Who dances the lady: gigolo, gigolo, adventurer and just handsome?

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Who dances the lady: gigolo, gigolo, adventurer and just handsome?

Not many people know the meaning of the word “gigolo”, but a priori they perceive it in a negative way. How is the word translated, its history, what is meant by this concept?

Brief historical background

The term “gigolo” has been used in various countries since the 19th century. Initially, the English word gigolo was called a paid dance partner: there was such a position in many restaurants with live music .

Over time, the concept expanded and gigolos began to be called gentlemen accompanying noble ladies for money. The duties of these men included entertaining a companion, caring, dancing with her in the absence of partners, being a “vest” – listening, supporting and sympathizing. Sexual relations were not implied, but were possible.

From 1850 in France, a gigolo was called a corrupt woman’s lover ( gigolette ), her pimp.

Today, gigolos are engaged in escort and paid sex.

What is the difference between gigolo and gigolo?

The concepts of gigolo and gigolo are somewhat similar, but have significant differences. Who is a gigolo? This is a man who is professionally engaged in escorting a wealthy lady, possibly having sex with her for money. A woman herself chooses such a companion in accordance with her taste, determines the time, place and format of the meeting – whether it will be sex, accompaniment at a business meeting or a joint trip abroad for recreation.

Buying the services of a gigolo is a fair deal, where ladies choose gentlemen, discussing their terms of reference in advance.

Alphonse himself chooses the victim, rubs himself into confidence, convinces of his sincere feelings and enters into an intimate relationship in order to bind the woman more tightly.

Gigolo regularly meets with different women, he can have several clients at the same time. Alphonse deceives one victim and seeks to get to her content .

Gigolo lifestyle

Spoiled by attention, gigolos and gigolos are united by the desire to look good, dress beautifully, visit beauty salons, in a word, to please women. They try to devote time to education and sports. Do not shy away from plastic surgery. These characters are frequenters of parties and clubs, where they actively get acquainted with hunters for cute guys.

At the same time, gigolos openly demonstrate themselves to wealthy ladies, and gigolos figure out lonely and deprived of love women, naive enough, to whom you can drive up and play “love”.

For more modest “specialists”, their own appearance and education are not so important, because they themselves choose women who will be “tough”. Caring for them, it is not necessary to spend money on restaurants and gifts.

Nothing personal, it’s just business

Wealthy ladies make rather high demands on the “goods”: a broad outlook, competent speech, and attractive appearance are important in it. In addition to high-quality and inventive sex, a gentleman must be able to entertain, relax, soothe, in a word, communicate on any topic, have a sense of humor and tact.

A woman herself chooses a companion for herself, and he should look so that her friends “drool”.

How modern gigolos and gigolos live

In the era of the heyday of feminism, the active position of single wealthy women and no less lonely married business women, the number of gigolos and gigolos is growing exponentially.

Demand creates supply. Careerists have no time to look for a mate, at the same time they measure men according to their own standards: they should not be ashamed to show them in society, and they want to spend free minutes in love and affection. Try to find such a gentleman.

Ladies frankly set the price for the “copy” they like. At the same time, the “performer” can only agree to an escort, and sex – if she likes it and for an additional fee.

Men go to gigolos, as a rule, from matriarchal families and sons of single mothers who did not have examples of male behavior. Being on the territory of a woman, such a partner gives her the reins of power. Unhappy boys (and it’s not just about age) subconsciously choose independent and strong girls.

For such a delicate flower, there is always a fool in love, ready to care for and share finances for free, and sometimes to the detriment of herself.

Where to find a gigolo (if you really need it)?

… in the same place where wealthy ladies live. It can be:

  • expensive nightclubs, restaurants, exhibitions, fashion shows;
  • prestigious sports clubs;
  • swinger clubs or just nightclubs with sex services;
  • on dating sites;
  • on sites with sex services;
  • through an agency
  • and, of course, no one canceled word of mouth.

Who uses the services of a gigolo

  • Single rich ladies. Such women often do not have the time and desire to have a permanent partner and take care of a family;
  • women with negative sexual experience;
  • liberated sexual persons who dream of realizing their fantasies.
  • couples looking for diversity in sex;
  • swingers who need a partner for sex;
  • bisexuals, homosexuals;
  • married women who are dissatisfied with intimate life with their spouse;
  • wealthy girls who prefer experienced men;
  • gigolo services are also given as birthday gifts;
  • business women who hire only for escorts, escorts to events where it is not customary to appear without a couple, on long trips as a companion.

Cons of the “profession” (no matter how serious it sounds)

In a case that involves communicating with unfamiliar people, you can expect different things:

  • injuries, injuries as a result of extreme sex. Such risks are paid additionally, but not everyone agrees to pay;
  • the danger of running into a maniac in a skirt, as well as rape (a woman orders, but a cheerful motley company meets, and this happens);
  • risk of catching STDs, scabies or other skin diseases.

Types of men on call

A dangerous seducer, a bright handsome man, a subtle psychologist? Here is who is more common in this profession:

Gigolo romantic (psychologist)

Attentive listener, sincere interlocutor. Knows what to say to a woman to please her. Feels when you can gently touch, take by the hand, make a compliment, liberate and excite a woman, remove psychological blocks.

Pretty boy

Relies on appearance. Often spoiled, capricious. May not agree to sex even for an additional fee, if the client is unpleasant.


He plays with a woman, hangs noodles on her ears, falls in love with himself. If she is rich, she will try to marry: she goes into the category of gigolos and moves as a husband or cohabitant to the “lady of the heart”, at her expense, stopping other meetings.

Your boyfriend

An ordinary-looking “man”, no more beautiful than a monkey, is not remarkable for anything, except that a male core is felt in him. There are many married and simply single women in his “base”. Can help a lady in household chores , help out by going to an unpleasant meeting as a friend. With this you can gossip, have fun. He meets with you not only for the sake of money, but he himself enjoys communication.

Why is a gigolo better than a one-night stand?

Professionals in their field carefully monitor their health, are examined by doctors, take tests, use condoms, while the free Casanovas do not pay due attention to safety.

Gigolos guarantee anonymity: you can not expect gossip on his part, professional ethics implies non-disclosure of the secrets of meetings.

You don’t owe him anything. He will not pursue you and demand that you continue your acquaintance.

Demand creates supply

The profession will always be in demand, because at any age women want to be desired. Gigolos describe their services as “a pleasant pastime”, and there is always a demand for this.

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