SW, aka Sexwife as a relationship concept

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SW, aka Sexwife as a relationship concept

Planned cheating by agreement with a partner … A strange combination of words, isn’t it?

Planned cheating by agreement with a partner … A strange combination of words, isn’t it? For a person with traditional views, it is almost blasphemous, a newborn of the 20th century. But is what we are talking about really new?

From the depths of centuries. Share with me shelter, bread and … wife

For a long time there was a custom among a number of peoples, according to which their woman was brought to the guest’s bedroom. This right to the owner’s wife or daughter, prescribed by the traditions of hospitality, was part of the rites of introducing a stranger into the community and also included the exchange of blood and weapons.

The right to spend the night with your woman was equal to an invitation to a joint meal. Sexual hospitality was based on the principle of reciprocity, camaraderie, and was not equated with prostitution (there was no search for material gain).

Today’s day. SW Doctrine

What is SW?

SW ( sex wife , from English. sexy wife is a married woman who has intimate relationships with other men with the permission or filing of her husband.

Types of SW contacts

There are several options for such relationships:

  • Intimacy with a strange man in the presence of a husband who watches the act.
  • The husband actively participates in the wife’s sexual intimacy with another.
  • A woman meets strangers without her husband, and then provides him with an account of her sex. As a “trophy” the wife can send a video. The main thing is that this proof of the planned betrayal should give the husband a sharpness of feelings.

The format of what happens in the life of this woman depends on the preferences of the spouse.


  1. The rule of double morality: “You can cheat on your husband, but you can’t cheat on your wife” must be refuted. A woman of temperament, dreaming of new partners, has the right to satisfy her libido.
  2. Sex with other men is not a crime, but a right to happiness.
  3. Sexual intercourse of a wife with other people is a pleasure for her husband. In such a relationship, the wife’s physical intimacy with another is the husband’s boundless love, and his consent is his concern for her complete satisfaction.
  4. Sexwife is the pride of the husband. Europe respects the sw -woman for the freedom to be herself, and her husband for a wide, loving heart. The fact that it is their wife who awakens the envy and lust of others gives rise to pleasure in them. Such men unite in communities. The husband, as a rule, together with his wife chooses the best men for sex, and the grateful sexwife , after spending time with wonderful lovers, still returns to her husband, because he is the best (and what kind of person is he, if he cares so much about his wife) and dear . For this concern, he will receive great tenderness from his wife.
  5. A sexwife husband is a faithful, loving husband with a public wife who, with other men, becomes another woman, which brings novelty to relationships.

How it works? His wife is in demand, she receives a lot of compliments, attention, begins to monitor her appearance and flourishes. A bright wife, the dream of many, causes a much-needed testosterone surge in her husband.

How do sexwifes become husbands , and who is a cuckold ?

An unusual woman must have an unusual man. This woman has become out of the box, because the man nearby is extravagant in preferences and shocking in manifestations … Who are they, these men?

  1. There is a type of man who enjoys cheating on his wife.
  2. The husband, for a number of objective reasons: due to temporary or complete impotence, is not able to satisfy his wife.
  3. A spouse with a significant age difference is looking for variety.
  4. The husband cannot realize all the desires of his wife and allows them to be embodied with others.

So what is the name of this man who provides his wife with lovers? Meet cuckold .

The word ” cuckold ” has two possible etymological histories:

  1. “cuckold”, “wearing horns” – a husband whose wife is cheating.
  2. from cock – member and old – old , that is, inactive.

The first meaning comes from the legend that there was a parade in which the husband was forced to wear horns as a symbol of his wife’s infidelity.

There is another opinion about why men who were cheated on by their wife were called cuckolds. The emperor of Byzantium, Andronicus Komnenos , allowed the husbands of his mistresses to hunt in his lands and on the gates of men who had such an advantage, they hung antlers … We will not put an equal sign between a cuckold and a cuckold, because the first knows about his wife’s betrayals, directs her and receives satisfaction from this, and the second, alas, no.

The nature of voyeurism, or a few words about cuckold bread and butter

One of the hallmarks of cuckolding is voyeurism, the enjoyment of peeping or openly observing naked and copulating people. A classic illustration of this theme is the film Scandalous Lady U ( dir . Sheri Foxon ).

This phenomenon has ancient roots. It has long been known to the world: the main erogenous zone of a man is his eyes. Already in ancient Rome, voyeur services were available in brothels . The ancient Greeks in their apocalyptic conversations (“apocalypse” in Greek – “nudity”) – the so-called conversations about love affairs – shared their impressions of the women who were observed in the bath. “Viewing” services were in the brothels of the XVIII century. And they cost more than sex.

Sexologists view voyeurism as a disease. But who among us refuses to watch the charming undressing neighbor who forgot to lower the curtains? There is no pathology in this. It is dangerous if voyeurism has completely supplanted a normal sex life.

Cheating as a mechanism for the functioning of SW standards and a source of pleasure

Cheating wife is the basis of conflict in dramas and life. But the paradox lies in the fact that for some men this is death, humiliation and a reason for breaking off relations, and for 5 percent, as they admit, it is a source of excitement. Is this a man at all, one who allows himself to be treated like this?

view the cuckold as a loser. In real life, this can be a real dominant and a full-fledged man. But in sex, he needs a game to get pleasure, he needs to feel so important, so respected, humiliated in the eyes of society by the fact that his wife makes love to others (the schemes can actually be different). And here everything is clear: sex is born in the head, and not in the process of rubbing bodies.

And in a world that no longer surprises, cuckold shakes the most sophisticated imagination. It is akin to BDSM, here the game of “dominance-submission”, but not to the point of physical pain, but only morally. Cuckold , according to the classics, is the sexual intercourse of a wife with an outsider, and his humiliation, in order to emphasize his status as a slave.

It is believed that most of these men did not have fathers and they were under the influence of a charismatic mother, adored and jealous of him – this is the reason for matriarchy in his family. Others suggest a lack of testosterone in a man. Hence also the cult of someone else’s dominant member in the wife’s body. There is a position that by accepting infidelity, the cuckold steps over the stereotype: female fidelity will not be a source of competition for him with other men, he demonstrates to everyone that his self-esteem is free from the whims of a woman. She can behave as she pleases, it does not change anything in him.

The mechanism of his pleasure is in the “breaking the pattern” that leads to a sexual trance, a shocking sexual pleasure – to be the object of humiliation with his wife’s lover, who is presented as the best partner. And everyone here has their own happiness.

The ways of sex are inscrutable…

“Sex does not accept respect,” Z. Freud believed. Sexwife , cuckold , swingers, BDSM – just an attempt to become happy. Sex is one of the paths to happiness, it is an opportunity to be yourself, to be an animal in its most natural manifestations. Sex is rapture and freedom from the oppressive control of the mind and rules. Here you lift up the woman for whom you composed poetry, lowering it to the level of a snarling female. Here scolding can be the biggest compliment and lift to the skies.

If you need to be humiliated or glorified in order to feel happy in intimacy, be it. This is the only rule of sex.

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