5 ideal places for masturbation

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5 ideal places for masturbation

Where is it better to get discharge? There are several places in any house or apartment where you should try to get an orgasm. This is an opportunity to experience something new from the setting, pose or change of scenery. We found the 5 best places for masturbation.

1. Bathroom

Masturbation under running water helps to relax. In my heart, everything happens quickly and pleasantly. Such stimulation can become part of everyday activities, you can have an orgasm every morning to wake up.

It is interesting to masturbate in the bathroom . It has warm water. Many masturbators or vibrators can be used in humid spaces. But their touches are different from the sensations in the air , and it’s definitely worth a try. It is important not to leave sex toys in the bathroom for long. They can deteriorate from moisture. It is better to store them in another room. But 30 minutes in water, moisture-resistant models will not hurt.  

2. In front of the mirror

Sit in front of the mirror is on the floor or on a chair. You need to sit down so that the genital area is clearly visible. And when the review is open, stimulation can begin. It will be much more interesting than watching porn. It will also allow a better view of the body . For masturbation in front of the mirror, you can use different sex toys. Anal crystals chains for the anus or vibrators look very stylish . Men can use transparent masturbators to observe movements in detail. 


3. In bed

Morning may begin not with coffee, but with a bright orgasm . When the body has not yet woken up to the end, and there are several minutes of free time, it is better not to lose it and begin to masturbate. Such a ritual will help to quickly cheer up, improve mood. This will tone both men and women. But to implement such a scenario, it is recommended to place suitable sex toys and napkins at the bed in the evening so as not to stain anything. Orgasm can also serve as a good sleeping pill . If you experience it before bedtime, it will be much easier to fall asleep. 


4. On the table

Very rarely, people for masturbation climb onto the table. It can be used for pair sex, but for caresses alone it is also well suited. But it’s important to choose a stable surface that is hard to fall off. It is most convenient to sit on a table; this is an optimal pose. But why not try something unusual? You can get on all fours and so begin to massage the genitals. A table is a hard surface on which it is easy to fix the phallus or butt plug on a suction cup. And such a thing is easy to sit on without the help of hands. But it is always important to remember the balance so as not to fall.  


5. On the floor

Arranging for masturbation on the floor is also interesting. In this case, you can lie or sit. It is permissible to lean on walls or other objects. It is important to understand that there is stiff support under your feet, so you can realize unusual postures. At the same time, a sex toy can be installed vertically or horizontally to make it more convenient.

Kneeling on the floor for a long time doesn’t bother; something soft needs to be put under them. Use for unusual poses worth pillows for sex . They are also suitable for masturbation, with them everything is much more convenient. A sex machine will allow you to experience something magical, so you should try it for self-stimulation. 5 places for masturbation are surfaces in the house. And you can have fun in the car, in the garage, in the garden. It is important only not to shock relatives. And to make the process brighter, you should use high-quality sex toys and lubricants.   

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