What his favorite sex position will tell you about

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What his favorite sex position will tell you about

You can learn about a man’s character by … Probably, by various things in his daily life. But the easiest and fastest way to do this is … by his favorite position in sex.

Don’t believe me? According to some body language and non-verbal communication experts, the way your partner snuggles against you or how he prefers to make love to you can determine how he behaves in everyday life and in relationships. How convenient, isn’t it? 

Some sexologists assure that the character of a man and how he behaves in everyday life and in relationships, with guaranteed accuracy of the result, can be found out by his favorite position in sex. Be it the “missionary” position, “spoons”, “behind” or “doggy style”, there is a psychological background to his sexual preferences.

Since the choice of position always depends on the context, we did not rely on only the opinions of sexologists, but decided to interview men. You will find unexpectedly opposing opinions under each verdict! At the request of the respondents, names will not be indicated.

So, further we talk about what his favorite positions in sex mean.

The choice of sex positions and the nature of the partner

1. “Missionary” pose

Pose description: man on top, woman on bottom.

Verdict: Does your partner love making love to you in missionary position? Perfectly! Then, according to body language expert Ian Hargrave, your man is a treasure for both bed and life. Such a lover always gets the job done and is fully interested in a serious relationship. He is gentle, affectionate and loyal, stability is very important for him. Not a man – but just a dream! 

The opinion of a man (A., 35 years old)

Feminists are now divorced, each striving to dominate. This is not my option. I need to know that my woman obeys me. I am in charge of money, I am in charge of problem solving, and I am in charge of sex. Point. I love to penetrate as deeply as possible, I am excited by this feeling: that she is under me, that I am above her and she is given to me. And to all these lovers to show off in bed and steer the process – please pass by. By the way, my choice of this position does not at all indicate my readiness for a serious relationship. Whether it is my beloved and constant woman or just one night’s entertainment – the “Missionary” position will remain the most important for me.

2. Pose “Spoons”

Posture description: the woman lies in the fetal position, the man behind in the same position.

Verdict: “Let me cuddle up to you, dear!” It would seem that he knows that he is loved by a woman, but with the help of this close position, he wants to verify her feelings again and again. Through sexual intimacy, this type of man develops a sense of emotional closeness. According to body language expert Ian Hargrave, fans of the Spoon pose are very sensitive and emotional.

The opinion of a man (S., 20 years old)

Well, in general I agree, but I like to snuggle, even if I’m not planning a serious relationship. And besides, this position is much more interesting than “Missionary”, in which it is difficult to bring a girl to orgasm. And in “Spoons” it is easy to achieve the result: you enter, caress the clitoris with your hand, breathe in your ear – 5 minutes and she is delighted!

3. Pose “Iron”

Description of the pose: the woman lies on her stomach, the man sits on her back.

Verdict: If your man prefers to be in the back during sex, then he is a confident and quick decision-making type of man. On the one hand, you are guaranteed passionate moments. But on the other hand, a fan of the “behind” position may be reluctant to go into a serious relationship. Well, everything is not perfect.

“There is no eye contact in this position, so the man doesn’t need to open up emotionally,” explains body language specialist Hargrave. Unfortunately, this position does not lead to a truly intimate relationship.

The opinion of a man (M., 35 years old)

What do you mean “does not lead to close relationships” ?! With my beloved (we have been together for five years), this is one of the top positions. So you can well stimulate the G-spot. The girl loves erotic massages, I caress her body, and then, without changing position, I enter it. And I feel good, and she has an orgasm.

I also have such a secret … I really have a terrible face during sex. The face and neck turn red, the sweat flows from the forehead, all in some spots, the face is twisted, the cheeks are swollen. I see how the expression on the girl’s face changes when she opens her eyes and looks at me such a freak. I hate to see the disgust for my face. Another reason why I prefer to be in the back. So this Hargrave of yours doesn’t understand anything.

4. Pose “Doggy-style”

Posture description: a woman in a knee-elbow position, a man in the back.

Verdict: Grab your underwear urgently and consider escaping the doggy style fanatic. Men who prefer this position, according to experts, do not even think about letting a woman into their hearts. Better pay attention to the Missionary fan, as he can be your winning ticket. 

The opinion of a man (K., 40 years old)

Ever heard of Blue Curtain Syndrome? This is when people are straining to seek out the deep meaning where it does not exist. This is the very case. You don’t have to grab your laundry and run away. Doggy style is just a comfortable position, besides, many girls like it: you can use sex toys, stimulate the clitoris, both partners can move. It is also a great sex position with a sore back, since there is almost no load on the spine. We do not close our hearts, we just choose a comfortable position.

And while you all give preference to an inveterate lover of “Missionary”? Would you like to have a boring conservative with zero sexual imagination and an unbridled lust for domination next to you? Well, your priorities … In my rich sexual experience, there were only a couple of times when a woman was able to bring to orgasm in the “Missionary” position. There is also a minimum of stimulation of erogenous zones.

5. Rider Pose

Posture description: a man is lying or sitting, a woman is sitting on top of him.

Verdict: There is a widespread perception that men who enjoy being saddled by their partners focus on giving pleasure to the woman. So says sex therapist and author of Neurolovology, Ada Caddel. According to her, the lover of the “woman on top” positions feels calm in submission, but he will easily take control into his own hands if he realizes that it is difficult for a woman to achieve orgasm in other ways.

