Sex at once: how acceptable is it?

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Sex at once: how acceptable is it?

Some girls believe that sex at one time is something immoral. Such an opinion has the right to life. The only problem is that everything in this life is relative. It remains only to find out how much. 

This question arises before you when you see your “child”, so to speak, for the first time. And it is possible that in the last. This is especially true for online dating.

Why am I? Agree, on a date “live” often find out very interesting details. It’s like a job interview: people look at each other before making a decision. So, in what situations can sex be justified once?

Situation No. 1. Outwardly, you like him, but inwardly … In general, “he was late in line for the brain.” If you can’t meet the beautiful, the smart and the rich right away, why not enjoy it all at least in parts?  

Situation number 2. Somehow it happened. Yes, it does. The brain turns off … And in general – the one who does nothing is not mistaken. Lying nearby in a tent or on a bed. Or not quite on the bed. In general, someone’s playful hands went very far. The next morning we woke up and forgot. And anyway, you have a guy who doesn’t need to know about it at all.  

Situation No. 3. Victim of deception. But with some interspersed truths. like that: you find out that he already has a girlfriend, wife, lover. Underline whatever applicable. And he somehow forgot to tell you about this. In general, building a relationship does not make sense. Just think, it wasn’t really necessary.  

Situation number 4. You just from the very beginning did not want a serious relationship. You had to forget, or is it your lifestyle called “free woman”. 

Situation No. 5. You were counting on something more. In other words, he turned out to be a loser, a disabled person or just a fool and all day told how everything is bad with him or why no one loves him. And you decided … out of pity. Well, nothing happens. 

Situation No. 6. Sex in a friendly manner. You were friends almost from the cradle, and then this fool admitted that he was “basting you” and brought in his teeth an armful of hay (“a million red roses”). But here again , a dual situation. Like in the fairy tale about Cinderella or The Little Mermaid. Either one or the other. In other words, getting a lover, you automatically lose a friend. Therefore, the option to “sleep and forget” will not work. Think – is it necessary? Maybe just send it?     

Situation number 7. Just for health. This is when there is no suitable guy nearby to create a marriage, a family. Well, or I just don’t want to burden myself with these worries for now. (The apartment is not bought, youth is not lived, or in general, you are a clinical child-free …) Something like that. In short, I have not decided yet. 

What do we have in the end.

Of the pros

Have a good time. Unless, of course, he is a maniac, not a drug dealer and does not want to take you to Europe “for work”.

Of the minuses

You’ll have to think with your “brains” before getting into someone’s bed. And – yes! – be protected. Still, you’re not a man; you won’t put a child back in your stomach. Even kicking. Verified by monster husbands who beat their wives in this way. And the abortion … did you see the movie “Juneau”? Take a look.  

PS In general, having sex at once is like going through Supermario to Dandy. It is possible, but only carefully. The main thing is not to pick up any red mushrooms and not run into a turtle. I think you understand what I mean. Good luck. 

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