25 male mistakes in sex

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25 male mistakes in sex

Men like to be leaders so that their opinions are considered, and, of course, they have a sense of perfection and infallibility. This applies to all aspects of life, including sex. But here everything is a little different, and it is especially important for every member of the stronger sex to remain a real gentleman in bed.

But many are so passionate about their importance and the role of connoisseurs of women’s hearts that they sometimes even make unforgivable mistakes, which we will now tell about, so that knowing and avoiding them, you could become a real hero lover for a lady of the heart. 

1. Unkempt appearance 

Tidiness is important, even though you have to undress. After all, girls also want to receive reciprocity, and so that their chosen one also paid attention to his appearance. He picked up beautiful stylish clothes, looked after the hair, looked after the nails, etc.

2. Sweaty and dirty 

Here we are talking about hygiene and how much attention the gentleman pays to this issue. Therefore, you do not just need to come home sweaty and unwashed, throw yourself at a woman, spreading not quite fragrant pheromones around the apartment.

3. Nails and hands 

Or rather, their condition. Women are very sensitive and sensitive to their intimate health. Well, a rough finger or a long nail gives them shock and panic when you are about to touch their clitoris or tender breasts. It is not necessary to visit beauty salons, you just need to regularly cut your nails and use cosmetic hand cream.

4. Complaints and dissatisfaction 

Yes, each of us may not be happy with everything in sex with a specific partner. But this is not a reason to “turn on” the offended boy or to show that he didn’t like everything so much. It would be right to be correct and discuss it later, showing tact, attention and wisdom that women so appreciate.

5. Sex during menstruation 

For many couples, this is quite acceptable and they do not deny themselves pleasure even on such days. However, in some ways, men with an insatiable sexual appetite are assertive and even rude. However, it should be understood that if a woman denies you intimacy, then there is no need to argue with this, because for her it is not only a physical, but also an emotional load.

6. Role playing or BDSM relationships 

Men, we conjure you – such games are not a reason to demonstrate your brute strength. The main principle of such a relationship is do no harm. Therefore, do not force events, and learn how to make adequate blows with a palm or a whip so that your girl screams not from pain, but from special pleasure.

7. Time, place and circumstances 

Make your meeting conducive to intimate communication. Clean up the house or rent a cozy hotel, create a light romantic, treat the girl with something refined, etc. But, at the same time, avoid platitudes.

8. Preludes 

Everyone knows about them and a lot has been said about them. However, many men, despite this, with the stubbornness of an Aries continue to ignore them. After all, this is a direct path to the heart and soul of any woman. Mutual affection will help her to relax, get excited, tune in the appropriate mood, etc. For which she will undoubtedly reward you with the most passionate and vivid sex, being ready to fulfill any whim.

9. Excessive head

Sex is not a competition, and you shouldn’t be overly active or sprinting. Excessive activity is not an indicator of your temperament. Most likely evidence of inexperience. Therefore, always try to listen and understand your partner. And she will definitely answer you a hundredfold!

10. Lack of respect 

Even if a woman quickly surrendered to your charm and agreed to sex, this does not mean that you can treat her dismissively and not care about her pleasure. Believe me, in this case, the first sex can be the last. Instead, study her body, erogenous areas, choose the right rhythm, and of course don’t go to bed right after you’ve done your job!

11. Sexy lingerie

Who said that only the fair sex should look sexy and delight men with their seductive appearance? No! Here everyone is equal and in the same position. Then why don’t men look into a sex shop and buy themselves erotic lingerie, which will give a lot of pleasure and excite a partner better than any foreplay? Moreover, some models (and especially erotic thongs) not only look impressive, but also visually increase the dimensions of manhood. Didn’t one of the men want to make a special impression on a woman? Moreover, if this is the first date. 

12. Contraceptives

Yes, children are the joy of our life. But not all girls are ready to acquire an heir in the coming months, or to have health issues. Moreover, if the sex is one-time or casual. Therefore, dear men, do not forget to wear a condom. This will serve as an excellent evidence of your responsibility, which will undoubtedly play into your hands, and will help to relax the woman, without forcing her to constantly think about the consequences of a stormy night.

13. Woman is not a toy

Sex is an occupation that requires at least 2 participants, each of whom naturally intends to get some pleasure from it, and each is on an equal footing. Therefore, if you do not want your first night with the desired young lady not to be the last, you should not consider her as a sex doll. In other words, you need to take into account not only your desires, but first of all her!

