The effect of alcohol on potency in men

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The effect of alcohol on potency in men

Any product containing ethanol negatively affects all functions if abused.

Drink strength

Alcoholic beverages fall into three categories:

  • beer (5-7% alcohol);
  • wines and other low-alcohol drinks (9-17% alcohol);
  • strong (from 35%).

Is beer harmful?

If beer is consumed in moderation, its complex of beneficial trace elements will even benefit. When abused, this will result in:

  • impaired testosterone production;
  • worsening hormonal levels;
  • decrease in the quality of seminal fluid;
  • the production of female hormones;
  • impotence.

The consequences come from a large amount of beer, it does not depend on the quality of the drink. Daily 500 ml. beer will negatively affect male capabilities, like 2 liters once a week.

The influence of wine

Red, dry, in a small amount of wine is beneficial for potency. It increases sexual desire, sharpens sensations and sensuality.

Regular drinking of wine drinks, or a significant amount of them, has the opposite effect:

  • loss of sensitivity of the penis;
  • unstable erection;
  • erectile dysfunction.

Low-alcohol cocktails, vermouths, liqueurs have a similar effect. Even their moderate use does not bring any benefit.

Alcohol for medicinal purposes

There are hundreds of remedies in traditional medicine recipes, based on vodka or cognac.

In moderate volumes (30-50 ml), cognac has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, on which erectile function depends. The course should not exceed a couple of weeks. The interval between treatment courses is at least a month, and the dosage should be calculated in teaspoons.

Abuse of the amount or frequency of taking such “drugs” will lead to a deterioration in sexual function. As a result – a drop in libido and impotence.

Why do they “use” before sex

The opinion that alcohol is an effective aphrodisiac is wrong. The complexity of the problem of erectile dysfunction due to alcohol abuse lies in the reflex: a small volume provokes sexual desire, exacerbates arousal.

In addition to the conditioned reflex, there are several reasons:

  • alcohol relaxes, gives confidence;
  • with a small amount of some types (wine, liquor), the sensitivity of nerve endings is exacerbated;
  • problems fade into the background, it becomes possible to enjoy intimacy;
  • the duration of erection increases, ejaculation comes later, which increases self-esteem.

Dysfunction provoked by the abuse of ethyl alcohol is cumulative.

The impact of regular use

Dysfunction provoked by the abuse of ethyl alcohol is cumulative.

The frequency and amount of alcohol intake affects the sexual potential of men. The list of abuses includes:

  • regular use in small doses;
  • large volumes;
  • alcohol addiction.

small doses

The minimum dose of ethanol before intimacy makes sensations sharper, delays the onset of ejaculation. This effect leads to a desire to repeat a vivid experience, because of which a man, often without even cravings, can drink alcohol before intimate intercourse.

This works until normal functioning is disturbed in the body:

  • the liver will fail;
  • the pituitary and adrenal glands will reduce the secretion level;
  • decrease in testosterone levels
  • the ability to perform sexual intercourse will weaken;
  • the connection between the brain cells and the nerve endings of the penis will be disrupted.

Instead of acute pleasure, there is a feeling of weakness and impotence. This will negatively affect morale and worsen physical depression.

Alcohol in large quantities

Alcohol affects potency if the volume of alcohol consumed exceeds the normal dosage, but the negative effect does not occur immediately:

  • the first portions of alcohol will dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation and stimulate the release of serotonin in the brain;
  • this will lead to an increase in sex drive and increased self-confidence;
  • further alcohol intake leads to the opposite effect – the release of serotonin is blocked;
  • excitation is not felt at the level of receptors;
  • an erection may disappear regardless of arousal;
  • ejaculation or not or occurs prematurely.

Even a one-time excess of the permissible limit of alcohol can lead to failures.


Frequent drinking of alcohol, regardless of the amount, leads to alcoholism. As a result, impotence comes. Sexual desire and physical abilities disappear, self-doubt appears. By the patient himself, such deviations can be attributed to stress or the environment. These are also the top causes of sexual impotence. But if a man drinks constantly, other factors will fade into the background.

Symptoms of impotence

It is important to pay attention to the list of signs of alcoholic impotence:

  • disappears spontaneous manifestation of erection and nocturnal emission;
  • morning erection rarely occurs or disappears altogether;
  • there are no dreams of erotic content;
  • the sensitivity of the penis decreases;
  • ejaculation disorder;
  • orgasm from ejaculation disappears;
  • desire for sexual intimacy disappears.

If you do not pay attention to the fact that drinking alcohol gradually replaces the sexual life, impotence will go into a neglected state and it will be very difficult to treat.

Treatment of alcoholic impotence

The course of treatment of sexual impotence, provoked by the abuse of ethanol, is divided into two stages. In the first of them, the patient must completely get rid of the addiction. In the second – to restore erectile function.

Among the methods of getting rid of alcoholism, coding and the help of psychologists are widely used. Coding is considered an effective method if the patient is unable to cope with addiction.

After alcoholism recedes, the turn of restoration of intimate disturbances comes. To do this, use the complex:

  • medicines (vitamins and a course of stimulants);
  • diets;
  • giving up other bad habits (tobacco, drugs);
  • physical exercise.

It is important to avoid stress and get support from a partner.

The influence of alcohol after 50-60 years

The male age group over 50 is at high risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Stress, environmental factors, health problems undermine reproductive opportunities. Taking ethanol in this case increases the risk of impotence at times.

Given the health problems that develop after age 50, intermittent drinking is sufficient to cause dysfunction. The allowable dose of alcohol should be significantly less.

Age men are beginning to actively use stimulant pills (Viagra, Levitra and other names). Their combination with alcoholic beverages is undesirable.

Is it possible to have a positive impact?

In moderation, with significant intervals between doses, good grade alcohol has a positive effect on potency. 50-100 ml. red dry wine, twice a week, will support a man’s excellent shape and erectile ability.

Myths about coding

Among patients with alcohol cravings, there is an opinion that coding for alcoholism deprives a man of his sexual power.

The essence of the misconception is that the patient is stressed, not receiving the dose that has become necessary and not being part of the company. On this basis, the desire for sexual intimacy disappears. When the body is completely cleansed of toxins, and the desire to drink recedes, both libido and ability are restored.

Recovery of potency after alcoholism

The restoration of male strength after the cessation of drunkenness is gradual, different methods may be required:

  • help of a psychologist, independent attitude;
  • drug therapy in combination with folk remedies;
  • physical education, massage.

You can combine an independent mood with the intake of vitamins and stimulant drugs. Physical exercise will remove toxins, restore general condition and normalize the reproductive system.

The opinion of a narcologist

“Most of the incoming patients refuse to associate their alcoholism with impotence. Someone even comes up with the feedback: “I drink because I’m impotent.”

The modern generation of young men has an association: rest – drinking. Against the background of the rhythm of life, dependence is not noticed. When the real problems start, they are ignored for years.

If you have signs of addiction or the beginning of violations of the body, contact your doctor immediately. Impotence is far from the worst consequence of alcohol abuse.

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