Clamping: what is it, how to do it correctly, video

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Clamping: what is it, how to do it correctly, video

There is a whole direction that allows you to adjust the size of manhood. Clamping is a similar technique . What results does it give? How is it done? Dangerous or not? Everyone asks himself these questions. You will find the answers to them in this article.  

What is clamping?

The literal translation of the term means “clamping with a clamp.” The definition fully reflects the essence of the technique. Learning to do clamping from a photo is quite simple. The member is pinched at the base with a special ring. The latter prevents back blood flow from the penis. The technique is designed to increase the volume of the phallus.

How to increase the thickness of the penis?

Regular exercise can achieve the following results:

  • increase the duration of intercourse;
  • improve erectile function;
  • make the penis strong and elastic with an erection;
  • increase the volume of the penis even at rest.

The principle of the NUP

Natural penis enlargement is a set of harmless techniques based on the anatomical features of the male genital organ. Each method has its own specific set of rules, recommendations, manipulations to achieve the maximum effect.

The advantages of the technique
does not have a negative effect on the hormonal background of a man
not addictive, which is typical for many drugs
based on the natural capabilities of the male body
aimed at working with soft tissues

There are many options for natural penis enlargement:

  • manual;
  • warming up;
  • clepping;
  • jelqing;
  • special devices;
  • vascular techniques;
  • gels, bio-additives, ointments.

No chemical-based drugs, no surgery. The funds are used exclusively natural, that is, a natural aphrodisiac, and devices and movements are used to load muscles and improve blood flow.

Each representative of the strong half of humanity can choose for himself the option of non-surgical increase in male dignity, which fully satisfies individual needs. Clamping the penis with a ring or clamping refers to nup, based solely on the anatomical features of the body.

Required tool

Manipulations to increase the volume of the genital organ are carried out with the use of special devices.

Clamp / clampIt represents the most important item and is sold in online stores. In the city, it is unlikely that you will be able to buy this. You need to choose the most simple and convenient to use. Recommendations from experienced nupers can come in handy here, but it’s better to focus on yourself.
WrapperRequired for wrapping the phallus. Some use a variety of available fabrics and materials. The most hygienic and correct option is a bandage.
LubricantHelps to stimulate the penis. This is not a mandatory component, but many men prefer to use this tool to facilitate the process.
TimerPractice shows that a man will inevitably be distracted from the exercise. Therefore, it is best to use an instrument for timing. This will allow you to control the process.

Think over the way of stimulation in advance. Some look pornographic videos. There are those who are helped by a partner. Everything here is individual.

Execution technique

To achieve an increase in the volume of the penis in a calm and excited state, it is necessary to master the technique from start to finish. Step-by-step instructions on how to do clamping will help you quickly learn the technique:

  • Phallus stimulation. The penis should be erect. There are two options here. The first involves putting on a clamp with a weak erection and subsequent stimulation, and the second – on an already aroused one. Do not get carried away by watching pornographic videos. This approach will subsequently weaken, that is, the susceptibility will decrease. It is best to combine methods of arousal. This will make it possible to finish the desired erection all the time.
  • Penis wrapping. If you do not take a bandage, preference is given to a sufficiently soft material that does not slip, preventing the clamp from slipping off, but protects the skin from being pinched. The wrap is placed neatly at the base of the penis where the ring will be worn. The width of the material should be slightly larger than that of the clamp. The tissue should be as close to the pubic bone as possible.
  • Putting on and tightening the clip. Clamp is put on the wrapper. It should be close to the pubic bone. Stimulate your penis until you are full of arousal. Tighten the clamp. If you feel discomfort or pain, loosen your grip. Do the Kegel exercise. Hold the tension for about 3 seconds, and then relax. This action stimulates blood flow. You can learn more about the technique from clamping videos from instructors practicing natural penis enlargement.

Erection should not be allowed to subside. When stimulation does not help, change the wrapping, relax and adjust the clamp, moving it even closer to the pubic bone.

Clamping tool with example of use

  • Wearing a clamp. Beginners are advised to do the exercise for about 5 minutes, and then carefully remove the clamp and wrapping fabric. You can gradually add approaches, taking a break between them from 5 to 10 minutes. When the technique is fully mastered, you can double the wearing time.

Some men who have experience with this technique perform other exercises at the same time as wearing the clamp. This is extremely extreme, so it is not recommended for everyone. Many strongly advise you to limit yourself to the safe technique described above.

Training dayHoliday

The specific mode is selected individually. The main thing is not to overdo it. The exercise should be done in moderation. Otherwise, adverse consequences cannot be avoided.

Clamping results

The method is very popular. Why do many men resort to this exercise? The answer is quite simple – clamping gives results, as evidenced by numerous reviews, comments on the forums, detailed analyzes of equipment on video, evidence in the form of photographs.

Exercising regularly allows you to:

  • improve the quality and duration of intercourse;
  • increase attraction to the opposite sex;
  • improve erection;
  • increase the diameter of the penis by 2 cm.

Every man can achieve this in a non-surgical way, but it should be understood that there are always risks, so you need to know in advance what negative consequences may await you.

The danger of this method

Clamp is not advised for beginners who have never resorted to natural penis enlargement before, since the technique requires extreme caution and ability to control the process. Not every man knows how to independently determine the state of the genital organ.

Overtraining should not be allowed. The following signs indicate overuse of technology:

  • the morning after the training day, the size of the penis is smaller than usual;
  • the erection is rather weak;
  • the phallus is hard even in a calm state;
  • inside the male organ, pain is felt, similar to that experienced after injury.

How to do clamping correctly?

Important! It is impossible to resort to such a technique for those who have diseases of the genitourinary system.

It is best to start classes with a preliminary consultation with a urologist, which allows you to identify hidden ailments. If we neglect this moment, the pathology can worsen, and the consequences become the most dire. In addition, neglecting signals of overtraining, intentionally high loads can lead to complete sexual dysfunction.

Unavoidable side effects

The method is associated with a traumatic effect on the phallus. Excessive pressure damages the blood vessels. If done correctly, problems can be avoided. Otherwise, the following negative consequences cannot be avoided:

  • sluggish erection;
  • stagnation of blood;
  • internal hematomas;
  • loss of head sensitivity.

These manifestations are always present, but if the technique is followed, they are temporary and pass quickly. When a man is already sufficiently trained, they are reduced to a minimum.

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