The ideal girl. Why are men afraid of her?

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The ideal girl. Why are men afraid of her?

My friend Tanya from our female point of view is the embodiment of the dream of any man. Tall, slender, with the right features, flawless skin and hair, which any model from shampoo advertising would envy. In addition, she has two higher educations, is fluent in English, Italian and Arabic, is versed in art and masterly cooks. In a word, not a girl, but a fairy tale. 

Do you think she has no end to fans? There it was! Tanya desperately suffers from a lack of male attention. All the men she met in her life can be counted on the fingers of one hand and divided into two categories. The first – those with whom Tatiana parted of her own free will without a trace of regret – turned out to be infantile and frivolous sissy sissies. The second – in general, normal men, quite suitable for a serious relationship – for some reason left my ideal girlfriend after 1-2 months of dating.    

One of these failed husbands – our common good friend – once struck me with a unexpected revelation over a glass of martini. “When Tanya and I are in bed, ” he said, “I have a feeling that I have sex with my unforgettable class teacher. It’s worthwhile to allow something that is unacceptable from her point of view, and now I see the same impenetrable face, the same pursed lips and a reproachful look. ”       

Have you already guessed what is Tatyana’s problem? She is too serious – and in communication, and in sex, and in everyday life. In the eyes of many men, this property is able to cross out any virtues of a potential chosen one. Let ‘s see what the reasons for asexuality of overly serious women are.   

Serious woman causes not the most erotic associations

Men do not like women like my girlfriend, because … they are afraid of them. Every proud male hides a prankster boy who cannot live without mischief, although he knows that fair retribution will inevitably follow prank. And a serious woman with all her appearance seems to be declaring: “There are no jokes with me!” Whom, tell me, is the prospect of falling into the arms of a strict school director? 

Serious woman is boring

And not because she is an uninteresting interlocutor. You can be a walking Wikipedia and at the same time seem boring. Just for most normal men, the lack of a sense of humor is unnatural and therefore repulsive. Relations with a woman are designed to bring joy and relaxation from the hard work of everyday life, and not to “strain” the constant need to keep one’s face. 

Serious woman strikes male self-esteem

Refusing to share a joke with a partner, a woman voluntarily or involuntarily humiliates him with arrogance. Her haughty gaze says: “I am not going to go down to your level and laugh at all nonsense.” And who will like it?

Serious woman can’t flirt

Because he believes that it is below her dignity. Or afraid to seem ridiculous, get into a stupid position. In any case, seriousness often hides a banal insecurity in their own female attractiveness.

“And what, the author calls on everyone to become frivolous fools?” – you are indignant . Of course not. The stereotype, which claims that men absolutely like empty laughter, has little to do with the truth. But a healthy sense of humor, the ability to self-irony and the ability to laugh at oneself do not talk about stupidity, superficiality and frivolity. On the contrary, these are signs of mature sexuality and adequate self-esteem. 

A woman, confident in her own attractiveness, is not sometimes afraid to seem ridiculous, for she knows that she is still desirable.

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