14. Role-playing games

There is no doubt that role-playing games are enjoyable, exciting and interesting. In addition, according to statistics from sexologists, most women secretly dream about rough sex, and to have it. But, the key word here is GAMES, and therefore, in this case, you do not need to be too proactive and tug your partner’s hair without asking before that, does she like it? Respect her and your reputation as a skilled lover.  

15. Indifference

Yes, you are a macho, and a real lover hero who managed to make many women happy, and you know a lot about sex. But this does not give you the right (even with not very good, in your opinion, sex) to give your assessment of what happened. After all, the girl could feel uncomfortable, worry, or simply be inexperienced in this regard, although at the same time she had great potential.

16. Rhythm

Perhaps you can perform frictions at the same pace as a sex machine, and are used to literally driving your penis into a woman’s bosom like a jackhammer. But, did you find out what she likes the most, and what gives you special pleasure? Believe me, all women are different, and if one likes it when she feels alone with the tireless and temperamental “rabbit”, then the other enjoys and approaches orgasm from smooth and delicate movements.

17. Intimate haircut

Today, about 98% of women have a bare bikini area, which undoubtedly excites their partners, who are known to “love with their eyes.” Well, have you, men, thought about the fact that the same thing can be pleasant, and moreover, give special pleasure to your partner? Agree, your lady of the heart, it will be much more pleasant to give you a blowjob, or even more anilingus , if nothing tickles her face and her hair does not get stuck between her teeth. Moreover, it is at least a matter of hygiene. And you just have to decide – a shaving machine, shugaring or laser hair removal.

18. Chest

Yes, the breasts are undoubtedly one of the most erogenous areas of the body. And not only in women, breasts also apply to male erogenous zones. However, at the same time, we implore all representatives of the stronger sex to know in all measure, and not to squeeze, or even more so to bite or gnaw on the nipples of their partner with violent force! This delicate area has a different sensitivity for every woman, so first find out what she likes. But in any case, everything is good in moderation, and you need to remember that on the body of each person there are many other erogenous areas that also need caress and stimulation. 

19. Oak oak

Did you think that the expression “log in bed” only applies to girls? Don’t be naive! Even when a woman takes on an active role and, for example, is in a riding position, then you should not lie down and think “great”. Do not lose the initiative, swing your hips in time to her movements, caress your chest with your hands, say pleasant words, etc. Believe me, you will get much more than you gave!

The same goes for iminet . Even if you lie on your back and enjoy oral sex, do not forget to at least make at least some sounds (but without replaying), and show your partner that you are pleased and you are still alive. This will help her be even more confident and try to give you maximum pleasure.

20. “Are you good?”

Such a question, on the one hand, may seem like a manifestation of concern for the pleasure of your partner. However, in reality everything is exactly the opposite. This can lead a woman out of the immersion in the field of pleasure, make her think, and even deprive her of the opportunity to get an oncoming orgasm. It’s better to talk about this later. 

21. Sexual positions

There are two extremes in this moment. Some men with fanatical obstinacy and determination will “love” their woman in one position, even for an hour. Others will not miss the opportunity to show off their erudition and “experience”, and will twist and turn a woman every minute. Both are extreme and a big mistake. And the main thing here is to find a middle ground. Finding her is easy. To do this, it is enough just to feel your partner and echo her. Or just find out about her preference for diversity in this matter simply by asking about it. Having talked heart to heart, you can easily pick up sex positions that are equally pleasant for both the guy and the girl.  

22. Lighting

The intimate atmosphere is intimate, since it implies a certain mystery, mystery and intrigue. Yes, everyone knows that men “love with their eyes”, but not everyone likes a woman when their nudity is closely examined as if it were another appointment with a gynecologist. Show patience, and after a few intimate dates, the girl will become more relaxed, confidential, and will not mind you having sex with her even when the sun is at its zenith.

23. Cunnilingus

Try to avoid the kind of “scout” who, as if from an ambush, watches the woman and her reaction to your actions. This is very annoying. Instead, it is better to admire the picturesque view of the female womb that opens up to you and enjoy.

24. Objectivity

Do not overestimate your abilities and do not think that you a priori made a woman happy with your presence here and now. Each representative of the fair sex (like any person) is individual. And if for one girl you are the limit of perfection, doesn’t that mean? that the other you can give even a little bit of pleasure. Therefore, instead of singing praises to yourself, it is better to listen to the woman. Find out about her tastes, priorities, and preferences.

25. Shower after

Yes, hygiene is great, it adds points to your karma. But you don’t need to run there immediately after sex. It will look ugly and offensive for a woman, as if you all the time and dreamed about how to wash off all the “evidence” of what happened. Well, the ideal option is to take water procedures together, and thus once again enjoy each other, because there are many positions for sex in the bathroom or shower. 

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