Intimate muscle trainer

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Intimate muscle trainer

Women’s health is a complex, multicomponent system, one of its components is sexual health. It is important not only to monitor the absence of diseases or inflammation, but also to keep the state of intimate muscles in good shape.

A woman who pays attention to the health and quality of her intimate life has heard that the inguinal muscles need training, like any muscles in our body.

How to properly train intimate muscles, can it be done at home, what devices are needed for this? Only after carefully studying the theory, you can start classes.

Vumbilding – gymnastics of intimate muscles

The training of the vaginal muscles, designed to strengthen and control it, was called wumbling . Classes for intimate muscles are shown to all women who lead a sexual life. There are no age restrictions in classes, since it is not too early and not too late to start taking care of your health.

Strong trained vaginal muscles improve the functioning of the genitourinary system and the whole body, increase immunity, and improve mental health. Women who are confident in their sexual skills are transformed externally and internally, because they know that they can give their partner the highest pleasure.

How to conduct training correctly?

To do this, you need to do special gymnastics or use special simulators.

With their help, you can control the correct execution of classes, gradually increasing the load.

Some of the devices are even capable of transmitting information about the state of the muscles or the quality of the workout electronically.

Devices for training vaginal muscles come in several types: for beginners or experienced users, mechanical, pneumatic and electronic, time-tested or designed with the latest technology.

Types of devices for training the muscles of the vagina

Popular intimate muscle simulators for practicing at home are:

  • Kegel trainer;
  • vaginal balls;
  • laser trainer Kornev;
  • cargo simulator Nikitina;
  • “smart” muscle stimulator Elise .

Several types of Kegel simulators have been developed, as they are constantly being improved. This is the first vaginal muscle trainer that was designed for home workouts. Initially, his task was to solve urological problems: the elimination of urinary incontinence in women.

However, patients who practiced according to the method of Dr. Kegel noted that their urinary tract condition improved and their sexuality increased. The ability to control the muscles of the vagina helps to improve intimate life.

Until now, Kegel gymnastics and the Kegel simulator are considered standards in devices for training intimate muscles. They are prescribed by gynecologists and urologists to combat diseases of the genitourinary system of women, as well as to prevent their occurrence.

Sexologists and sexologists recommend them to their patients to improve intimate relationships. After training with a Kegel device, women experience the following health changes:

  • decreased nocturnal activity of the bladder;
  • urinary incontinence disappears;
  • the problem with the prolapse of the uterus and the prolapse of the vagina is solved;
  • the volume of the vagina decreases, it narrows;
  • improves blood circulation and lymph flow;
  • metabolism is normalized.

The use of the Kegel simulator regularly is a good prevention of most diseases of the female genitourinary system, including oncology.

Training at home according to the Kegel method or using its device will be an excellent preparation for pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, it will help to more easily endure the manifestations of menopause. You can do it at any convenient time, but it is better to do it at home.

You can use it yourself, of course, after consulting with your doctor.

Vaginal balls and their varieties

Another popular intimate muscle trainer that can be used at home and beyond is the vaginal balls. There are many varieties of these designs, but the most popular is Jade Eggs.

These are several balls in the form of eggs, of different sizes and weights, made of natural stone – jade. The choice of this breed is not accidental – it is jade that has an antibacterial effect, that is, it is able to prevent the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

This stone easily tolerates frequent temperature changes (boiling before use), without crumbling, without disintegrating, without losing its natural properties. Used jade eggs in ancient China, as well as Japanese girls preparing to become geishas.

Modern devices for training intimate muscles are made from special medical materials.

Such simulators cannot boast of a natural antibacterial effect, however, their use is absolutely safe for a woman’s intimate health.

Moreover, the use of vaginal balls in training helps prevent various diseases of the genitourinary system.

They have vaginal balls and contraindications. They are not recommended for use during pregnancy, during the period of feeding the baby, if there are gynecological diseases of an inflammatory nature or diseases requiring surgical intervention.

