Morning or evening sex – which is more useful

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Morning or evening sex – which is more useful

Relationship. And we know that between just sleeping and sleeping together – what’s the difference! But men and women react differently not only to the presence of a bed partner, but also want to have sex at different times of the day.

Research data: the time difference of passion

When it comes to passion in the bedroom, it turns out that women are almost always “owls”, while men prefer the morning approach. Studies conducted for five years by manufacturers of products for adults have shown that women most often want sex at 23:21, but the optimal time for the passion of men is more than 15 hours earlier – at 7:54, that is, immediately after sleep. While men feel on the rise, at this moment only 11% of women can be the most passionate. Their level of sexual arousal increases during the day and reaches its peak between 23:00 and 2:00 after midnight. But only 16% of men want to make love right before they go to bed.

The most important factor in choosing the time for sex is the coincidence of biorhythms. “Lark” is suitable for morning sex, and “owls” is preferable to have sex in the evening and at night. It is very important that the mismatch of biorhythms does not cause discord. Therefore, often someone from a couple has to make sacrifices and adjust their temporary habits, maintaining a healthy sex life – after all, both partners feel animated at different times. In terms of statistics, 68% of women and 63% of men meet and live with someone whose sexual activity differs from their own.

Advantages of evening sex: is it true that women are “owls”?

Despite the fact that most men want to have sex from 6 to 9 am, and most women want it from 11 pm to 2 am, the next most popular block of time for both sexes is from 9 pm to 11 pm, when the biorhythms of men and women are the same. This is understandable: from the point of view of physiology, both partners increase the level of testosterone, which causes craving. That is, a woman already wants sex, and a man, as it were, is always off, so why not make love?

Evening and night sex is devoid of many distractions. It is more time consuming, leisurely, soothing. The quality of sex is more influenced by psychological, rather than physiological factors. A man needs time to warm up properly, so there is a place for romantic moments that give maximum pleasure to both partners.

Like at any time of the day, sex is an exercise stress on the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. At the time of orgasm, both partners receive a powerful charge of oxytocin, endorphins, prolactin and other hormones. The body seems to be saturated with sex, and then comes peace, tranquility and good sleep (a nice bonus). And finally, sex in the evening and at night is ideal in terms of hygiene. Both partners have already managed to visit the bathroom, so they are clean, fragrant with toothpaste and do not rush to the bathroom with the bladder that is full during the night.

But the full excitement at this time of day is possible only if both partners are relaxed, the head is not occupied with anything. A daily life of a city dweller adds stress and fatigue, which can affect the quality of proximity. A day at work, in the morning and in the evening is a road, home affairs with children and a husband, who after a working day for some reason managed to watch the release of evening news. It is not surprising that in the evening on weekdays, sex is obtained without a twinkle, as if marital debt is actually being performed.

And maybe better in the morning?

The dark time for sex is the usual, traditional notion that once a man and a woman went to bed, it would be possible before falling asleep … But what prevents this from being done in the morning when rested after eight hours of sound sleep and while free from stress, are you and your partner already lying together in a warm bed? The man testosterone at the peak and sexual desire reaches its maximum – it can be seen and felt, especially if you have slept back to him. Consciousness is not yet completely free from sleep, the head is not “involved” in all the problems of the day, the bodies are so warm and close. By eight in the morning, a man and a woman again have a coincidence in biorhythms, so why not take advantage of this pleasant opportunity for intimacy?

Morning sex is a great alternative to morning jogging or dumbbells. Involves all muscle groups, including internal. Sex is energetic and hot. He is quite capable of replacing (and it will be even much better for the body) a cup of strong coffee. Blood circulation is improved, breathing is activated, the work of the heart and blood vessels is improved, pressure is normalized and even morning headache can disappear. Morning sex helps to concentrate attention all day. Do not forget about the hormones of joy: in the end, how nice to come out with a glitter in the eyes of the house, and not just rush with a gloomy look on business! Of course, there are also arguments against: not enough time, it is better to sleep a bit longer, I want to go to the toilet in the morning, I have to feed my family, get the children to school, run to work, but what about the smell from the mouth. And so on.

So get ready for morning sex … from the evening. Instead of annoying melody alarm clock, put the phone on the vibration and put it under the pillow. Get up a little early to have time to visit the toilet, while your partner (sha) is still half asleep, take a shower from the evening, and after sex you will still go there again. The issue of breath is solved by breathing spray. Wake each other gently with kisses and strokes: the man is ready, but the woman still needs to be excited. Pleasant words in a whisper in my ear, even if you are awake. 5-7 minutes – and you can speed up (so as not to be late for work). And if time is running out for a while, then why shouldn’t the two of them go into the shower, in order not only to wash themselves, but also have sex?

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