoris, or spread apart.

14. On the side, face to face

Option for those looking for sex positions for lovers. The guy lies on one side, stretching one hand up, and the other hugging the girl. The partner lies on the opposite side, hugging the guy with her arms and throwing one leg over him – this will make it easier for the man to penetrate the vagina. 

15. Cross-legged reverse rider

He lies on his back with his legs stretched out. Can support a friend by the buttocks with his hands, helping her to move. She sits on top of the man, then gently crosses her hips. By firmly squeezing the thighs, the clitoral head area can be effectively stimulated.

16. Swing

Playful position for deep penetration. The guy goes down on all fours, transferring the weight to his knees and palms (which he places on the sides of the girl’s head. His chosen one lies on his back, bends his knees and presses his hips to his stomach. To guide his partner’s movements, puts his palms on his buttocks. 

17. Screwdriver

The partner kneels on one knee, placing it between the girlfriend’s thighs. With the second leg, he rests on the foot, throwing his leg over the thigh of his girlfriend. The girl drops to all fours, transferring her weight to her knees and palms. Spreading his legs wide, bends a little in the lower back, thereby raising the pelvis – this makes it easier for the man to penetrate.

18. Scorpio

Sexual position will appeal to those who like to have sex in front of the mirror. You will look erotic. So, the man lies down on the body of his girlfriend, penetrating her from behind. Maintains its weight, standing on palms and knees. The partner lies on her stomach (you can lie on the pillow). Raises one leg upward, which makes the leg resemble a scorpion’s tail. A girl can press her foot against a man’s buttocks, setting him the desired speed and depth of penetration.

19. Scissors

The man sits down between the spread legs of his partner, entering her body at an unusual angle. His girlfriend lies on her back with her hips wide apart and her knees raised so that the man can comfortably enter.

20. Sagittarius

The man stands behind his partner, holding her waist with one hand, and holding the raised leg with the other. A woman, leaning on one leg, bends the other at the knees and takes it up and to the side. For greater stability, you can hold onto the back of the sofa with your hands.

21. Squatting Rider

Ask your boyfriend to lie on his back with his legs drawn together or apart. Holds a friend by the waist, hips or buttocks. But you need to sit on the guy with your legs bent. You can lean forward or swing your torso to the sides and back.

22. Reverse Horsewoman

Try experimenting with Top Girl sex positions. Here a man lies on his back, legs drawn together or apart. Holds a friend by the waist, hips or buttocks. Can stroke and massage the girl’s body. The woman sits on top of the guy, turning her back to him. 

23. Knave Missionary Pose

He lies on his stomach, keeping the weight on his palms. The partner can first enter and then lie down, or lie down immediately, guiding the penis with his hand inside the woman. She lies on her back, hips tightly closed. Slightly bends the knees. Be patient, in this position, penetration takes no haste.

24. Iron

After the partner gets comfortable, the guy lies down on her, then rises in his arms. Stabilizes the body by resting on the palms. The woman lies on her stomach, her face buried in the surface of the bed. Bends one leg at the knee and takes one hip to the side.

25. Cooney in the bridge

How about extreme poses for the most flexible ones ? In this version, the man settles himself between the divorced legs of his partner. Can stand (in front of the table), kneel (in front of the bed), or sit on the buttocks. The main thing is that his head is comfortable at the level of her vulva. The woman assumes the “Bridge” pose without arching her back. Supports weight by resting on the floor or on a bed (or other surface) with your feet and palms. Spreads the hips wide. Dear men, most likely I will upset you, but for the first time from friction alone the partner will not get an orgasm. Of course, you are able to bring it to its peak by working with your tongue , but the tales of spasms provoked by the frantic torment of the virgin womb are nothing more than a myth. The general impression of the opening is influenced by natural excitement, unpleasant and unusual sensations, as well as the level of mutual sympathy, in other words, love! 

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