5 things that can ruin a sex toy

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5 things that can ruin a sex toy

Sex toys can serve for many years if used properly. But there are 5 things that significantly reduce their service life , adversely affect materials. They are discussed in the instructions, but not all users study this information. Anyone who has ever purchased intimate goods, including lubricants and condoms, should know about these things. 

1. Oil

It is forbidden to use oil as a lubricant . The fatty product reacts with materials and can spoil the surface very quickly. In the first experiments, this is not noticeable, but after the 10th use of a sex toy with oil formulations, the material loses its properties. To the touch, it can become rough. You can not apply oil to condoms, this can ruin their protective properties. In addition to oils, it is forbidden to use fatty creams. For example, baby cream is also able to spoil a toy for adults. 


2. Sun rays

Direct sunlight is best able to spoil delicate materials. They are afraid not only of realism, but also of silicone. Under the influence of the burning sun, the material dries out and loses its elasticity . To spoil an intimate thing, you need to forget the device on the windowsill for at least a couple of months. One day under the sun does no harm. Do not leave pheromone perfumes, lubricants and stimulants by the window. Heating and cooling can change their composition, the effect will be less intense. At the same time, the texture is capable of changing, not being pleasant. 

3. Biological secretions

If the toy is not washed immediately after use, bacteria penetrate into the smallest pores and multiply there. As a result of the use of “dirty” goods, dysbiosis or inflammation may occur . That is why it is important to wash all intimate items with mild soap immediately after use. If you don’t have enough strength for this, we recommend using a condom. All selections will remain on it, it will only have to be removed and discarded. A condom is put on a vibrator for women and does not interfere with the transmission of vibrations. Or put on a man’s penis before immersion in a masturbator. 

4. High humidity

Moisture can ruin sex products. She should not get inside sex toys, so as not to spoil the mechanism. Immersion in water is acceptable for waterproof models. All other models must be washed carefully so that water does not get into the area with the motor.

Leaving sex toys in rooms with high humidity is also not recommended. It gets inside, condenses, and can break . The temperature fluctuations in the bathroom are significant and therefore not suitable for placing your favorite sex toys. 

5. Alcohol-based cleaners

For cleaning vibrators, dildos, anal devices, special cleaners have been created. They remove all dirt from the surface. You can also wash them with mild soap. In addition, disinfection can be carried out, but this is often not necessary. For this, disinfectants from a pharmacy are suitable, but they should not contain alcohol . Miramistin and Chlorhexidine are suitable for washing, but hydrogen peroxide is also better not to use. What else can ruin a sex toy? For example, a fall from a height. Joint storage can be harmful, since different materials can react with each other. But if you follow the instructions, any sex toy will last a long time. 

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