Intimati is a cure for boring sex

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Intimati is a cure for boring sex

For almost a year Sveta lived in a state of expectation of the terrible and inevitable. An old and beloved work, a team that got used to the joint celebrations of the birth of babies. A five-year-old daughter, a quiet one, it’s a sin to complain about. And the husband. And here there was a huge gap, an abyss and a spiritual emptiness that suddenly formed after many years of living in the family harbor.

Please Sveta to your friends, you laughed, they say you are mad with fat. Seemingly ideal family, financially stable, clever husband and angel child. Holidays in Turkey, trendy clothes and a glass of Chardonnay on Fridays. No, this cannot be told to friends, they will not understand, twirl a finger at the temple. And so I carried within myself the experiences, tearing from the inside, eating up another portion of nerve cells every day.
And everything was as simple as difficult. Sveta’s stormy romance with her husband quickly led to the wedding. A couple in love could not tear themselves away from each other for days, polishing all surfaces in the area. The head was dizzy from the wild amount of endorphins with oxytocin, Sveta did not walk, but flew, barely touching the ground with her shoes.
The result of love was a daughter, so similar to Sveta in childhood. During pregnancy, the ardor of the young has calmed down a little, sex has become calm, more tender and sensual. Having become even closer in anticipation of a miracle, the couple spent their evenings hugging each other under a movie and ice cream. Even a growing tummy could not prevent you from enjoying your favorite pastimes.
After the birth of my daughter, vanity and worries swallowed up headlong. The first and desired child caused a lot of questions, lack of sleep and anxiety. Therefore, they remembered about sex only after the celebration of the daughter’s two months. Zealously fulfilling the doctor’s prescriptions, Sveta could not even think about what was possible earlier. But how to start and what you will experience, the hospital did not tell. It was scary. What’s inside is not the same as before. That the body has changed after a huge load. How the husband will behave when milk is poured on him during sex. And the worst thing is, does the husband want the same as before.

No one told Sveta about the intimate life after childbirth, and mothers’ forums were teeming with horror stories. And nothing, except for the thought of leaving for a monastery, did not inspire.
But time passed and sex came. Not the same as before, in a completely different form. The newly minted parents continued to fulfill their duty, but less often, not finding time from lack of sleep and piling up problems. There was no desire to change and update. Find the strength to crawl to bed.
That the situation took on an unpleasant shade, Sveta realized only three years after the birth of her daughter. Sex has become a mandatory program twice a week. According to a long-established scheme. Morning kiss, evening hug and sleep. As corny as it is boring.
Sveta’s jealousy woke up. Always confident in her husband, she began to make scandals. How, if she does not get attention, then she gives it to another! The husband listlessly dismissed it, but no more attention was paid. Sveta, an adherent of family values, did not know what to do. Doubt and discord grew stronger inside. The once sexy lighter turned into a gurgling cludge. That could not please anyone.
The days were gray and mundane. They got married around, had children, got divorced just as casually and again in a circle. Another girlfriend in a state of unicorns in pink clouds invited Sveta to a bachelorette party. “At least some variety,” Sveta thought, and slowly began to select a cocktail dress for the party. She was never averse to flashing a perfectly preserved figure. There was a light flair of freedom, the last day of licentiousness and bachelor recklessness in bachelorette parties.
On the appointed day, Sveta called the apartment of Katya’s friend. In addition to her, nine more closest friends and relatives were to come. Katya met in high spirits, a playful red dress, revealing long, seductive legs. In the hands – a glass of champagne, in the eyes – shine. The girls chirped merrily as they discussed their upcoming wedding and honeymoon in the Caribbean. Sveta sighed, remembered her triumph and feelings that overwhelmed her loving carefree self. And then the doorbell rang. Everyone looked up in surprise at Katya – they didn’t expect anyone else. And Katya, mysteriously looking at her friends, briskly jumped up and ran to open the door. A beautiful woman entered, rolling a large pink suitcase behind her. The girls, more and more not understanding what was happening, took a sip of champagne. It turned out that the bride decided not to simply celebrate the last day in the status of a free woman, but with a twinkle and benefit. And she invited a consultant sexologist to conduct Intimati. The next two hours passed like a pleasant moment. A sexologist revealed women’s secrets of how to diversify a fading sex life with the help of sex gadgets, erotic lingerie and extraordinary aromas. She told how to take care of toys, which ones are best to start with, if this is the first experience. She showed unusual massage candles and talked about the intricacies of seduction. The girls vying with each other asked questions and constantly felt something, smelled and crumpled. So they were new to the world of intimate goods. The tightness disappeared, a sparkle appeared in the eyes, and Sveta finally understood what they lacked with her husband. And at the end of the meeting I bought myself a couple of things, from the thought of which goosebumps ran. Friends, too, did not get lost and bought gadgets based on their sexual preferences. Six months have passed. Sveta remembered the lessons of a sexologist and, as an excellent student, did them regularly. Sex with my husband has not only changed, it has become completely different. It has a game, an element of surprise and at times a different woman (thanks to the role-playing costumes). Sveta wanted more and more, but who would refuse the pleasure? Soon they will fly on vacation, leaving their daughter with her beloved grandmother. And they themselves will be engaged in strengthening the family. And Sveta already knew what she would take with her … 

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