The opinion of a man (N., 25 years old)

I get tired at work, then I have a rocking chair, and then at night I have to move actively … I’m lazy, just lazy. I love it when girls like the Riding Girl pose, you can relax without straining, and she will do everything herself. I’m not afraid of submission, it’s true. But I do not strive for a serious relationship, I am not fixated on “giving a woman pleasure”, unless there is love and a strong desire to be with this particular girl.

Let’s separate the pretentious romance from real life. In fleeting sex without commitment, the main goal of any person (at least a man) is to enjoy himself, and not to pore over someone. Moreover, if this is some stranger from the club, which you may not see anymore. Yes, I’m a lazy brute. But if a woman can somehow move there herself, then why should I strain? And in this position, it’s just nice to look at a woman’s body. I love slender beauties.

6. Pose “Reverse Rider”

Posture description: a man lies or sits, a woman sits on top, turning her back to her partner.

Verdict: This combination of “Rider” and “Doggy-style” in one bottle may indicate that you are an avid butt lover. Fans of such poses do not strive for eye-to-eye contact, which may indicate some coldness emotionally.

The opinion of a man (A., 30 years old)

Yes, I love butts, but it’s not just about the panorama of the beautiful female buttocks. In this position, the penis enters at an interesting angle. It looks like Doggy Style, but the penetration is much deeper. I do not have a particularly great merit, and in any missionary positions there is almost no pleasure for a lady. And for a man there is nothing more offensive and disgusting than a question from a partner “Have you already entered?” … Yes, I have already entered for half an hour! So “Reverse Rider”, in my case, does not mean coldness at all.

The opinion of a man (N., 25 years old)

This description looks more like me, I really like this posture, nightly visually. It excites the sight of a woman when she sits like that. But in practice, I cannot apply this position (although I want to). In this position, the penis bends down, as it were, and in my erect position it is almost tightly pressed against my stomach. It is unpleasant to twist it.

7. Standing pose

Pose description: a man is standing, a woman is standing or sitting on a table, or a man is holding her in the air.

Verdict: Down with banal poses! According to the authors of Men’s Health magazine, standing sex positions speak of adventurism and a desire to be a bad guy. Ada Caddel assures that this type of man is an example of “a naughty lover who gets the idea of ​​being caught, he wants to have fun to the fullest, without thinking about the consequences.”

The opinion of a man (V., 27)

I agree almost 100%. Almost … I am young and I want to get maximum pleasure from life and sex. I love experiments. But there are other reasons as well. I have a bachelor den with a frail sofa that does not support me well (with my 120 kg and 2 meters in height). If I start jumping on the couch with the girls in my arms, I’ll break it and have to sleep on the floor. So I think about the consequences. Therefore, I prefer sex while standing. In addition, this makes me feel even stronger, especially in cases where the mistress is short and thin. I’m such an unbridled barbarian!

8. Pose “69”

Description of the pose: a man and a woman are lying with a jack, their faces are located in front of the partner’s genitals.

Verdict: Elite Daily says fans of the 69 pose are not only looking for fun, but also fun. Men who prefer this position like to think outside the box and tend to go beyond the usual patterns.

The opinion of a man (V., 30)

Here is the honest truth. And vaginal sex is boring and not interesting to me, I am a big fan of yelling. The very thought of such an intimate affection also turns on, and the movements of the mouth and tongue are much richer than the banal vaginal penetration “put it out”. At this stage of my life, I am categorically against having children, and with vaginal sex (no matter how you protect yourself) there is always a risk of flying. Oral sex gives me the opportunity to get high on my own, to give pleasure to women and at the same time does not soar on the topic “Will I become a father?”, Calmly receiving pleasure.

Another factor: proof of respect. I consider men who, in principle, do not make kuni to their friends, retrogrades, selfish and sexually illiterate. The same applies to women who disdain to give blowjobs. Consent to mutual oral sex for me means that in front of me is “my man” – a girl with whom I will find a common language, but my tongue is suspended in every sense! 😉

9. Pose “Scissors”

Pose description: partners lie with jacks or perpendicular to each other, their bodies form the shape of the letter “X” and resemble scissors.

Verdict: Oh, yes, you will definitely not get bored with a lover of this position. Sex gurus argue that men who prefer such positions of the body do not tolerate banalities; give them sexual experiments. Not the most comfortable position suggests that a man is not afraid of difficulties: neither in sex nor in life. He boldly looks for non-standard solutions in everything. However, the sensual side of sex for him may be above the emotional connection with a partner.

The opinion of a man (N., 33)

Yes, I am like that – creative in everything. However, I have an addiction to “Scissors” for a completely different reason. I have a non-standard and rather strong bend of the penis to the side. In normal positions, he presses on the side wall, from which the girl can be hurt. Once a friend suggested that I lie perpendicular in the “Scissors” position so that my head pressed against her front wall. Both liked it. But if the member were of normal shape, I would prefer some more interesting position. And certainly more comfortable.

Hmm … it seems that the opinion of sexologists often contradicts the true reasons for choosing positions, although there are coincidences. Maybe their predictions will turn out to be more accurate in the conversation about the choice of posture after sex? Go to the next page, there are no less interesting statements from men!

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