Therefore, before you start using this device, you should always consult with a specialist.

Laser trainer Korneva

This device is considered the main device for training the vaginal muscles. It is the best complement to Kegel exercises, if necessary. Kornev’s device is a rod ending in a sphere of small diameter (maybe 3 cm or 3.5 cm).

The other end of the rod is equipped with a laser pointer. It is very easy to apply this design.

Before use, it must be treated with an antibacterial drug (alcohol or a special gel) so as not to bring pathogenic microflora into the vagina. The simulator must be inserted into the vagina to the maximum allowable length.

Inside the device itself will take the correct position.
The task of the woman at this stage is to draw the pelvic muscles into herself as much as possible. The sphere at the end will rise up, move forward. The laser pointer at this time will show a dot on the wall.

The more the patient can tense up, the deeper the ball will penetrate. The laser dot will then lower. When the lady relaxes and the tension subsides, the point will rise up.

You can work with the Kornev apparatus in an upright position. In all other cases, the effectiveness of training with the device will be low. It is very difficult to use the device for beginners.

Cargo simulator Nikitina

Another device for ladies who already know how to train the muscles of the vagina or who want to improve their existing skills is Nikitina’s cargo simulator. Suitable for those patients in whom the strength of the vaginal muscles is developed so much that they are able to hold a certain weight.

The action of the device is based on reflexes. The design (it can be of two types: covered with stainless steel or silicone) is placed in the vagina, the woman gets up, starts to move.

When the device, obeying gravity, begins to fall out, the woman reflexively squeezes her muscles, trying to hold the device. Not every patient can perform exercises with the help of this device , but the effect of using the device is superior to all others.

With regular training, the health of not only the genitourinary system improves, but also the whole body, menstrual pain disappears. The cycle returns to normal due to the normalization of the hormonal background, menopause comes later, and is easier to bear.

If a girl worked out on Nikitina’s simulator before pregnancy, she easily bears the baby, childbirth will be faster. This device also helps in the treatment of female infertility.
The device can be used only on the recommendation of a doctor and under his regular supervision.

Elise smart trainer

There are several other types of training aids that have become popular in recent years. This is a pneumatic trainer and an Elise feedback trainer ( muscle stimulator Elise ).

The pneumatic simulator is a rather complicated device, but it is easy and very pleasant to use it at home. A special chamber is placed in the woman’s vagina, which is manually inflated with air (as when measuring pressure with a tonometer).

This is how the massage of the intimate muscles of the vagina is performed, which strengthens them. Also, the device allows you to improve the blood supply to the musculature of the small pelvis, to establish the functioning of the excretory system, to increase sensitivity during intimacy.

Myostimulator Elise is a “smart” device designed with modern technology. Its basis is the effect of low current frequencies on the muscles of the vagina. Stimulator chamber Elise is also administered intravaginally , through a special small computer, the current strength acting on each muscle of the intimate system is determined.

The Elise device shows the strength of the current, the strength of the muscle tension, and calculates the optimal training time. The effect of its use is the same as that of most similar devices for training intimate muscles, but it will not work to fix it for a long time.

This is the only minus of the simulator Elise , since no effort is required in this case, the muscles are trained weakly, and therefore the training effect does not last long. Also, the use of a myostimulator Elise will seem uncomfortable to those patients who have a low pain threshold: not every woman is pleased to feel the effect of the current.

In all other respects , the simulator Elise can be called an apparatus for the lazy. To practice, just press the button on the small monitor and wait for the results.

We looked at devices designed to strengthen a woman’s vaginal muscles.

With prolonged use of these devices, many ladies noted an improvement in the condition of the whole organism, but, above all, the intimate system.

In patients, the sensitivity of erogenous zones increases, the muscles of the pelvic floor are strengthened, and their blood supply improves. The use of special training devices contributes to the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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