17 facts about sperm that many did not know about

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17 facts about sperm that many did not know about

Sperm is the fluid that is released during ejaculation. It contains sperm, thanks to which conception occurs. These secretions are not often discussed, but scientists have been researching semen for many years. And their discoveries are very important for humans, they help to influence fertility.

1. Semen is white or transparent in color. Sometimes it can have a bluish tint. Pink or yellow is a sign of a disease . And if suddenly the color changes, this is a reason to see a doctor. 2. The first sperm were discovered in 1667, when the microscope was invented. A. Lavernguk was the first to study this liquid. Since then, thousands of laboratories have been examining such masses every day. 3. During orgasm, on average, about 3.5 mg of sperm is released, this is 

no more than a teaspoon . And if it seems that the volume is more – this is an ejaculant.

4. Shoots semen out of the body at a speed of 18 km / h . This acceleration is necessary to get to the cervix. 5. Spermatozoa contained in semen can move independently. Their speed is from 4 to 40 mm / min. But everyone has their own activity, the more mobility, the higher the probability of conception. 6. In 1 ml of semen from 60 to 120 million spermatozoa. The exact amount is individual. But for a child to appear, just one , but mobile is enough . 7. Sperm cells are contained in the ejaculant, which lubricates the head during sex even before orgasm. There are several thousand of them, not millions. But even this amount is enough for pregnancy. That is why an interrupted act is considered not an effective method of protection. 8. The taste of semen depends on nutrition. Alcohol and cigarettes make it unpleasant, bitter. The abundance of meat in the diet gives sourness. The beer changes its consistency, the density goes away, just a liquid remains. 9. The taste can be changed by adding vegetables and fruits to the diet, excluding alcohol completely, removing all medicines. But it is important to consult a doctor about drug withdrawal. The more plant foods, the tastier the sperm. 10. With the help of lubricants, the taste is also corrected . Oral lubricants are like desserts. They are added during oral sex to improve glide and make the process very enjoyable. These formulations are sweet with very delicate aromas. Moreover, they do not contain calories, do not affect the figure. You can eat them, they are safe. 

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