The Whole Truth About Female Masturbation

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The Whole Truth About Female Masturbation

It is not customary to talk about female masturbation, but this phenomenon is very common. Women of different ages love to have fun alone. More than 60% of adult women practice independent caresses regularly. How do they do it, how does male masturbation differ from female masturbation? Is it dangerous to often have an orgasm without a partner?

Is masturbation harmful?

No, masturbation is not harmful to health . This is a natural process that helps relieve stress. Orgasm is an excellent antidepressant, it changes mood, reduces pain. Psychologists have long concluded that a satisfied woman is happier. It doesn’t matter if she enjoyed herself or with a partner. Masturbation can be harmful if done incorrectly. For example, to introduce inappropriate items into the body that can injure the delicate mucous membrane. 

How many times can I masturbate per month?

There is no right answer to this question. Each person has his own needs , someone wants a discharge once a week, and someone every day. If this happens no more than three times a day, everything is in order. But if more often, then it may already be an addiction. Lack of frequent desire is also the norm. Dozens of factors affect arousal, and often they completely block interest in any sexual manipulation. But once the stress is gone, the excitement returns. And contacts with a partner are sometimes completely satisfying, while the value of masturbation sometimes decreases. 

Which masturbation is correct?

There are no rules for masturbation. In the process, the stimulation of erogenous zones occurs, but which ones are not important. Some people like to inject something into the vagina, others like clitoral orgasms, and some enjoy nipple caresses.

Orgasm is optional. The process is more important than the result . Sometimes a woman just arouses herself in order to feel desire. And if the finish doesn’t happen, it’s not scary. The norm does not exist, it is important to do only what suits and brings pleasure. 

What can not be used for self-satisfaction

You can masturbate with your fingers, shower, sex toys. It is safe and convenient. But there are objects that are prohibited to use. For example, vegetables. Cucumber, banana, carrot are not dildos, they cannot be injected into the body. It is very difficult to remove all impurities from the surface and they enter the body, which can cause inflammation. Without the necessary flexibility, objects can break and remain inside. Removing them is not difficult, but particles can again cause illness.

Some items immersed in the anus or vagina can also injure the skin. Any irregularities, sharp corners can lead to serious injuries. And if you insert an object into the anus without a limiter, it can slip there entirely, only a surgeon can get it.

To keep masturbation safe, use quality sex toys . A realistic phallus costs from 1000 rubles, an anal plug from 500 rubles, and a decent vibrator with a ton of functions will cost 3-4 thousand. They will give a lot of pleasant moments without causing dangerous situations. 

Does the satellite need to talk about the process?

You can talk about masturbation if your partner has nothing against it, is not jealous of what is happening. If he is against, then there is no need to spread. Of course, you can defend your rights, prove that this is natural. But will this help keep the family together?

In the process of masturbation, a woman studies her body, learns a lot about herself, opens up new sensations . And sometimes it’s useful to share what you discover with your loved one in order to further practice it together. And if you manage to share such discoveries, that’s great. Masturbation for women, as well as for men, is a normal process. This is interaction with your own body, a way to relax. Don’t be shy about it, as most adults do. Of course, shouting about it is also not necessary, but worrying that it is “not good” is not worth it. The process is approved by gynecologists and psychologists, since it really helps to feel better. 

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