You are my duck: 10 sex positions and sex toys for the shower

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You are my duck: 10 sex positions and sex toys for the shower

Do you think you have already grown out of playing in the bathing process? Very, very vain. You just need to change your favorite toys. If you used to take rubber waterfowls with you, now replace the yellow ducklings with your partner’s pliable and excited body. Believe me, in the shower you can not only wash, but also indulge in dirty debauchery.

1. Strong hugs

Technique. Among aquatic types of sex, closeness within the shower room is considered the safest, both in terms of hygiene and the possibility of being caught by surprise. Indeed, in comparison with public beaches, within the walls of one’s own apartment there is much less chance of catching any infection or getting caught on video by casual passers-by. So, without a twinge of conscience, kneel down and merge into one in a hot kiss. Wrap your arms around your partner, press against his torso, let the hot droplets wash over your bodies, slide along your breasts to the lower abdomen. This is incredibly turn-on! How to increase your pleasure. To make the movements on the skin of a loved one as smooth as possible, it is better to prepare a shower gel or liquid soap in advance. Place the jar so that it is next to you at the right moment. I recommend replacing traditional cosmetics with special intimate products. First, they do not irritate the sensitive skin of the genitals. Secondly, in their composition they contain special components that have an additional stimulating effect. Thirdly, the subtle scent of aphrodisiac essential oils will help you reach orgasm faster. 


2. In the streams of happiness

Lay your lover on the tile, saddle him, not forgetting to first direct the watering can to the back area. You will kill two birds with one stone – enjoy the closeness and get a hydromassage. After such exercises, there will be no question of any back pain
How to increase pleasure. During sex in the shower, a serious problem arises – natural lubricant is washed out by streams of water. This leads to painful sensations and postpones the desired release. That is why it is important to play it safe and stock up on silicone-based lubricants . They will cover the vaginal walls in a thin layer, reduce friction and ensure perfect glide.  

3. Tropical downpour

Technique. Bring a stable chair into the shower. It is desirable that it be waterproof or, at worst, completely wooden, otherwise you will forever lose your precious furniture. Have your loved one sit in front of a spray gun and take a seat yourself in the pouring rain. The drops will gently caress your nipples, increasing pleasure a hundredfold. By the way, it’s time to cleanse yourself of filth – generously pour the gel onto a washcloth and lather your partner well. How to increase pleasure. There is a misconception that vibrators cannot be used in the shower. This misconception is explained by the fact that this device is powered by an electrical element. Dear ones, the era of dangerous devices has sunk into oblivion. Take the incredibly popular couples vibrators , for example . They are absolutely harmless, since all the boards and batteries are sewn into a waterproof case. This allows you to play without fear in the shower, bath and pool. 


4. Screen tests

Technique. A position in the good tradition of romantic films. The guy stands, and the girl jumps onto his hips. The partner tightly clasps the man’s pelvis with his legs, and he holds her by the waist. Attention, extreme care must be taken when performing the trick. It is extremely easy to slip on a wet floor, and then, instead of the main roles of heroes-lovers, you will get the dramatic characters of the trauma department of the local clinic. How to increase your pleasure. The catch in this position lies in the increased load on the partner’s legs and back. If a man is not used to intense training, then at some point there may be problems with an erection. Excessive effort will deflate the penis like an old balloon. To avoid embarrassment, you should put the ring on your penis. By squeezing the base of the penis and / or scrotum, the outflow of blood is partially blocked. As a result, the partner will last much longer and give the woman more pleasure. 



5. Declaration of love

Technique. You kneel on one knee facing each other. He slowly moves towards you, gently introduces his penis into the vagina and begins to reciprocate. In the meantime, do not lag behind, help your partner reach the pinnacle of bliss, meet his frictions with synchronous waving. How to increase your pleasure. In this position, it is quite possible to sharpen your sensations using free access to the anus. You can insert beads or a herringbone into the rectum and gradually withdraw segment by segment as you approach orgasm. It is especially piquant when each lover pulls the thread coming out of the partner. 

6. Crab

Technique. Lovers sit in front of each other, bend their legs, put their hands under their knees. Moving close, they dock. A little tip – remove the hose from the hook and place the watering can in the gap between the buttocks. So the water will massage the perineum of both participants in the erotic action. How to increase your pleasure . An anal plug can be inserted to simulate double penetration . The vagina will naturally narrow and grip the penis tighter. The size of the toy is selected according to personal preference. For beginners, I recommend staying on miniature models with a flat hat. 

7. Bleach

Technique. It would be blasphemy on my part not to remember the doggy style. This pose can be adjusted to absolutely any conditions. The girl rests on her knees and elbows, and the guy aggressively works from behind. Start with gentle jolts, gradually accelerating as you approach the finish line. If the boyfriend is still caressing the lush mounds of breasts or rubbing the pearl of the clitoris, then a powerful wave of orgasm will drench you from head to toe. How to increase your pleasure. Continuing the topic of double penetration, it is worth mentioning the special attachments for the penis. There are several types of these sex toys. The most popular are dildo rings and magnifying pads. The first ones do not reduce the sensitivity of the penis, since they do not envelop its trunk. In addition, they function as an erection ring to prolong sexual intercourse. The second types are used to make the penis larger. If you are not ready for a double , then you can limit yourself to ordinary single models. 

8. Embarrassed Naiad

Technique. The partner stands with her back to her lover, she leans forward slightly so that her ass rested against the loins of the man. It penetrates, accompanying frictions with light kisses of the neck and sucking on the earlobes. Let your boyfriend not be stingy with pleasant words, compliments and declarations of love, because, coupled with sensual touches, they will fill you with bliss and bring the desired climax closer. How to increase your pleasure. The foreplay before this pose can be complemented by the use of vibrating vaginal balls. Place the switched on device in a cherished place and, while it pleasantly buzzes inside your partner, rush a sensual whirlwind through her erogenous zones. 

9. Liana

Technique. This position is designed for very flexible girls. Not every representative of the weaker sex will be able to throw an even leg on the shoulder of her lover and at the same time maintain an unbreakable balance, stoically maintaining balance and resisting the pressure of his penis. However, if you succeed, then the reward will not be long in coming. How to increase your pleasure. Don’t forget about additional stimulation. In this position, the perineal area is available to the partner. It is better to massage the anus and sensitive skin with vibrating fingertips. Put on the device, press it to your intimate area and focus on the frictions . 

10. The ninth wave

Technique. From a lover, even more skill and physical endurance will be required than in the “Screen tests”. The girl jumps on her partner’s hips in the same way, only her legs dangle freely on the sides. The guy holds his beloved by the bottom, preventing a painful fall. Sway back and forth and create a 9-ball storm on the calm sea surface of your relationship. In order to somehow make life easier for a man, ask him to press you with your back against the wall, so he will take some of the load off himself. How to increase your pleasure. The easiest way to give your loved one incomparable pleasure is to put on a condom with a mustache . Especially good are models in which the processes are located at the base of the product, because most of the nerve endings are concentrated precisely at the entrance to the vagina. A little tip in the end concerns the safety inside the shower. In order not to slip on a wet floor, it is necessary to spread a rubberized mat under your feet. 

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