What is a pompour, cabbahs, Singapore kiss and how it will help you in sex

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What is a pompour, cabbahs, Singapore kiss and how it will help you in sex

Myths and legends about the incredible strength of vaginal muscles occur about once a generation. Moreover, since the time of the Maya Indians, they have not particularly transformed. Well, maybe they became a little softer: the ancients believed that the vagina was able to bite off the penis, the modern ones – that it was able to grab it and not let it out.

And, of course, in all generations, the erotic fantasy of a woman is popular , which can bring a man to orgasm without moving any muscle except the vaginal. To achieve this ability, various techniques were invented.    


Kabbazakh – “holder” – as Arabs called concubines capable of such tricks. The science of love itself was also called, which includes exercises to strengthen the muscles of the vagina and methods of manipulating them during sex. This oriental art teaches women to control their body and all internal muscles and bring maximum pleasure and unforgettable sensations from sex to themselves and their partner. Kabazzah is able to bring a man to orgasm only with the help of skillful movements of trained internal muscles – in ancient times, such concubines were valued especially dearly. Today, in some eastern countries, secret knowledge is traditionally passed on from mother to daughter. 

How it’s done


Pompouar (literally translated from French as “pump”) is a very similar to kabazza sexual technique borrowed from tantra in which a woman stimulates her partner’s penis through contraction and weakening of the vaginal muscles, which resembles the movement of a pump. In fact, this is genital sex, creating sensations as from oral. Since both partners remain motionless, the woman acts on the penis using the rhythmic pulsation of the pelvic muscles. Pompouir practice is most effective in the position of a rider. But, it is clear that it would give a tangible effect (let not “grab and hold”, but at least “squeeze to feel”), the muscles of the vagina should be well trained. It is also interesting that the technique got the name “pump” in India, and only later in Europe became known under the French word pompoir. In Germany, she is better known as “Cleopatra’s retention”, and in English-speaking countries and Spain as “Singapore Kiss”. In Russia, pompour technique is included in most wumbling courses.  

Kegel exercises

Gynecologist Arnold Kegel in 1952 presented a series of exercises for women suffering from urinary incontinence. It was later discovered that the circular muscle gain achieved through the proposed exercises also leads to an increase in the intensity of genital stimulation and, consequently, orgasm. This is partly due to the fact that blood flow increases in trained muscles, which leads to rapid excitement and an increase in orgasm intensity. Kegel exercises have proven effectiveness and can be performed by a woman at any time of the day without distracting her from basic activities. They are completely invisible to others, and the positive effect is visible after a few weeks of daily practice.

Pump exercises

For the practice, the pom pomar needs to train the intimate muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor, strengthen them and learn to consciously manage them. To feel the intimate muscles, insert your finger into the vagina and try to squeeze it. Try not to strain your hips, buttocks and anal sphincter. Then try the following exercises: 1. Short squeeze. Squeeze intimate muscles 10 times with a frequency of one compression per second. Breathing should be shallow: inhale in compression and exhale in relaxation. Start gradually with two sets of 10 times a day and increase to two sets of 50 times. 2. Long-term compression. Squeeze intimate muscles and count to three, relax between contractions. Gradually increase the compression time to 10 seconds, alternating it with 10 second relaxation. Start with two sets of 10 seconds each and gradually increase to two sets of 50 seconds. 3. Retraction and ejection . Pull in all the muscles of the pelvic floor as if trying to suck in water with a vagina, and then try to push the water out. Both abdominal and intimate muscles should work with this exercise. Start with one approach five times and gradually increase to 10 approaches. 4. The elevator. Imagine that in the pelvic area you have an “elevator” and you want to raise it floor by floor. Starting from the first floor, move to the second floor, then the third and, finally, the fourth. Then let the “elevator” slowly descend, stopping on each floor. Upon reaching the first floor, try to completely relax the muscles involved. Start with one approach 10 times and increase to 10 approaches.      

You can break the set of exercises into two classes or more, which you will perform daily. The necessary effect will be achieved due to the total number of repetitions. It will optimally change the position of the body to fully utilize the muscles of the pelvic floor: stand, sit, kneel down and sit down again. A good simulator for strengthening intimate muscles is vaginal balls. The smaller the volume of the ball and the more weight we can hold while walking, the closer you are to the art of cabbases. Since you will improve in exercises and strengthen muscles, you will soon begin to notice that you are able to isolate the groups of muscles of the pelvic floor and use them purposefully and alternately. Now you can test your skills in sex!

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