5 ways to use a vibro bullet

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5 ways to use a vibro bullet

Vibro Bullet is a mini vibrator designed to stimulate external erogenous zones. It is not customary to immerse it in the body, but it is ideal for vivid preludes with a loved one. How can you use such an accessory, how to make this sex toy as useful as possible?

Vibrator for clitoral stimulation

The most sensitive part of a woman’s body is the clitoris. And touching it with a vibrating thing can cause a very strong response. It is better to start the impact at low speeds, and then gradually build up strength. You can not only attach a vibro-bullet, but also draw patterns with it: circles, arrows, or even an alphabet.

Stimulating the clitoris is a great masturbation game, and most women orgasm from it. And it is also easy to turn such affection into an experiment with a loved one. It will be a very bright foreplay, where he can study her body or she can show him how to please a woman correctly. 

Using a Vibrator for Oral Sex

When giving him a blowjob , you should use a mini vibrator. In the process, you need to touch his scrotum or perineum. But you need to start first with actions with your lips and tongue, and then connect vibration. If the jaw gets tired, the sex toy will replace the person for a few moments. Cunnilingus will also be more interesting with a vibro bullet. The alternation of the touch of a gentle tongue and a vibrating object is very exciting. And you can also combine them, then the bullet is better suited for the anus or perineum. But it is important to remember that you cannot enter it into the ass, it can sink too deep, it will not be easy to get it. 


Bright foreplay with vibro bullet

Why not tease your partner with a sex toy? He can be tied or simply forbidden to move, and then start touching his body with a vibrating accessory. You can start with the neck or even the heels. It is worth moving to the genital area, but their stimulation should be the final stage. It is better to stretch the process, expecting maximum excitement. The vibro-bullet will also complement erotic massage . It can be simply added to arm movements, for example by placing it in the crotch. You don’t need to choose too fast speed, because the goal is to tease, excite, and not immediately bring to the peak of bliss.  


For wearing

The vibrator does not need to be immersed in the body to enjoy. You can simply lean her against the clitoris. For example, vibro panties are underwear with a special pocket where the vibro bullet is inserted. But why not place it in ordinary things? It should touch the clitoris, and then every movement will be very pleasant.

Of course, it is not always convenient to turn the device on and off. If he does not have a remote control, then he will need to press a button for the sex toy to vibrate. But you can always figure out how to do it. And for such experiments, soundless models are chosen so that no one around will guess what is happening.

For anal sex

If a couple is practicing anal sex and wants more pleasure, a vibro bullet can be used. But it is inserted into the bosom of a woman , and only then the man enters the anus. After turning on the device, vibration will be felt for both her and him. The thin intestinal wall will allow him to feel all the vibrations, as a result, orgasms will be many times more interesting. It should be understood that only a waterproof vibro-bullet can be inserted into the vagina. If this is not your model, leave it only for external influences. You can buy a vibro bullet for various experiments in the bedroom. This is an inexpensive but very useful gift for yourself or a loved one. Masturbation or sex with such a toy will be exciting and bright. 

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