Condoms with pimples – do they make sense?

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Condoms with pimples – do they make sense?

There are a huge number of different condoms with ribs, pimples, antennae. Their cost is higher than that of other rubber products, but do they give more sensations? We decided to find out – is it worth overpaying for special effects ? Do I need to buy ribbed contraceptives for a new sensation. Nearly every condom company creates embossed models. Someone specializes in anatomical shapes, someone unusual. At the same time, they are made from the same materials as the classic models. The thickness of the latex is no different . What experiences should you expect from them? 


Relief on a condom

The instructions indicate that the pimples are created to enhance the sensations that both the man and the woman get more pleasant emotions. But this is just a marketing ploy.

The size of the pimples is insignificant, it is not able to affect the sensitivity. This can work if the relief is dense, but then the product will become thick, which is not interesting to anyone. And protrusions of 1-2 mm do not give an effect . It is worth remembering that there are not very many nerve endings inside the female vagina. They are focused on entering. It turns out that the relief of the condom does not change anything for the lady . The man does not add pleasant experiences, either, as with other models. 


Condoms with antennae, ears, and other convex details

The presence of large protrusions looks very original. Condoms with antennae are packaged one by one in a pack. For the price they are more expensive than the classic models. Well, the effects from them are also few.

Even well-designed protrusions are made for a woman’s pleasure. But she practically does not notice them in the process of penetration. Only during the introduction of a member can there be any new sensations, but they are not very intense.
But everyone should try such products. Why? Even putting on such a condom is interesting. Most often it causes a smile, and sometimes fits of laughter. This allows you to add variety to relationships, relieve stress, and relax. But you should not buy such models for the first sex with a new partner in order to avoid embarrassment. Why do manufacturers continue to produce such products? With the expectation that every person at least once in his life will want to try something like that. And this is already quite tangible demand. Few people dare to use them constantly, but many curious people will buy. 

Condoms with interesting effects

If you want unusual latex products, then you need to look not at the relief. A noticeable effect is given by the lubricants included in the composition. You can choose between warming or cooling condoms. There are extensions on sale that prevent a man from finishing too quickly. And flavored condoms are very popular , they have a delicate aroma of fruits or desserts, they are even suitable for oral sex. Colored condoms are also very funny. They do not give any effects, they just look interesting. Fans of experiments will like models that glow in the dark. But be prepared for them to make you smile too. In addition to latex condoms, you should definitely try polyurethane . They are several times thinner, the sensations in them are much more pleasant. But while their cost is very significant, and you can not buy them everywhere.   

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