Practice anal sex

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Practice anal sex

In order to have anal sex, you need preparation: mental and physical. For many years it was believed that it was harmful, but in fact it can be beneficial for the health of men and women.

Myths and prejudices are mainly based only on the fact that the rectum is still not a sexual organ.

Thinking about anal sex

Psychological preparation includes the formation of the right attitude for yourself and your partner, setting goals, explaining to your partner and yourself why this is necessary and what risks it involves – bringing intuitive knowledge to the level of consciousness, their explanation and acceptance. Refusal of anal sex, if the partner understands that this diversity is really important – a reason to find deep psychological reasons, solve the problem, strengthen relationships. Physical training also requires attention and time.

Different sizes – is happiness possible?

There are many differences between the rectum and the vagina, but there are also similarities. The average length of the vagina is 8-12 cm. The length of the rectum for both men and women is 14-18 cm. Thus, the length is the first cardinal difference.

And this is one of the main advantages that people who love each other, with mismatched genitals, have. The vagina consists of muscles, has elasticity, can stretch in length and width. The rectum is less elastic. The average penis length is 13-15 cm.

During intercourse, there is a stretching of the vagina, massage of the uterus, not only stimulation of her cervix. During anal sex in men, attention and sensations are dispersed, the concentration in the head of the penis is reduced, the range of feelings is greater, but the sensations of women are personal, depending on individual characteristics. The difference between sensations during classical intercourse and anal intercourse is great and significant.

A small penis can destroy a man’s self-esteem, a long penis can destroy a woman’s body. The longest penis is considered to be 33.5 cm long, 15 cm in girth. This is an officially recorded record. In anal sex, men with an incredibly large penis have more options than vaginal. Although caution is still required, there is more freedom.

When the penis is of modest size, without a strong erection of the vagina, interesting positions and bold experiments are indispensable. Anal sex will solve many problems of men with modest penis size, will give more pleasure. Regardless of the size, it is important that the partner wants to satisfy the partner, takes care of his pleasure, but still does not forget about security measures.

With the inaccurate introduction of a large penis into the vagina or rectum, ruptures, blood loss, and death are possible without urgent medical intervention. Here the difference between them is small. The easiest way to avoid this is always special penis rings.

Change the size of the genitals

Most often, the penis remains the same for life. Postures, prelude, experiments can solve many problems. With the help of funds, it can be increased. Also, plastic surgery will come to the aid of those who want to change themselves, their genitals, both for women and men.

But plastic surgery will not replace that courage, impudence, joy from sexual victories, when he is looking for answers to the mysteries of nature, looking for love, sincerity, understanding, health, abstracts from his genitals, reopens them.

Get used to penis size

What is the longest vagina? People have never really thought about this and it’s not surprising, because this organ gradually changes throughout life. But what it is – the anus that easily admits the penis into itself has always been interesting. In ancient times, lesbianism and homosexuality were 100% socially acceptable.

But in the 20th and 21st centuries, it was not homosexuality that became the source of the popularity of anal sex, but the imbalance of the genital organs and their racial conditioning, interest in cultural and historical traditions in sex among different peoples.

A lot of poses, sex toys will help partners adjust to each other, break stereotypes, enjoy the genitals to the maximum.

After childbirth, the vagina becomes wider, less elastic, attractive, needs careful attention from the woman, sometimes in the rehabilitation period, special exercises.

The vagina can be artificially stretched in length and width. However, it must be done carefully, because wrong actions can provoke the development of the disease, such as prolapse of the uterus, for example, and not only. The rectum is not particularly stretched, you can only increase the width of the entrance. Its length is an individual feature of the body, each person has its own.

With frequent anal sex, consequences are also possible, such as impaired motility of the muscles of the rectum, problems with digestion, defecation, and mucous membranes. If discomfort arises, it is better to stop the partner, pause for a while or end the experiment.

Clitoral , uterine, anal orgasm

To engage in anal sex, you need the desire of a partner. It’s hard to admit. As a man sometimes looks for a way to tell about his dream, longing desire and does not dare, so a woman can be embarrassed.

Anal is a leap into the unknown, a wonderful journey that is sometimes impossible. It is often called harmful and for good reason. Dangers and risks do exist, they cannot be ignored or denied.

It is important to understand the partner’s position if anal sex is denied. It is important to understand the meaning of refusal and decide whether to continue seducing or forget about this venture. The dangers and risks of anal sex for men and women are not so much biological hazards and risks as psychological ones.

It is known that the formation of human sexuality begins in childhood. It is part of the personality, the so-called libido. Libido in psychology is psychic energy, the energy of life. Every person in childhood learns social norms, rules of personal hygiene.

How to go to the toilet correctly is one of the wisdoms. Farewell to her occurs during anal sex. It evokes strong emotions. Understanding is also connected with the anus: nothing lasts forever, life will someday end.

A woman may experience more pleasure from anal sex than from vaginal. However, the large intestine cannot replace the vagina, take over its functions, it is not a sexual organ.

Starting a sexual relationship with anal sex, not paying due attention to the caresses of the external genital organs during it is sometimes a wrong decision. A man sometimes just wants to relax, feel the peculiarities of the large intestine, the shaft of the penis, experience the joy of involuntary ejaculation. Women’s sexuality, sensory experience can suffer from this.

If a woman experiences mostly clitoral , uterine orgasm, she is still unfamiliar or unusual, which often, alas, happens, achieving it after anal sex is twice as difficult as before.

