7 ways to get your sexual desire back

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7 ways to get your sexual desire back

Stress, fatigue, lack of free time, small children in the family … There are many reasons that can muffle sexual desire. However, do not give up sex, because it is useful! Better to find ways to help get your sex drive back.

Sex plays an important role in our lives. Of course, there are people who, in principle, are not particularly interested in sex, without suffering from it in any way, but most of us need and even benefit from physical intimacy. Sex has many benefits: it strengthens spiritual intimacy with a partner, gives us pleasure hormones, helps fight depression, improves blood flow, and even helps us lose weight! Yes, some sex positions help you lose weight and replace the gym. But what if you don’t want sex, but you want to want it? Let’s explore some simple ways to get desire back .  

1. Health promotion

My back aches, my head hurts, my stomach puffs up, the pressure jumps … In the morning you hardly get out of bed, overcoming pain and fatigue, as if you hadn’t slept. And in the evening you fall into bed and wander about half the night without sleep.

Often, a drop in libido is a consequence, and the problem lies in poor health. For example, certain medical conditions can cause hormonal imbalances, which can lead to general malaise or even loss of interest in sex. Self-medication is fraught with new problems. The best option is to get tested and consult with experienced doctors . It is also worth giving up smoking and alcohol. 

2. Prelude

Early in the morning to work, so we jump right off the bat, go straight to sex, ignoring the foreplay. Or we reduce the petting to a couple of minutes, and then we wonder why we don’t feel like it the same way as before? Where did the passion go?

Insufficient foreplay remains the main reason in most cases when the partner has no desire. It is necessary not only to study the erogenous zones of a man, but also to know your body. Do not skimp on intimate caresses: give them, receive them. Ask your partner to experiment and stroke and kiss you differently. Master the techniques of exciting kissing.  

3. Nutrition

Food is the main source of nutrients that are important for the normal functioning of the body. Statistics show that sex drive increases in summer and falls in winter. This is partly due to a lack of vitamins and other essential micronutrients, a deficiency of which can even cause depression. What kind of sex is there? To get rid of the blues, eat foods for depression. It is also worth remembering that food can make you feel worse. Find out what foods you shouldn’t eat before sex. Explore light, dietary options for a romantic dinner followed by a night of love. 


4. Rest

In the morning get up before the alarm clock and run to work. Pick up children from work, then to the store, then cleaning. I should still have time to run to the gym. And to collect the harvest at the dacha. And also make repairs. And more … more … a lot of things to do!

A decrease in sexual interest can be a kind of signaling of the body. Our body tries to tell us that we are tired: mentally and / or physically. Review your schedule, don’t sacrifice yourself in the name of your career. Everyone needs a weekend and a vacation. The mode with the formula “8/8/8” is considered the norm: where 8 hours a day are allocated for sleep, 8 for work and 8 for leisure. In total, we get 24 hours of full life. If you have been working 16 hours a day without days off and vacations for more than a year, then you should not be surprised at the lack of sexual desire. Take a break, take a break!

5. Appearance

They began dating, they were beautiful: her figure was slender, her face was lovely; he was athletic and flexed with muscles. The bouquet and candy period has passed. Both have grown fat, he has ceased to observe hygiene and wears crumpled clothes, she has bags under her eyes and a drooping chest. There is no story sadder in the world than the story of a long relationship.

Over time, we lose enthusiasm, relationships become a habit and we can forget about our appearance. This threatens a tragedy in sex for a couple of visuals who are interested in the aesthetic aspect – the beauty of the body, the beauty of sex. If this is exactly your case, then you should take care of your appearance – both yours and your partner.

6. Psychoanalysis

Desire can be aggravated by psychological factors. You can contact a consultant. However, experts do not always help quickly, because it’s not easy to figure it out in another person’s soul. Sessions drag on and on, precious time runs out, money goes down the drain, and the hope of getting good advice dwindles. First, try to figure out for yourself the reasons that have reduced your libido.

Among such reasons, some are especially common. It can be discomfort due to children in the house. You are afraid to relax, cry out, creak your bed. Afraid that children will fly into the room and get trauma from what they see. In this case, you can arrange a sex weekend for yourself by sending the children to their relatives. You may lose trust in your partner if he once hurt you during sex (even if inadvertently). The body will instinctively shrink when touched. In this case, it is worth choosing poses from the “Girl on top” category , where you can control the process. You should also know to learn ways to avoid pain during sex.  

7. Music

It’s no secret that music has an amazing effect on human mood. If you suffer from stress every now and then, it is worth listening to relaxing tunes that will give you peace of mind. But before the planned night of love, you can make a playlist with erotic music that makes you want to hug, kiss and rush into the bedroom. If in youth the basic instincts are still strong, then at a more mature age we can by willpower switch our attention from sexual urges to things that seem more important to us. Switch, switch, switch … and then the call of the flesh falls silent. And sometimes stress, or physical ailments, or repairs from neighbors affect the decrease in libido. But you never know the reasons? Be that as it may, find your own way that is guaranteed to help you feel the beauty of sex again. I wish you happiness and love! 

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