What about them: everything you wanted to know about male masturbation

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What about them: everything you wanted to know about male masturbation

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been curious as hell. In barefoot childhood, the thirst for information manifested itself in comprehending the secrets of the world around me, and in adolescence, the topic of sex was added to my interests. As usual, the first acquaintance with Terra Incognita of adult pleasures occurred through masturbation. However, researching one’s own body was not enough, I always wanted to open new horizons and understand what boys are doing alone with themselves.

There is an annoying tendency – a lot of treatises have been written on female masturbation, but much less attention is paid to male self-gratification. This fact is explained by the mechanization and antiquity of the process. The guys have been juggling since the beginning of time, but the girls did not do it (well, or, at least, they did not advertise their involvement in a sinful occupation). It is believed that the topic of genital massage has been exhausted.

Now at least the ridiculous stereotypes connecting masturbation with blindness and hairy palms have been erased. Still, there is an opinion that male self-satisfaction leads to a weakening of potency and negatively affects the quality of sperm. Many girls reduce penis manipulation exclusively to reciprocating movements, and it is difficult to list the number of existing techniques. Let’s move on to the planet of sexually mature men for a moment and understand the intricacies of brutal masturbation.

Briefly about the benefits of masturbation

If a boyfriend periodically “strangles a goose”, then I can say with all certainty that he is doing his best for your common good. The fact is that self-satisfaction 1-2 times a week prevents congestion in the pelvic organs, and also provokes the renewal of seminal fluid. As a result of “military exercises” the guy is able to hold out on the battlefield much longer and, therefore, give more pleasure to his partner.

After masturbation, the semen becomes less viscous. Although the concentration of spermatozoa decreases slightly, their activity increases. Have you made the decision to have a baby? Let the guy do self-massage – this will have a positive effect on the health of future offspring.

A barrel of honey would not be complete without a fly in the ointment. Perhaps I will upset a strong half of humanity, but masturbation does not affect the size of the unit. Popular penis enlargement techniques are a pure myth. The only thing that really works is vacuum pumps and special creams, and the secret lies not in the tactile effect, but in expanding the channels of the cavernous body of the penis and increasing the permeability of the blood vessels.

How men masturbate

1. Fist of Fury

The head of the penis is tightly squeezed into a fist so that the knuckles are located away from the body. Then they perform frictions, literally hammering into the palm. The main emphasis is to stimulate the exit of the urethra, frenulum and the head rich in nerve endings.

2. Surface polishing

This technique is carried out through the palm. They grip the trunk with a hand, the big toe is on the bottom, and the other four are on top. Smooth reciprocating movements cover the entire surface of the penis. If the foreskin is not cut, then its tension has an additional effect on the glans. Friction will be felt more strongly if the distance between the palm and the penis is kept close.

3. Everything will be ok

The man makes an o’key gesture from his thumb and forefinger and introduces his unit into the hole. The technique is intended for lovers of zoned stimulation in combination with a strong tension of the foreskin. The phalanges of unused fingers are often just relaxing, but some guys manage to tap their little finger on the head while reaching the extreme massage point.

4. Playful fingers

The difference from the previous technique lies in the larger contact surface. Instead of two working fingers, three are used – thumb, index and middle. Fixing the penis is similar to smoking a thick Cuban cigar.

5. Water procedures

Men actively practice self-satisfaction with the help of the shower head of the mixer. Many nozzles allow you to adjust the dispersion and ejection force of the liquid flow. The main advantage of water masturbation is the simultaneous stimulation of the inner thighs and pubis, although these zones are less sensitive, they make a significant contribution to the overall orgasmic picture. The culmination in the soul is faster, and the sensations are perceived more sharply.

6. Heatstroke

Playing with the temperature is also capable of peaking. Guys can cum by blowing hot air from a regular hair dryer at the head of the penis and / or scrotum. The vortex currents, along with pleasant warmth, induce a lasting erection. Much less often, they use cold for self-satisfaction, for example, put ice cubes on the perineum.

7. Peasant things

Some individuals adapt almost any improvised items under masturbators that have at least a remote resemblance to female charms. Pillows, plastic bags and even socks are used. Do you remember the scene from the movie “American Pie” when the protagonist had coitus with pastries? Now, it is based on real experience. Guys do not hesitate to bun, cut holes in fruit, use banana peels and hollow zucchini.

8. Tool box

I am an advocate of less extravagant ways of masturbation. Sex shops sell special toys that mimic the vagina, mouth, or anus. A synonym for masturbators is strokers. They have two “locks”: one for the entrance and the other for hygiene procedures. Often, the inner surface is dotted with rings, rubber spikes and antennae. Particularly popular are automatic units in which vibration or vacuum massage is provided. The degree of grip and the intensity of the impact can be tailored to individual preferences.


9. Using a dildo is the norm

Who said that vibrators are exclusively female toys? Guys also like to frolic with ladies’ stimulants. If you drive along the trunk, scrotum and head, it is quite possible to get a powerful orgasm. And this is without introducing into zone X.

10. Open space

Airless space is an integral part of intergalactic travel. What prevents you from going on an unforgettable trip to the planet Orgasmia. A characteristic of a vacuum is the ability to suck liquids from higher pressure areas. This property has been noticed by enterprising manufacturers of adult products. Pumps have appeared on the market for a long time, producing soft suction movements by creating a vacuum inside a sealed flask.

There are the following types of similar products:

classic – standard models with one entrance;

buddy – with a nozzle for simultaneous masturbation for several men;

dildo – with a fixed dildo designed to satisfy the partner without stopping the stimulation of manhood;

hydrovacuum samples – used to increase the size of the penis;

with an erection ring – with a “sluggish” problem with potency.

Pumps are insanely popular. Men buy millions of products every year and for good reason, with their help you can develop the talent of a great lover, as well as increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

pumps with nozzles

11. Reverse

One of the non-standard methods of masturbation is considered to be working with the prostate and anal muscle ring. Some guys like to insert objects into the rectum and masturbate without direct contact with the penis. To secure the process of getting pleasure, special vibration devices with a bent tip were invented. Anal beads and vacuum tubes do a good job with this task.

In what positions do men masturbate

The answer to the above question is rather mundane – guys prefer comfort. Statistics say: 53% do it while sitting, 32% – lying on their back or side, 8% – on their knees (this creates physical tension that enhances pleasure) and only the remaining 7% choose exotic. If we discard the overly perverse ways, then only masturbation with the help of the abdomen is of interest. The man bends in the lower back and rubs his erect penis against the belly, which is abundantly lubricated with lubricant.

As a conclusion

In this world, you can endlessly observe three things: how fire burns, water flows and the starry sky shines. To this list, I would add an item on male masturbation. What is just the expression on the face! It seems that the guy is trying to disarm the explosive mechanism, and any mistake will be fatal. Masturbation occupies an important place in the life of a strong half of humanity, therefore it is useless to ignore it.

Satisfy your curiosity. Perhaps you will apply purely masculine techniques in bed with your beloved, which will delight him indescribably. Hopefully, the information in the article allowed us to look behind the screen of stereotypes and unsaid truths.

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