5 sex practices you need to know about by age 30

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5 sex practices you need to know about by age 30

When conversations about sex come in, it suddenly turns out that there are solid coitus gurus and unsurpassed goddesses of love all around. But is it? In fact, many have an intimate life as insipid as porridge in a dining room. Let’s fix the situation. Here are some sex practices to try by age 30. 

1. Fingering

Posture option for fingering
Let’s start something simpler. Fingering technique (from the English word “ finger ” – finger) is well known to adolescents who are just learning the basics of intimacy. Over the years, many refuse it, which is stupid, because it is much easier to bring a woman to a powerful orgasm with fingers than a penis. As with any sex technique, there are fingering rules that must be followed. The most important of them are the study of the anatomy of the female body and hygiene. Fingering  

 great for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot and / or anus. Skillful partners with “golden hands” can easily stimulate all three of these zones at the same time, folding their fingers in different ways.

Fingering will be a great substitute for regular sex in cases where classic penetration is undesirable for some reason. Unfortunately, not all men have comprehended this subtle art of “love at your fingertips”. If your partner is not doing well, do not lie to him, feigning pleasure, but simply suggest what movements would be pleasant to you.
Just fingering enriches foreplay, increasing arousal partner. Among other options, fingering can be complemented by sex with penetration of the penis.

2. Cunyaza

Pose variation for kunyaza This is an
amazing practice that originated in Africa. In the Rundi language, the word ” kunyaza ” means the process of urination. Do not be alarmed, no one will urinate on anyone. The technique is designed to enhance a woman’s sexual arousal. To do this, the man takes his penis in his hand and begins to caress his girlfriend’s genitals with the head. The surface of the delicate head is much more delicate than fingers or tongue. Short caresses are enough for the partner to become wet with excitement. Experienced lovers pamper their chosen ones with delightful movements: circular, side to side, up and down, zigzags and so on. Some alternate between non-penetration and penis penetration. In the classic version, after stimulation on the clitoris and labia, the man enters his partner shallowly to moisten the head of the penis with her secretions. This is followed by new strokes, which gradually turn into penetration with jolts and screw-like scrolls. Unfortunately, this technique has its drawbacks. Since cunyaza is not so effective with a condom , it can only be used with a trusted partner and with contraception. There are no particular restrictions on poses in this technique, but the most comfortable positions for a man will be in which he stands on his feet or knees, having open access to his partner’s genitals.  


3. Intercrural sex

A variant of a position for intercrural sex
In simple terms, we are talking about inter-femoral sex (from Latin: ” inter crura ” – between the legs). This technique is one of the non-penetrating sex practices such as froth and tribadism . Some of the earliest evidence of such a technique was seen in ancient Greek amphoras, which show similar sexual intercourse between young men. However, the technique can also be used by heterosexual couples. The man places his penis between the tightly compressed thighs of his girlfriend, making the usual translational movements, as in vaginal sex. Intercrural games are good because they allow you to avoid unwanted conception. So if you really want to, and there are no condoms or other contraception at hand, then feel free to offer your partner inter-femoral sex. During the process, a woman can also get an orgasm if the penis is located in the labia and rubs against the clitoris.   


4. Mormon soak

Pose variation for Mormon soak The
sensual soaking technique (from the English “ soaking ” ) does not require any special effort. All you need is to insert the penis into the vagina and … Well, actually, that’s all. With Mormon soak, the penis just gets wet inside the woman. Nobody makes movements, everyone lies quietly. Boring? Not at all. This option is ideal for couples in love. Do you know this delightful feeling of oneness with your loved one when you just lie in your arms, merging into one whole? This is the place for Mormon technology. Mormons are still weirdos. Although religion forbids them extramarital sexual intercourse, young children got the hang of the prohibitions of their elders, inventing a funny rule for themselves: since there is no movement, then this is not sex. “And since it’s not sex, then God doesn’t see and will not punish,” – so thinks a sexually mature, preoccupied (as befits all adolescents who play hormones) young Mormon. And although people who are enlightened in sex matters become ridiculous from such a postulate, we still recommend trying the Mormon technique. As with Kunyaz , it should only be used with a trusted partner and with contraception. The word “verified” is used here in the most literal sense of the word. I’m talking about testing for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). If you are not sure about your partner (or have not been checked by a doctor yourself for a long time), please use condoms 


5. Pompur

Posture option for pompura
Delicious sex practices pompur ( ” pompoir ” ) is also called ” sinagpurskim grip,” but I much prefer the poetic name “playing the flute”. This technique is probably familiar to girls who practice wumbling and train intimate muscles with the help of vaginal balls. As soon as you please your beloved man with a pompur at least once , you will become a goddess for him, the one and only once and for all. This technique stimulates the penis by contracting the vaginal muscles. At the same time, true masters of the art of “playing the flute” can create a wide range of various movements, including simple squeezing, “milking”, small tremors and so on. In the classic version of the technique, a man must either passively lie or sit. Of course, he can move, but in this case it will be more difficult for his partner to contract the muscles. The most comfortable positions for using a pompur are considered to be the “Rider” category. In my 30s, I have not yet met a person who would say that he does not understand anything about sex. However, the experience of communicating with people on intimate topics shows that all of us (yes, both me and you) do not know very much what. Do not agree? Before writing this article, I interviewed TENS of people, and only a fraction of them are aware of all five techniques. Answer honestly yourself, were you lucky enough to experience all the techniques from our list in your personal life?   

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