5 effective ways to prolong an erection

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5 effective ways to prolong an erection

Whoever says or thinks anything, a man still plays the first violin in bed. Or rather, his penis, capable of being in a state of erection for so long that it was enough to bring his partner to the peak of bliss, and not the first to come to the finish line, leaving her to enjoy only dreams of orgasm.

However, it should be borne in mind that this is influenced by many factors, such as:
– individual characteristics of the organism;
– genetics;
– healthy lifestyle;
– how often a man is exposed to stress, which is very important in our time;
– attitude towards the partner, how much she excites;
– the presence of bad habits;
– the health of the genitourinary sphere;
– proper nutrition, etc.
Any of these points is very important, but if a particular man has several such factors with a negative context at once, then there is no need to talk about breaking sexual records.

There are a lot of ways to solve this issue, but we will offer 5 of the simplest and most effective, which will surely help every man to become a real sex giant. Moreover, in most cases, such a phenomenon as a short erection is temporary and easily fixable.

5 simple but effective ways to make erection lasting

1. Healthy lifestyle: sleep and nutrition 

Make sure that you get adequate and sound sleep, and that your food is good and varied. This will help not only to strengthen the erection, but also to make it longer.

2. The more often the better 

Have sex more often. Yes, yes, this is not only pleasant, but also useful in this case. The more sex in your life, the less a man gets overexcited . This means that the moment of onset of ejaculation is postponed until later. Moreover, according to surveys, most women need 1-1.5 minutes to reach orgasm. male attention. Therefore, this method may be more than enough to make the sex life harmonious and maximally joyful and enjoyable for both participants.  

3. Taoist method

To stop your partner from ejaculating prematurely and end up there, you can use the simple Taoist method. At that moment, when a man feels that everything will happen soon, he should press hard with his finger on the perineum area between the scrotum and the anus. Or ask a woman about it.
This action leads to pinching of the seed canal. Having successfully avoided premature ejaculation, a man can satisfy and delight his happy and contented partner with sexual exploits.

4. Penis rings 

Another great reason to visit a sex shop and turn your sex life into a real treat. These intimate devices can look like a silicone ring, lasso loop, or made of metal. In any case, the essence of their action is the same – to help avoid the outflow of blood from the penis, due to which the erection becomes not only as long as possible, but also persistent. They are put on the base of an already erect penis just before the onset of intercourse. The method also has the advantage of being as effective as possible. The only thing is that you should not put rings on the penis for more than 50 minutes. in case you decide to break all records of endurance and endurance. Better to take a short break and continue. Be sure to consult with a specialist when choosing the best ring model for you. Silicone rings stretch well, hinges are tightened, and metal rings can have various types of fastening. In addition, some of these devices can be supplemented with rings for the scrotum to avoid premature ejaculation, or even more interesting – have additional stimulants or vibrocapsules . When the penis is completely immersed in the vagina, they will pleasantly caress the clitoris or labia, thereby increasing the woman’s arousal, helping to bring her to orgasm faster. In other words, it will be easy for you to reach the finish line at the same time. 


5. Prolonging creams 

They contain ice-cream or other similar anesthetics. The essence of their effect is that they dull the sensitivity of the penis, helping to avoid overexcitation, thereby significantly prolonging the erection time. Apply in 5-10 minutes. immediately prior to the onset of sexual intercourse on the naked head and shaft of the penis.
Another advantage of this method is that such creams or sprays can be added lubrication, which naturally makes sex even more comfortable.  

What to choose?

This is everyone’s business and you choose. But, as a rule, you need to understand the reason why a man is a ” rapid-fire “. Well, then you should rely on ease of use or just individual preferences.

For example, a healthy lifestyle has not hurt anyone, and the more sex, the more pleasure in your life. Besides, cock rings are not only useful, but also interesting and enjoyable. Moreover, they can be a wonderful intimate adornment for men, like clamps or nipples. And the prolonging creams, in addition to the main effect, also give completely new sensations, at the same time with them sex goes like clockwork.

Well, the most effective and best way to prolong an erection will be harmonious relationships between partners, as well as patience on the part of a woman. However, at the same time, a man must make every effort and try all the ways to find exactly the one that will make him a hero-lover and a real macho in the eyes of his chosen one.

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