How to store sex toys? Important Tips

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How to store sex toys? Important Tips

Every 7 families in Russia have sex products. More and more couples decide to buy intimate cosmetics or sex toys. But not everyone knows how to properly store such things. How to place them so that they serve for many years and do not change their properties? The rules are very simple.

Correct temperature

For the surface of sex products to remain perfect, the correct temperature is required. And it is important that it does not exceed 40 degrees and does not fall below +2. If the products are in other conditions, they do not fail immediately, just their service life is reduced. Therefore, do not leave objects in the heat or in the cold . And direct sunlight will be contraindicated. Temperature differences are not recommended. In an ordinary house, they are observed in the bathroom. And there is also increased humidity, which also does not improve materials. Therefore, it is worth removing sex products from such a room. 

Proper cleansing

You can not store sex toys not washed. On their surface there should not be grease or secretions after application. The product should be washed immediately after use so that bacteria do not develop on the surface. To clean, apply a mild soap or special cleaners.

After cleaning, it is better to remove the toy into a space where it will not be covered with dust . It can be a bedside table, a special cabinet. But it’s ideal to place each one in a special storage bag. It will protect from dirt and dust. 

Material Interaction

If two toys are placed side by side, their materials may react. This often happened with latex toys, they lost their properties or stuck with other materials. Modern materials are less whimsical, but it is still recommended to keep each sex toy separately . And again – this can be done by placing it in a separate bag or in a special case. Do not interfere with devices made of metal or glass. They can be washed with any solution, left in the sun and even in dirty places. It will be easy to clean them if there are no connecting seams or small parts. All other items made of silicone, PVC, TPE or TPR are best placed individually. 

Realistic Storage

There are materials very similar to human skin. They are gentle to the touch, soft and interesting. But they need special conditions. The surface during storage is poured with special talcum powder, it retains its properties. The need for the use of such compounds is written on the packaging. And talcum powder needs to be changed every 2-3 months, even if the toy is not used.

How to make talcum powder not crumble? A cover is used on the lock in which the device is located. At the same time, the bag can be washed and dried if it is used for a very long time. At the same time, talcum powder does not crumble during storage, does not stain everything around.

The perfect storage solution

Storage bags come with some sex toys . They are satin or velvet. They are ideally suited to the size of a particular toy, conveniently close. You can place any items in them. But what if there is no bag? There are special handbags for sex toys in which it is convenient to place your intimate accessories. Several companies release such things, most conveniently IntimShop models. Visually, they look like cosmetic bags. The material is not transparent, what’s inside – no one will guess. At the same time, the bag is on a convenient lock so that nothing gets inside. It is convenient to take a handbag for sex toys with you when traveling. It will fit everything you need. And there are different sizes of bags to fit both small things and giants. 

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