How to please yourself in quarantine? 5 interesting ways to masturbate

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How to please yourself in quarantine? 5 interesting ways to masturbate

Orgasm is an opportunity to relax, to be distracted. You can get it in the usual ways, but why not try new ones? They will become an alternative to the actions that have always been used. And some of the ideas can then be implemented with a loved one.

Masturbation is not a replacement for pair sex, it is the time it takes to recover. This is an opportunity to know yourself and relieve emotional stress. This does not need to be shy, but only the amount of self-satisfaction should not interfere with interaction with loved ones.

Exciting images

If you masturbate for porn, stop. Try to remove the visual image , replace it with something else. Ideally – an erotic story, there are a lot of them on the net. Or use imagination, come up with your own plot in your head. When there is no video, the focus is more on the sensations of the body. Each touch is felt intensely and interestingly. And although this is not the fastest method of masturbation, it is worth a try. 

Masturbation in the dark

Have you tried masturbating in a dark room? It is advisable not in the bedroom where you spend nights and the darkness is familiar, but somewhere else. For example, in the bathroom, but with the lights off. Again – better without video and other light sources . Complete darkness still does not happen, the eyes get used and the shape becomes noticeable. But all the same, caresses in such unusual conditions cause an interesting response in the body. Experience will definitely be remembered. 

Pleasure in the water

A bath or shower is a great place to masturbate. If you do not often indulge yourself with orgasms under running water, it is worth fixing it. Water is suitable for starting caresses, it is convenient to direct the stream to the genitals, changing the pressure intensity. To make it more convenient, the watering can from the shower should be removed.

Of course, it’s difficult to reach the final only with a stream of water, you will need to connect your hands at some stage. But in the water, everything will be different anyway. Silicone based grease can be added for hand massage. It is not washed off immediately, the slip is felt differently. When applying grease, you need to get out of the shower and remove moisture drops from the surface. The body should not be wet when smearing, otherwise the composition will be washed off very quickly.  

With a sex toy

Add a vibrator or masturbator to the process – this is a smart solution. His fluctuations can not be compared with ordinary sex or masturbation, it is different. It is especially interesting to use models with unusual functions or a relief that does not resemble a living body. This is an experience that gives a quick orgasm for the first time. But then with a sex toy it will turn out to delay the moment of pleasure, and this is interesting. Women are recommended to choose a vibrator with the maximum number of functions. Changing modes, you can try new sensations. Ripple, vibration, rotation will not be superfluous. Men are advised to buy a vibrator with an unusual insert. Let the action not be like a blowjob or anal, it is better to enjoy something unusual. And this effect is given by dozens of masturbators.    

With anal stimulation

Add to the caresses of the genitals also vibration in the area of ​​the anus. There are two ways to do this conveniently. The first is to place the vibrator between the buttocks. It is not necessary to introduce it into the anus, just lean against a tender area. Sometimes it’s convenient to use a vibrating bullet and just sit on it. This will “include” additional erogenous zones, expand the experience.

The second way is using a butt plug with vibration . It is introduced inside, and then vibrations are included. You can choose a model with a diameter of 1.5-2 cm in the widest part, it comes in easily, does not cause pain. There are models of traffic jams with which you can lie, walk and even walk, so you can masturbate in any position. 

Anal toys for masturbation

New methods of masturbation will give an unforgettable experience. They can be combined with each other, for example, use an anal vibrator and use it in the dark or under a shower. All this diversifies quarantine and allows entertaining yourself for a while.

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