How to ignite passion in a man with kisses

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How to ignite passion in a man with kisses

Kissing is an inseparable part of human relationships, in whatever form they may be, and, of course, a prelude to intimacy. With the help of a kiss, you can express sympathy, love and desire, you can provide support, cheer up, praise. Kisses kindle passion in partners, inflame feelings and smoothly lead to the most important thing. More than one fortress fell before the passionate touch of lips. Let’s talk about how with the help of a kiss you can seduce any man.

Rain jets – your kisses: passionate, tender, friendly

It is known that caresses can be romantic, knocking down, promising incomparable pleasure. Let’s talk about techniques (no matter how blasphemous it sounds) in more detail.

Joking and friendly kisses

Such gentle gestures are the best suited for a romantic situation and will help the girl to reveal her feelings. They may seem childish, but still pleasant, such little things are an important part of a relationship.

  • On the cheek . Such a kiss will be a great thank you for a good time, it does not carry a sexual connotation if you are not ready yet.
  • the forehead Mothers kiss their children like this, but for lovers, it is also suitable and will help express their strong feelings.
  • Eskimo . Perhaps the most interesting. In fact, you do not touch your lips, but rub your noses. A very intimate move. If you close your eyes, you can feel your partner’s breathing.

passionate kisses

Regardless of the technique, such a kiss requires a special atmosphere. Take a moment, make sure your breath is fresh, chew gum or eat something sweet. If you can not cope with the excitement, use the following method: tighten your whole body for a couple of seconds, then relax.

Gently look at your partner’s lips, showing desire – kiss. Open your mouth, gently stroke your partner’s lips with the tip of your tongue. Act lightly, without pressure and aggression, if a man seized the initiative, let him act.

Stroke his hair with your hand, gently lower the other to his waist. Listen to your partner. His breathing becomes deeper, faster, heartbeat is heard. Accompany caresses with quiet moaning (in moderation!), This wildly excites a man.

From the lips you can go to the neck. Do not be afraid to show passion, but be careful, petting should not bring discomfort. Explore the neck, alternating kisses with gentle sliding on the skin, suck lightly without leaving hickeys. Switch your attention to the ears: this is a very erogenous zone. Play with them with your tongue, bite gently, kiss, caress the dimple behind the ear.

With increasing tension, change the intensity of caresses, adjusting to your partner. Don’t rush, but don’t delay either. As a rule, a passionate kiss lasts only 20-30 seconds. After that you need to pause.

Intimate kisses that drive men crazy

If you want to give a man heavenly pleasure, diversify your relationship with intimate kisses.

light touch

Caress dry lips on his face, deliberately avoiding the lip area. Slowly, barely touching the skin, run your lips over his forehead, temples, cheekbones.

Classic French

French kissing can be very exciting. Bite his lower lip, pull it slightly towards you, let the man do the same with your upper one. Try to learn the partner’s language, do not be afraid to touch and caress each other. Another rather sensitive place is the palate, run your tongue over it several times during the kiss.

Contrast of heat and cold

The temperature difference always awakens incredible sensations in the body. Don’t be afraid to experiment, give your man a contrasting kiss.

To do this, you need to prepare a cold and hot (tea or coffee) drink. Take a sip of hot (just don’t get carried away), touch the man. You can first caress the skin or go straight to the lips. After a few touches, sip a cold drink and return to caresses. Temperature changes will be felt more strongly if a man is blindfolded.

Secret “buttons”, his sensitive areas

There are many erogenous zones on our body, caressing which can bring incomparable pleasure, thus providing an excellent prelude before sex.


It is believed that a kiss on the neck expresses incredible sexual desire. And not in vain. The neck, thanks to thin skin and an abundance of important vessels, is a powerful erogenous zone.


No wonder this zone was used in the technique of a passionate kiss. In most people, the ears are very sensitive, and if you slowly stroke your lips around, almost without touching the ears, and then gently bite the earlobe and pull it towards you, many nerve endings are activated. It is necessary to strike a balance between caress and bites so as not to cause discomfort.


It is a mistake to say that this zone brings pleasure only to women. No matter how. According to the results of various surveys, men’s nipples are just as sensitive, and skillful tongue caresses will bring incomparable pleasure. Not every man agrees to this, so find out your partner’s attitude towards such caresses.


A large number of nerve endings are concentrated on the hands and fingers. Of course, they are intended a little for another, but why not use it? Plus, the sight of a girl gently kissing and sucking on your fingertips is chilling.


The body of a man has many hidden erogenous points, one of them is the area between the navel and the genitals. During foreplay, pay special attention to her. Going down with kisses below, linger there and give a few minutes of affection.


In the list of sensitive places, the legs follow, or more precisely, the area from the knees to the hips. Get down on your knees in front of the man, gently stroke the bare skin, and then draw a path to the groin with your tongue or rise smoothly higher with kisses.


Not the first on the list, but definitely a rather sensitive area of the popliteal cavity. Caressing with the tip of the tongue and kissing in this place can feel very pleasant.

Use secrets and unusual kissing techniques

Use different techniques and try new ones, because only in this way you will achieve perfection in this spicy art. It is in your hands to make any kiss unforgettable. In addition to French, there are other interesting options. For example, the Lizard technique: this method consists in interlacing the tongues and caressing without touching the lips. Quite an interesting and rarely used technique for those couples whose relationship needs development. The rest of the secrets can be found at any time on the Internet without losing a healthy head.

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