How can a woman learn to enjoy sex?

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How can a woman learn to enjoy sex?

It is no secret that not every woman enjoys sex. If a man is programmed by nature to receive satisfaction, the fair sex does not succeed so easily. What to do? Wait until the partner understands how to please you, or rely on nature? Of course, you have to act yourself! 

Firstly , one must want this pleasure itself, and some women think that there is nothing wrong with the absence of an orgasm, and they feel good. Let me assure you – giving up the joy of sex, you lose a lot in life. After all, you will not refuse to enjoy the new dessert due to the fact that it is not necessary, that before that you lived well?   

Secondly , you need to get rid of fear. Sometimes a woman is afraid that, despite all the efforts, she still will not like it, all the work is worth nothing. Nothing like this. If you try, everything will work out. Just do not go in cycles. 

Thirdly , you should not set deadlines and wait for what should be good today. You just need to relax and enjoy the process itself.

Fourth , you must definitely work on yourself. There is nothing shameful in masturbation. Choose a time when no one will bother you, relax, you can turn on calm music and start exploring your body. You must find all your erogenous zones. As you know, there are many of them – the neck, chest, hips, and some women are even aroused by touching the feet. Imagine, study your whole body. Determine which places you are most sensitive. Think about something pleasant, imagine yourself in the lap of nature with a partner. 

Then proceed to more bold actions. The most sensitive organ in a woman is the clitoris. Touch this point in different ways – stroke, slightly press, slower, faster … The better you learn how to please yourself, the easier it will be for you to explain it to a man. It may take some time, do not rush, the main thing is do not give up this activity.   

Fifth, you must bring all the information gathered to your partner. Women are often embarrassed to talk about sex with their soulmate, but how else does a man find out what you like and what not? Do not wait for an instant orgasm, enjoy the process. In general, turn off your head, forget about work, repairs and purchases. 

Also, practice sex in various places. Perhaps in an elevator, in nature, or in a car, you get excited faster than at home. Maybe you lack the thrill!

And also, dear women, stop thinking that you are ugly. A common mistake of the fair sex – during sex, remember that you have cellulite, small breasts, large hips. It has long been proven that a man evaluates a woman as a whole, and not in parts, and during sex – even more so, he would never even think of considering your cellulite.   

It is necessary to take from life everything that it gives, without giving up its joys – you have enough worries. Importantly, do not forget that you need to try a little for yourself beloved. 

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