5 easy ways to make your sex even better

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5 easy ways to make your sex even better

Perfection is impossible to achieve, but this fact absolutely does not prevent you from striving for it. Sex is one of those areas that can be improved infinitely. With each new day, you are able to give your loved one indescribable sensations and this does not require at all to be attached to debauchery on the scale of Caligula.

Today I want to tell you 5 simple ways to greatly diversify your intimate life. I really hope that my recommendations will bring many happy moments (and maybe hours) to your bed. 

1. Reconsider your views on sex

Copulate not only for procreation

Coitus is essential for your well-being. Numerous studies prove the benefits of regular intercourse for your body. Scientists have confirmed that couples who have frequent sex have lower blood levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and better overall health.

The influence of the same negative factors on different groups of test subjects changes due to the active production of endorphin and oxytocin. High-quality sex helps with insomnia, fights viruses and makes the skin more beautiful. I discussed this topic in more detail in another article, so if you want more details, click on the link. 

Start with foreplay every day

Even the most inexperienced lovers have heard out of their ears about foreplay. It is clear to everyone that it is almost impossible to bring a woman to orgasm without preliminary caresses. Sexologist Emily Morse goes even further in her scientific research . She calls for the introduction of elements of mutual affection into the daily morning ritual:  

“Most couples think of foreplay as a starter for the main course. We are trying to move quickly to action, which is a fatal mistake in building long-term relationships. Foreplay is an integral part of seduction. If you immediately after waking up start touching your beloved person, kiss and stroke him, then you will remain in a good mood for the whole day and in the evening an amazing continuation of the banquet awaits you. “

Don’t forget, spontaneity is the key to good sex.

Sexologists distinguish two types of sexual desire – responsive and spontaneous. The first arises from the direct stimulation of erogenous zones, targeted visual or physical seduction. The situation with the second type is more complicated.

Spontaneous desire comes from nowhere. For example, a handsome man in a bar can throw a devouring glance at you and you will immediately feel how treacherously wet your panties are. Or you just went into the shower to wash and ended up masturbating.

According to statistics, 15% of women surveyed and 75% of men caught themselves on uninvited erotic thoughts that appeared at the wrong moment. An indisputable plus of spontaneous attraction is that it brings incomparably greater pleasure. By playing on your partner’s weaknesses, you can increase the number of “accidents” that lead to an erection.      

2. Demand more from the beloved

A huge number of articles in women’s magazines (including mine) urge the weak half of humanity to “give pleasure to a man.” Recently, I have made some adjustments to my sexual priorities. I admit his orgasm is important, but in the race for the status of a first-class lover, you should not forget about your own needs.

Teach him oral techniques

Let me remind you that girls first of all reach the peak phase from clitoral stimulation. It is this type of orgasm that occurs most often. Provide your beloved with a couple of cunnilingus manuals , and then consolidate the theory in practice. Here is a selection of the corresponding poses.    

Show him the G-spot

Since the beginning of puberty, guys have been furtively reading brochures about the structure of the female genital organs. However, when it comes to finding the infamous G – spot, our alpha males get lost in the terrain. The fact is that absolutely all girls have genitals with individual characteristics. Help the unfortunate man to find his way. Control the movements of his hand as he searches the front wall of your vagina with his fingers. Or, at worst, turn into a GPS navigator and say phrases from the series: “After 10 mm, turn right.” If you yourself do not know where your G-points are, then first try to conduct exploration with masturbation. 

Tell him how you like it

The Internet is a treasure trove of idiotic facts about sex. Your beloved, guided by good intentions, may, without realizing it, read a lot of outright delirium. He is able to think that you will be delighted with erotic strangulation or go into ecstasy from slaps. Explain to him in accessible words what, how and with what force you need to thrust into you. 

3. Expand erotic boundaries


Finally, try those positions in which the reins of power will pass into your hands. Stop lying with a passive log. Saddle your man, get on all fours and swing your hips diligently, climb on his face! Be more decisive, guys love sympathetic mistresses. For avid experimenters, I advise you to take a couple of ideas from BDSM culture. 

Make surprises

This recommendation will sound trite, but it worked, works and will work for many years to come. Meet your beloved in beautiful lingerie. Follow the classic scheme “Husband returns from work.” His head has not yet moved away from work thoughts, so help your spouse get rid of the accumulated stress with hot sex right in the hallway. My boyfriend and I once, in a fit of passion, tore off a hanger with outerwear, which did not tear us away from an erotic activity.  

Be a freak

You have seen each other in different states. He saw you with a cold with a rubbed nose, put up with your not always clean-shaven legs and cracked nail polish. You admired his stretched sweatpants, rubbed against his stubble, inhaled his fumes on the morning of January 1st. This closeness gives you the right to be crazy in bed. Feel free to sound like a freak, because for your man you will still be the best.

4. Upgrade your regular sex

Make love while watching TV series

A study conducted by the team of the English authoritative edition “Journal of Social and Personal Relationships ” showed that couples with common interests are more satisfied with their intimate life. Scientists also found that lovers who combined watching TV series with sex got more positive impressions from the process. Aesculapius explains such results by a number of theories. First, men are not multitasking. They are distracted by an interesting plot and, as a result, can last longer. Secondly, women often associate themselves with the main character of their favorite TV series and fantasize about having sex with the main character. When contemplating a cute actor, an additional feed of erotic dreams is turned on. Agree, it’s nice to make love, looking at the pumped-up torso of Khal Drogo or the lean body of Jon Snow. 


Flex your partner

If you are riding in a riding position and feel that your stallion is ready to pour out a fruitful seed, then lean back slightly. A sudden increase in pressure will cool his ardor a little. Just do not overdo it, otherwise it is not far from the tear of the penis.

Another effective method is to choose a position in which the guy’s upper body is below his buttocks. To do this, either place a hard roller under his thighs, or let his head hang over the edge of the bed. Such a simple maneuver will reduce blood flow to the genitals and prolong the pleasure.

5. Introduce intimate vocabulary into everyday life

Send him a smiley rebus

The variety of emojis, emoticons and stickers allows you to create countless funny puzzles. Try sending your loved one a message with the text “Guess what I want to do tonight”, complementing the ego with something like this set of images:

Threw his personal memes

Memasics are updated daily and sometimes it is difficult to keep track of the latest web trends. But you are quite capable of developing a personal set of promising pictures that only your couple understands. For example, today only a select few will remember the process of creating a homunculus at home, and for you the image of a start-up pack can become a cherished signal.

Hint at the sequel

Say pleasant words to him, at any convenient opportunity, touch him in inappropriate places (naturally invisible to others). Promise your beloved an incendiary evening starting in the morning and be sure to keep this promise. Try on the image of a March cat. Perhaps you will become so close to him that you do not want to become a dull ice princess again . Release yourself gradually and then each sex will be accompanied by a storm of positive emotions. 

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