If a man is ready to try, and a woman is ready to take a risk, perhaps all that is needed is a minimum knowledge of human anatomy, the structure of the large intestine.

When the clitoral orgasm and the uterine are familiar, you should not hesitate, put off invaluable experience for later. There are many benefits to anal sex, not only for men, but also for women.

The structure of the rectum

Anal sex toys are not in vain, as are lubricants . Once they were not, but there were improvised means with which they were replaced. Using improvised means is too dangerous. It is important to know theoretically what the rectum is.

It is important to know in practice what it is. Toys for anal masturbation are needed not only for a man and his prostate. With the help of toys, you can combine the pleasure of clitoral , uterine and anal orgasm in women.

Toys in bed for a woman are a triple pleasure. With the help of a toy, a woman can easily explore her anus on her own, understand herself, reveal her sensuality.

Alas, directly in the anus itself, women do not have erogenous zones, unlike the anus in men, only sensitive areas. Only the partner’s penis, toys, emotional attachment, erotic fantasy will give pleasure.

It is more difficult for a woman to do anal masturbation than for a man – there is a difference between a penis and a dildo. However, this also happens.

However, the imagination is not always so developed and it may take some time to become aware of the rectum and your pleasure. Usually the erogenous zone is just the entrance to the anus, the area of the sphincters. If you use toys on your own, you can remove psychological barriers, reduce the level of emotional stress.

Anal can be a health hazard.

  • Firstly, the rectum is not quite straight and sharp frictions can damage it.
  • Secondly, there is no lubrication in it, as in the vagina, there are nerve endings, again unlike it, and, accordingly, sex can hurt.
  • Thirdly, a strong spasm is possible, and in this case, without antispasmodic drugs, the intervention of doctors is indispensable.

Such a spasm is also possible during vaginal sex, although it has its own specifics, it is known as vaginismus.

Exploration of the anus with toys, fingers, caresses allow you to focus on pleasure. The fact that there are bacteria, microbes in the rectum that cause some specific diseases of the genitourinary system if you have anal sex is a myth. If they are present in the rectum, they will soon be present in the vagina.

The microflora of the rectum is slightly different in composition than the microflora of the remaining mucous membranes, but is not harmful. The anus, the entrance to the anus, is formed by two sphincters – rings of muscles.

One sphincter is located at the very beginning, actually at the entrance, the second is located a little deeper. The habit of inserting sex toys into the anus, the habit of being close to the size of the partner’s penis, will significantly reduce the risk of spasms, the risk of developing problems with rectal motility in women.

In the case of anal sex, motor skills will be unnatural, reversed. A low level of emotion when inserting a toy rather than a penis can be a source of self-confidence and pleasure.

Preparation for anal sex often hints at the use of an enema to cleanse the rectum. But this does not make much sense, since this area of \u200b\u200bthe large intestine ensures the removal of digested food from the body. There is no feces as such in it, it is not stored there, only minor contamination is possible.

The technique of anal sex is a continuous experiment. There is no concept in love, the technique of anal sex. There are no rules in sex, there are taboos. Caresses have always helped and are helping to overcome them.

Caresses in the anus, friction in the buttocks, insertion of fingers, insertion of only the head of the penis, ejaculation – all this will be an excellent reason to put secret pleasure in the first place, build a trusting relationship, justify trust. And it doesn’t matter from which of the partners the initiative came.

It can be favorite caresses, a favorite variety in sex for women, although the initiative should come from the stronger sex. There are many nerve endings in the anus, and the surface of the buttocks is also sensitive. An erotic penetration fantasy may or may not be present.

Anal orgasm in women is a reality, it is not only the pleasure of men, despite the fact that the anatomy does not imply the presence of a prostate. It is important to remember this, experiment, use the genitals, enjoy them.

Might need to take a strapon

Strap-on is an indispensable thing when a woman loves a woman and not only. It allows the weaker sex to understand the meaning of frictions . A strap-on is a male tool, a dildo and straps, thanks to which it is securely fixed on the hips. This is one of the best, classic tools for learning sexuality in practice, empirically. The strap-on , a male instrument, greatly expands the possibilities of sensory experience.

Erotic fantasy knows no bounds. And in anal sex strapon , a male tool can also come in handy, at least for double penetration.
There is an opinion that a strapon , a male tool, is not needed for an anally insertion when it comes to same-sex female love. Sometimes such a stereotype impoverishes the sexuality of the libido, it is characteristic of the lesbian herself.

The act of defecation is an intimate personal experience, like frictions . The act of defecation is associated with a very strong emotional stress, very strong emotions, which are often not recognized by a person at all.

And yet they are, they can interfere, spoil life. A strap -on, a male instrument inserted anally , will sometimes help to unlock this potential . To offer a partner a strapon , a male instrument, and with it an interesting experience, your erotic fantasy is sometimes more than reasonable, appropriate.

Anal for the weaker sex, due to the fact that pleasure is limited by the absence of a prostate, is more valuable from the point of view of the brain. Biological prerequisites are not so important. Strap-on , male tool, anal insertion and lesbianism is a great combination.

If there is no such experience yet, it may be time to think about acquiring it.
Strapon , male tool, anal insertion is also a great opportunity for partners to explore their bisexuality. But it is necessary that a strap -on, a male instrument, really exists.

Prohibitions in sex allow a person to control his life and the energy of life, guarantee freedom of will, choice and responsibility.

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