For adults: what are lubricants? Pineapple Flavor Love

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For adults: what are lubricants? Pineapple Flavor Love

That is why we do not know how to easily and simply speak on certain topics ?! Damned post-soviet mentality. Or we go into all seriousities using obscene language, or so we begin to bend, which is incomprehensible: we are talking about some aspects of intimate life or about landing the Chinese moon rover Changye in the Gulf of Happiness. So, lubricants.

80% of readers shyly look away. Well, yes, this is grease. For intimate places and for specific purposes. No, let’s not talk about the Chinese lunar tractor. We are, nevertheless, about lubrication. Why you need and how to choose. Even if you categorically declare “not needed, and I will not choose” – do not rush! Maybe you just don’t know everything about how, what and why to lubricate.  

Why are lubricants needed ? 

A) Lubricants make life easier (that is, frictions) and make them delightfully beautiful. By the way, it’s a big mistake to believe that vaginal lubricants are needed only because of female problems (oh, this male habit is to always blame everything on women!). Yes, of course, lubricants are primarily used in cases of insufficiency of natural vaginal hydration (for example, due to gynecological diseases, age-related changes , etc.). And if the erection is weakened? – Good lubrication makes the impossible possible! So lubricants – a thing necessary for both partners.   

B) Lubricants are needed to add brightness to this very life (which is intimate). Indeed, in addition to its direct responsibility: to lubricate and alleviate frictions, lubricants, due to various additives, can: – be aphrodisiacs (increase attraction); – possess warming / stimulating properties; – work as prolongators (extend the act); – create the effect of “narrowing”, reducing the vagina; – be with flavors (include fantasy).

C) Lubricants are good for your health. That is, in the most literal sense: they have a therapeutic effect. Lubricants not only protect against microcracks and microtraumas, but also contain anti-inflammatory, anti-venereal, bactericidal substances and even birth control. There are lubricant gels with vitamins, chamomile, aloe vera, ginseng. The list of supplements is huge. For all occasions you can find. 

Which lubricant to choose

All lubricants are separated by type of base, it can be from mineral oils (including silicone) or aqueous (water plus glycerin). Water-based lubricants are more practical, close in their properties to natural and therefore the most popular.

When buying, be sure to pay attention to the Ph lubricant. For those who do not know anything about chemistry, a reference: Ph is an indicator of the acidity of the medium. The optimal value is from 4.5 to 5.5. This Ph range is suitable for almost all skin types. For people prone to allergies, you need to choose HYPOALERGENE lubricating gels (for example, Exxtreme Glide and the like).   

If frequent and regular use of the gel is not planned, it is better to acquire a small volume, even better – with a spray, so that the contents are not contaminated during long-term storage. Learn the composition. Here are some ingredients that you should take especially seriously: – capsaicin: chili pepper extract for those who like it hot. However, the sensations may be too “hot” and too long (depending on individual tolerance). – Polyquartenium of any marking (7, 10, 15) – is neutral in itself, but if it gets on wounded areas of the skin, it can cause severe irritation. – Chlorhexidine: an excellent antiseptic that kills all harmful microorganisms, and at the same time – normal microflora. It’s worth considering. – The usual and familiar lidocaine. For super-passionate and temperamental natures, it can cause injuries (lowers the pain threshold). 



Curious facts about lubricants (maybe useful):

Not so long ago appeared … a kosher lubricant! No jokes. Michael Trig, founder and president of California-based Wet, said at the presentation of a kosher lubricant that “getting a kosher certificate is a major milestone in the development of the company!” Wet spent almost two years gaining the right to release grease with the “K” symbol (kosher). All is serious! And even deliveries to Israel are planned. Some experts say that lubricants are a universal thing. In addition to its intended purpose, they can be used as a lubricant when wearing tight shoes, as an excellent moisturizer for the skin in the cold season, shaving gel and even! – as a stain remover and chewing gum remover from hair. And they (grease) can be eaten. And not just, but choose what you like: with the taste of raspberries, strawberries, apricot, coconut. PS Still , it is better to use a lubricant for its intended purpose. It’s nice, it’s good for health, and even, as it turns out, it can be kosher! 

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