From Aries to Pisces: how to seduce men of different zodiac signs

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From Aries to Pisces: how to seduce men of different zodiac signs

In order to impress your chosen one, just find out who he is by the horoscope. And then check our list and choose what suits your partner.


Aries men are very assertive, do not accept refusal, and if they suddenly hear “No” in response to their actions, then they only with tripled strength are accepted to achieve the desired. If you suddenly become interested in the representative of this sign, then be prepared to fulfill all his whims and take part in any adventures – your man will appreciate this, but will eventually get bored with such humility. In order to completely capture the partner’s attention, learn to conduct smart conversations with him, show interest in all his undertakings and let him …. seduce you.


Male Taurus is very conservative and can not stand when they are encouraged to make any decisions. Representatives of this sign are prone to experiences at the level of the body, do not accept sexual frills, but they are ready to make love for hours, which, however, will not please every lady of the heart. If you want to seduce this man, create coziness and comfort, please him with delicious home dinners and periodically give something practical. He will definitely appreciate it.


Gemini men can only be conquered by outstanding women who are ready for any experiments, including in bed. If you want to impress the representative of this zodiac sign, then arrange for him an unusual date, introduce interesting people and give new emotions. Only originality and creativity can keep Gemini, otherwise they will get bored very quickly in a relationship and begin to look for a replacement for you.


Cancer men are very emotional and vulnerable: they can be offended by sheer nonsense, but also perk up from some simple compliment. If you want to impress the representative of this sign, then do not hide your feelings, be extremely frank and gentle with him. Deception Cancers feel immediately and never forgive betrayal. Therefore, just be yourself and do not skimp on caresses and signs of attention.

a lion

Male Lions love to be in the spotlight and are ready to accept your care graciously 24 hours a day. They sincerely consider themselves the center of the universe and are looking for a life partner who shares their worldview. In addition, they make high demands on the appearance of their lady of the heart. If you want to seduce a representative of this zodiac sign, then you should become for him the most coveted, spectacular and unique. And if you still manage to convince him that you are no less an esthetician than him, then consider that your Leo will be fascinated by you 100%.


Some believe that Virgo men are boring and uninitiated, but this is not the case. They just have their own ideas about the norms of good form, which they prefer to follow. In addition, they are very shy, demanding of themselves and are afraid to make a mistake, which will have to pay dearly (primarily due to their reputation). If you want to seduce the representative of this sign, then first of all, be patient and remember that the first step should come from you. And the more carefully you raise the topic of sex in your relationship, the more harmonious your intimate life will eventually become.


Libra men are very moody and a few minutes after the favorable acceptance of your compliments, they may suddenly give you cold and indifference. Therefore, do not rush to praise your partner 24 hours a day, but try to find a balance in the relationship and learn how to calmly relate to their excessive perfectionism. If you want to completely melt the heart of the chosen one, then do not skimp on the external gloss and do not forget to show sincere interest. When he sees in you the harmony that he has been looking for so long, then your relationship will become the most lasting and passionate.


Despite the fact that representatives of this sign are the most difficult to communicate, however, in fairness, it is worth noting that Scorpio men are considered one of the most skilled lovers. Relations with them promise to be difficult, but interesting, you definitely will not be bored. If you want to tie a chosen one to yourself, then learn to use the periods of calm between emotional outbursts for passionate love games – and you will like it, and your partner will appreciate it.


Sagittarius men are famous for their love for the female sex and will never deprive any pretty lady who accidentally finds herself in the field of vision. Therefore, if you want to seduce Sagittarius, you do not need to do something special – he himself would not mind playing along with you if he realizes that you have fallen for him. Just remember, he doesn’t just need a lover, otherwise he will quickly get what he wants and go over to someone else. He dreams that his woman will become for him both his best friend, and a sex guru, and a muse, inspiring him to exploits.


Capricorn men do not pursue spectacularity and entertainment, so you just can’t take them. Moderation is one of the main qualities of the representatives of this sign, which they dream to see in the partner. They are excellent interlocutors, so if you want to seduce Capricorn, then get ready for the fact that you will have to talk a lot. In addition, remember that representatives of this zodiac sign are also aesthetes, so get ready to give them all the best, and in bed too.


Aquarius men are very selective and will prefer that partner who will stand out from the rest. They value self-confident persons and will not mind anything if you suddenly decide to take the first step or even take the initiative in your own hands. Representatives of this sign are excited by a lively mind and originality, and if you give them this, then be sure that in bed they will not disappoint you either.


To find a common language with Pisces men, you first need to find out if you have any common interests or hobbies. They attach great importance to communication and therefore it is very important for them to begin to get closer on the intellectual level, and not on the physical. Try to go together to the sea, to the water park, to the pool or just to the bathhouse and in a relaxed atmosphere, begin to conquer his mind first, and then his heart.

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