First time sex: 5 ways to test your readiness

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First time sex: 5 ways to test your readiness

Sex is one of the important and exciting events in the life of every person, but if it is the first, then you want to be as prepared as possible for it, since the whole future intimate life will largely depend on the first sex.   

1. The main rule of first sex is readiness

Probably the most important and basic rule of sex, and not only the first one, is the readiness for it. If you doubt yourself or your chosen one even for a second, then it is better not to rush and postpone your “first time” for a while. The first sex will definitely be good and unforgettable if both partners want it, trust each other and know how to cast aside all their fears and doubts. Still, you shouldn’t start sex too early. If in most cases guys are ready to enter into sex life sooner, then for girls it takes some time to tune in and prepare. If you are not ready for sex, you do not need to give in to persuasion and requests, do it at the call of your heart and soul. 

2. The main fear of girls

The biggest fear of girls during their first sex is the sensation of pain when the hymen is torn . But this is just a myth invented by some girls. Yes, there are some discomfort when the hymen ruptures , but they are short-lived, and the bleeding is insignificant. Only if the girl has a very thick hymen can there be a lot of blood, and the pain will be a little stronger. To minimize discomfort as much as possible, it is necessary for the girl to be relaxed, positive and trusting in her partner . But even if during intimacy the girl has no blood at all, this does not mean that she is not a virgin, it only speaks about the structural features and size of her hymen.    

3. The main fear of guys

One of the biggest fears guys have during their first sex is the fear of premature ejaculation (ejaculation) . To prevent this from happening, the couple must fondle each other until the “main penetration”. Foreplay relaxes both partners, relieves stress, and also allows them to tune in to the intimate atmosphere, to forget their fears. Also, men often worry about the size of their penis . In such a situation, a girl should support her beloved guy with pleasant words for him.    


4. Safety and contraception

It is very important not to forget about your safety and contraception when having sex for the first time. For such cases, a condom will be an excellent tool , since it will not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also against various infectious diseases. If this is your first time using a condom, it might be a good idea to practice putting it on beforehand on an object or on your finger. Buy contraceptives only at pharmacies and be sure to look at their expiration date.   

5. Atmosphere and setting during the first sex

The environment also plays an important role in first-time sex. Make sure that the atmosphere around you is pleasant and comfortable , so that you do not have the fear that someone is about to open the door and come to you. If you constantly listen to your surroundings, then it is unlikely that you will be able to relax and get the long-awaited pleasure. It is good if during the first intimacy there is a comfortable bed, a bathroom with quiet pleasant music, dim lights, and an atmosphere conducive to romance and tranquility The beginning of an intimate life is a very important and significant moment in everyone’s life, so it is very important to be ready for it both mentally and physically. The partners’ trust in each other, their mutual feelings, pleasant environment and a sense of security will make the first sex unforgettable, magnificent and magical.   

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