Most Popular Male Sexual Fears

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Most Popular Male Sexual Fears

Scientific study of the human brain has shown that men and women differ from each other in all their manifestations. We have a different approach to work, to solving conflict situations and behavior, from this it is absolutely logical to conclude that sexual preferences are also different.

Women fear some things, men fear others. So what exactly is a man to be afraid of in sex?

A painful question of size

Does size matter or not? The answer to this question worries not so much women as men. After all, when a man has sex for the first time, he is extremely worried about the size of his phallus. If the answer is yes, he will calm down and perhaps accept it for the rest of his life, but if not, this will be the beginning of endless fears and complexes.

Uncertainty about physical attractiveness

A familiar situation, isn’t it a woman? Of course! For both men and women, it’s always incredibly scary to be naked in front of another person. Therefore, from now on, we can all relax, knowing that we are both scared by these extra pounds, this belly that does not go away, or those arms that need training.

The soldier does not wake up

In youth, this fear is rarely manifested, because the reaction to pathogens is much faster. But after 30, when a man begins to better understand his desires, and the vascular system of the genitals is no longer working so reliably, many men begin to fear the lack of an erection at the right time.

The soldier is not fighting

After the fear of size, this is the great male fear, the inability to satisfy his partner. Lack of orgasm is what scares men because they automatically associate the number of orgasms with sexual pleasure and performance.

Very short fight

The time of hot meetings with the prelude that burns the skin can really ignite a fire in the hearts of people; only an explosive orgasm can extinguish this fire, but unfortunately, most couples do not coincide with the moment of reaching the highest point of pleasure. This scenario is as old as the world, men tend to reach orgasm earlier and after ejaculation, their partners remain dissatisfied and extremely disappointed in the quality of sex – this is the main fear of all men.

If they don’t like the ending?

Sex is much more than two people doing something, it is chemistry, compatibility, giving and receiving pleasure, and not everyone is able to translate this into their sexual acts. This is why many men are afraid that they have failed to satisfy their woman in bed.

Partner with AIDS

Many men are madly afraid of contracting an incurable disease called AIDS. But oddly enough, all of them, with the same fear, cannot ask directly about the presence of the disease. And it is very simple to protect yourself, you can not ask your partner about his illnesses, and always use condoms.

Feeling fearful and insecure about sex is normal, it is important to manage your fears and not let them take over.

But there are also such men who are not able to comfortably contact the opposite sex, they are completely controlled by their fears, in which case there is nothing shameful to seek help from a specialist.

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